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Movida Guestlist

Movida Guestlist

is one of London’s most exclusive venues, if you manage to blag your way past the velvet rope and into this A-list club on the Movida Guestlist you are in for an experience you won’t forget.

Movida has now closed it's doors and will be re-opening under a new name in the new year.More information will be posted on the website in due course

Movida's security team is notoriously difficult when it come to selecting the finest crowd London can deliver. The crowd that generally assemble outside Movida's doors from 10pm cannot be described as anything but glamorous and stylish

Movida gives of the impression of exclusivity as soon as you make your way onto argyll street. Movida's guestlist is always at the discretion of the door and unless you are dressed to the nines don't expect to be allowed in past the door staff.

Famously picked about the crowd movida is the place to book a VIP table. Movida is all about showing off and unless you are prepared to have at least 3 sparklers on your VIP table throughout the night it's suggested that you go elsewhere. The saying small fish in a big pond couldn't be more true unless you are super wealthy!

Movida has two separate areas without the venue which are described below but the only place to be seen when booking your night at Movida is the VIP section. Tables start from a £1000 minimum spend and can be booked by Velvet PR

Table bookers have right of way in this club and providing you have pre arranged one of these tables via Velvet PR then you can expect the full VIP treatment from start to finish.

Paparazzi are always loitering outside Movida to catch the biggest names in music, TV and sports personalities.

The club had a bit of downtime over the winter of 2012 and after what was widely touted as being a £2 million pound refurbishment the club now divides itself into two sections. Movida which is the most recognisable brand (the nightclub) and Mood which is a luxurious bar/lounge for those that wish to take some time out from the nightclub and enjoy one of the exclusive cocktails on offer at Movida.

Mood is completely separated from the club and enjoys its own music policy and DJ so you can take time out from the hustle and bustle of the champagne and sparklers at any time whilst in Movida and bring whichever lady or guy you have met in the club back to mood whenever you see fit!

The Movida main room is what can only be described as sexy and glamorous and is guestlist only on the Movida Guestlist which will hit all of your senses! Visually the club has had the most dramatic change from the refurb  and the club now boasts a massive LED dance floor as well as an LED wall that goes right down the side of the club that moves in time with the music which is a farily commercial mix of funky house and RnB. The VIP section at Movida has its own separate entrance and is strictly controlled to table bookings only or unless you are a lady who has a twinkle in your eye.


The Movida guestlist is notoriously difficult to get on but if you require a guestlist for Movida then get in touch today and one of the team will be happy to help arrange this for you. Movida guestlist is also available for private hire so if you have a big event that you are planning then we can negotiate a hire fee / minimum spend on your behalf.

Movida Guestlist

The music is varied however doesn't stray too far from the crowd pleasers that everyone likes. Movidas resident DJ's is Chad Tyson who plays all of the best songs you can imagine.

 Movida Guestlist




Movida Address: Movida Nightclub, 8-9 Argyll Street  London W1F 7TF, United Kingdom

Opening Times of Movida: 10pm- 3am

Dress Code for Movida: Very smart

Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Book Tables for Movida:Available to book (use the booking form below)

If you would like to be added to the Movida Nightclub London Guestlist then please call us on 07834363888 or use the booking form below:




Hugo Taylors official birthday invitation (VIP Host table access)


Velvet PR have a very small allocation of invitations for Made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylors Birthday party at Aura Mayfair this Friday 31st May 2013.

The party starts from 10pm and this is an invitation / guestlist only event so if you do want to celebrate Hugo's birthday then get in touch and fill in the below to secure you spaces.

Once our allocation of tickets has finished then thats it. Once we have received the names one of the team will get back to you with your own personal invitation to the party and all the details you need on the night.

We have a table reserved near Hugo and his guests for our invitation holders and access to this area is strictly for those that have filled in the below form and have had there names confirmed by one of the team.



Hosting Table This Weekend!


We have a limited off for our guests this weekend at Aura Mayfair! For the next 2 days only we are offering access onto our VIP table and drinks for the next 20 geusts that apply for a guestlist.

This is your ONLY OPPORTUNITY to apply for this offer. This page will expire as soon as you leave it 😉

Get on the guestlist for Aura Mayfair below NOW!


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Guestlist and Table Bookings


Located just a stone's throw away from the ever illuminated Piccadilly Circus and designed by the creative heads behind Whisky Mist and Mahiki lies Dstrkt, a luxuriously combined bar, restaurant and lounge of the ultimate decadence. As you enter through the sleek doors of this awe-inspiring venue, rest assured that you are in for one of the most memorable nights of your life. Upon arrival at DSTRKT Guestlist you are immediately confronted by two large mysterious 9ft concrete doors being protected by your usual team of burly bouncers and glamorous door staff ready to take you down the maze of staircases lit by large crystal chandeliers, mood lighting and the faint bass beat of the venue that you are soon to enter at DSTRKT Guestlist.

If you have been to DSTRKT Guestlist on a Friday then should you have been lucky enough to make it past the velvet rope then you know you are part of London’s elite as the first thing that hits you that you will notice is the sea of beautiful bodies. DSTRKT is famous for its crowd and from entering to exiting you will be in the company of some of London’s most exclusive and attractive crowds! at Dstrkt

DSTRKT Many of the top figures in the London nightclub scene has come together as a team and created the new London exclusive venue that is DSTRKT. DSTRKT Guestlist consists of a massive 700 capacity DSTRKT lounge as well as a restaurant that has in all cost more than £25 million

DSTRKT Guestlist is located where the Rex bar and cinema used to be. They have managed to convert this massive space right in the centre of piccadilly. Upon arrival you are greeted by the friendly face of the door staff at the very impressive entrance that marks your arrival to this venue. Inside the lounge is divided up into various different section. Tables surround a central stage area where dancers perform and the DJ spins a mixture of funky house and electro house. The sound system at DSTRKT is possibly one of the best sound system to be installed in London. The sound  is so crisp and you can feel every kick of the bass drum!

The restaurant just of the main lounge is moodily lit and there is also a bar where you can have some pre drinks before taking your seat. DSTRKT  is very reminiscent of CRYSTAL which is now Project Nightclub and takes inspiration from Jalouse nightclub as well with the ceiling covered in moving light fittings that change colour to the music. This all adds up to a very impressive look and feel of the club. An example few dishes of the restaurant include:

DSTRKT is guestlist only and this means guestlist Velvet Pr provide guestlist for large groups and table bookings so unless you know someone then use the booking form below to book your guestlist in today. If you want to try something new and are really into your house music then DSTRKT is definitely worth a look and once inside the magnitude and the money spend has to be seen to be believed

The regeneration of Piccadilly is apace with the renaissance of one of Europe’s premier and exciting locations for dining and night life. This continues with the opening of the £25 Million Dstrkt venue, voted Best New Restaurant and Lounge 2012 taking it's place amongst London’s night life crown jewels.

As you make your way through the large mysterious doors at the entrance it open up onto the floor which is a maze of large diamante and crystal chandeliers and a mass of gorgeous guests. Tables in DSTRKT are usually full the brim with some of the worlds leading brands all facing the centre piece within the lounge that is the home of the DJ and the dancers that perform throughout the night.

An enchanting maze of glittering lights, chiming bells, beautiful bodies and mountains of mouth watering concoctions lining every table awaits you as you step through the industrialized concrete doors of Dstrkt. This all leads towards the epicentre of the madness; a beautifully raised stage beneath a dazzling red crystal chandelier and thousands of gleaming perspex lights which continually change colour and add an impulsive vibe to this carefully crafted venue. A long angular bar takes up one side, and stylish chairs and tables surround a large, exposed DJ booth and dancefloor. Aside from this is a large VIP area comprising of sumptuous leather seating and tables complete with the omnipresent ice buckets. A black, precious stone bar sits beautifully in the middle of all of this leading to discreet black doors that end up at the VIP toilets where another DJ keeps the vibe at a constant high.

A state of the art sound system and monumental DJ booth with global DJ superstars such as David Guetta and Will.I.Am. showcasing their talents establishes Dstrkt as a venue that cares just as much about the music as they do about the guests. Other than the appearance of celebrity DJs, the music is pretty standard for a place of this type, with a lot of classics, house and dance music keeping the beautifully hedonistic crowd pumping right through the night.

A mouth watering selection of Champagne cocktails come in at the £13 mark, martinis set you back £10 while classic cocktails, champagne and premium bottles of spirits are all on offer at a standard rate. A bottle of Chiroc vodka is £180, with Moet and Chandon Vintage priced at £150, and those of you who are looking for the ultimate splurge, look no further, as a rare Methuselah of Louis Roederer Cristal rings in at 24,000 big ones.

Undeniably luxurious, Dstrkt is a beautifully crafted haven where you can unwind with a delectable selection of cocktails, hit the dance floor hard and take in the immensity of this exciting, celebrity-friendly West End late night venue.


DSTRKT Address : DSTRKT, 9 Rupert Street, London W1D 6DG

What are DSTRKTs Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

DSTRKT Dress Code: Very smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Tables: Available to book / start from a £750 spend

DSTRKT Entry policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist below

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


He reminds me of me when i was a kid!

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Aura Mayfair Newsletter 20th - 26th May 2013




Are you ready for the Boat Party?

After the success of our first boat party in May, The Directors of Aura Mayfair are very excited to invite you to our second Aura Boat Party! The party will be on Saturday 15th June, when we sail from Kew to Westminster Pier. Only limited tickets will be available which cost £25 and can be purchased here.

This week at Aura Mayfair...

Start your bank holiday weekend early as the biggest Old Skool Hip Hop and R&B night in the South West arrives in London for the launch of 'Vinyl Mayfair'. DJ Bilal, DJ Subz and DJ Squire will be taking to the decks playing the finest blend of Old Skool tunes through until 3am.

Our Summer holidays are just around the corner, and ladies, we all know you lot a bit of pampering! We are very excited to welcome the gorgeous team from "Rosebud Beauty" this Friday at Aura. Ladies, join us as we give you lots of pampering treats, including Shellac nail polishes, nail files, and discount vouchers! DJ Spencer Tarring will be in the booth playing the very best in House, RnB and HipHop.

We have a HUGE Saturday night in store with many a reason for you to get yourselves down here! As well as being joined by Italian designer Umberto Bruno, "Made In Chelsea" star Jamie Laing and his friends will be partying with us all night long for their End of Season Wrap Party! The last time Jamie joined us, he made himself at home by breathing a bit of fire and spinning some tunes on the decks! We can't wait for him to be back. Chad Tyson will be DJing until 3am, and Girls Roc will be performing!

On Sunday, our doors open at 6pm for an exclusive cocktail party in aid of "Target Ovarian", raising money and awareness for Ovarian Cancer. Throughout the evening there will be entertainment from the By Request Singers, a raffle where you have the chance to win some wonderful gifts & experiences including a return flight from London to Malaga (how lovely!), and an opportunity to hear from and talk to those who are deeply involved in the Target Ovarian charity. All ticket money goes directly to Target Ovarian, and you can purchase your tickets and find out more information here.

If you would like to get on the guestlist or book a table for any of these nights please click on the flyer or visit the

Aura Mayfair
48-49 St James's Street



How to Find Us:

Aura Mayfair
48-49 St James's Street,

Nearest Tube: Green Park (Jubilee, Piccadilly, and Victoria Lines)

Phone: 020 7499 9999



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Groovy Lady

I have a feeling this lady was ready for a big weekend at one of our clubs....



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Guestlist and Table Bookings

Cirque Le Soir

You can join the Cirque Le Soir guestlist at the club located just off the eminent Carnaby street near Oxford Circus, Cirque Le Soir, London, brings you the most magical and lavish Circus in town. The success of the ingenious concept has drawn in many of the world’s most famous talent, and has now even been used internationally including countries such as Dubai, Russia and Cannes film festival. With over three years establishment, winning the Best Night at the London Club and Bar Awards two years in a row, the club has renowned its high profile of being one of the most desired and extravagantly imaginative venues in London, bringing a whole new level to your clubbing experience.

A night on the Cirque Le Soir guestlist or a Cirque Le Soir table booking never fails to impress, with Cirque putting on a show like you have never seen before. After being escorted in by ringmasters, as soon as you work yourself through the Alice In Wonderland staircase, and enter the doors into the show ground, you will be captivated once you find yourself surrounded by marvelous magicians, fire eaters, dwarfs, aerial acts, stilt walkers and not forgetting the burlesque angle grinder, setting off sparks throughout the night with an electric guitar. If you weren’t mesmerized by now, with a capacity of 500, the venue is keen to keep its audience entertained throughout the night with a fully equipped DJ booth, an indoor funfair, popcorn and candy floss machines and interactive installations, topped off by a caricature and make up artists with photo booths so you can really capture those mystical moments.

During the years, the venue has welcomed in its fair share of some of the worlds most successful and influential talent including, Katy Perry and Usher. Having built its own profile of being one of the most in demand prestigious venues in the capital, the club has exceptionally strict door staff, and you are likely to find yourself queuing outside for quite an unreasonable amount of time, however it is definitely worth the wait on the Cirque Le Soir guestlist! Once inside the showground, you will find yourself mingling amongst an incredibly stylish and sophisticated crowd, as the dress code is strictly smart and sexy.

In the past, Cirque Le Soir has seen many well-known live acts such as Nicole Sherzinger put on a real show for its guests. The club offers its audience a wide range of music from electro, funky, commercial house, pop to party anthems that run on into the early morning, you can be sure that there is bound to be something to suit your taste, so relax, put your hair down, and find yourself caught up in the loop of the magical vibe.

There is a large assortment of drinks at the bar, whether you opt for one of the cheaper selections; the cocktail menu; usually priced at an average of £15 a glass, a bottle of beer, a glass of wine or the clubs top end range of Champagnes, which are finished off with a sparkler accompanied with every purchase to reflect on the spectacular atmosphere you will find yourself indulging in.

Cirque le soir as it is well known doesn't just let a DJ play and let you get on with it, like The Box Soho, Cirque le Soir bring in additional entertainment to keep you entertained all night long.

Cirque le Soir is considered by many to be one of the best clubs in london. Cirque le Soir guestlist has expanded its brand recently and gone global running some pop up events all over the globe to is ever growing fan base. Justin Bieber recently visited the club and despite his negative review of the club calling it "weak ass" Cirque le soir hasn't been affected too much and continues to fill its doors on a weekly basis.

Cirque le soir also known as Cirque to many runs one of the busiest nights in London on a Monday night where tables can be booked for no less than a £1000 minimum spend. Mondays at Cirque le soir are now one of the most popular nights of the week and definitely worth a look if you are looking to party with the best and most eclectic crowd London can offer.

As soon as you arrive on the Cirque le soir guestlist or table you are met by the Ringmaster who for all table bookers will personally escort you to one of the VIP tables scattered around the club. Some of the "acts" you can expect at Cirque le soir range from everything from; midgets, clown dancers, angle grinders, models dancing in giant champagne flutes and much more bizarre entertainment as well.

The acts at Cirque le soir happen on the hour every hour throughout the night and the arrival of the Entertainment will be announced by one of the many Circus themed songs the DJ will play alongside a mix of electro house and RnB

Cirque le soir is on the former site of Alto club located by the fashionable Carnaby street on Ganton Street. Cirque le soir is one of the largest exclusive nightclubs in London with a capacity of close to 500 Cirque le soir and boasts several raised sections for the entertainment and 2 indoor window displays for the dancers. The club also takes it even further and offers an indoor fair for al guests serving candy floss and popcorn machines.

Roll up, roll up, Cirque le soir, the foremost delectable circus in city, has pitched its tent in Mayfair. On the Cirque Le Soir guestlist, members relish a mesmerising show filled with snake charmers, fire eaters, stilt dancers, tattooed girls and much more, all delivered with a passionate concierge service. the attention at Cirque le soir isn't targeted on you - the gang - however on the performers, and having fun is most easier once you can relax and let the professionals take the spotlight at Cirque le soir

Half eccentric canvas, half decadent boudoir, Cirque le soir greets you with a little sign and cheerful well-lighted lights within the window, which are really paying homage to vintage variety show cabaret. Hardly detectable throughout the day, it's not possible to miss it at midnight time, particularly if you're a regular at any of the high-end Mayfair nightclubs.

Cirque Le Soir is the ideal venue for you if you are looking for a sumptuous night out twisted with a circus themed surrounding and endless spellbinding entertainment!


Cirque le soir Address : Cirque le soir, 15-21 Ganton street, W1F 9BN

What are Cirque le soirs Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Cirque le soir Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Cirque le soir policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s

Rosebud Beauty Giveaway


This Friday we are hosting a Rosebud Beauty party giveaway. We have a selection of items from the Rosebud to giveaway to lucky guests that attend this weekend 😉

The first 20 ladies that get in touch will be able to join our hosting table with drinks!

 The Club & The Party...

Aura is a haven of rich heritage and grandeur. Having The Ritz Hotel & The Wolseley as neighbours gives you an idea of who this club caters for. Aura is an exclusive members club, restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart of Mayfair.

Known as a celeb favourite, Aura, in the last 12months has played host to stars such as Madonna, Rihanna, Drake, Cuba Gooding Jr, Trey Songz, countless premiership footballers, reality tv stars and too many more to mention. You never know who you may bump into at our Aura Fridays.

Aura Mayfair London

Aura Mayfair London

Aura Mayfair London

Pre-Club Dinner Offer... are delighted to offer our guests this fantastic dinner offer.

Guests can pre-book dinner places which are limited to 60ppl total for a delicious mezze buffet dinner with wine. Doors open at 9pm for dinner.

- Complimentary for ladies before arriving before 9.30pm. £20 for gents incl club entry.
- Complimentary pre-club mezze dinner: Buffet of mixed meats, salads and pastas.
- Complimentary wine with the pre-club dinner


Doors open for the clubnight at 10pm. Ladies will have complimentary entry on our list before 11pm. Please note guestlist names must be submitted (contact details below). Arrival sufficiently early is advised as queues may be hectic and queueing until after 11pm may mean an entry fee being charged. Gents are £20 all night.

Table Bookings...

We have several vip tables to buy inside the club. All tables include a table bottle service with a VIP waitress, a table and seating.

If you prefer to enjoy your night out in more comfort and with more style. Or maybe it's a special occasion, or time to impress somebody. Contact us today to book a VIP Table. Table Bookings give many advantages over guestlist . No queueing, Priority Entry, Dedicated Waiter/Waitress, and more...

We tailor the minumum spend depending on group size, please enquire for more details.

Contact Us...

Contact your LondonClubPR representative or use our CONTACT PAGE

Please note...

I.D. is required by guests of ALL AGES. This is part of the clubs agreement with the relevant licensing authorities and/or police. Entry to any venue is always at the venue management discretion and subject to the venue door policies. Entry is never guaranteed by

Location & Map...

AURA - 48-49 St James’s Street, London, SW1A 1JT






Are you ready for the Boat Party?

After the success of our first boat party in May, The Directors of Aura Mayfair are very excited to invite you to our second Aura Boat Party! The party will be on Saturday 15th June, when we sail from Kew to Westminster Pier. Only limited tickets will be available which cost £25 and can be purchased here. For further information please visit our

This week at Aura Mayfair...

Join us from 10pm tonight for our Marbella send off party with an exclusive CD giveaway of Sammy P and Max Denham's latest Marbella Mix CD. This is certain to be the soundtrack to your summer! Sammy and Max will be joined on the night by our other Wednesday residents, J-Funk and Colin Francis.

Get your weekend started a day early (why not?!) and join us this Thursday! Doors open at 10pm and you can expect to hear only the best in House and RnB music all night long.

On Friday, we will be open from 9pm as we welcome the team from Skintight Clothing for a huge Fashion Giveaway Party! Check out the cool and exclusive clothing collection from the brand here. DJ Spencer Tarring will be on the decks and Girls Roc take to the floor! Doors close at 3am.

Join us this Saturday as the gorgeous models & team from Bjorn Borg Lingerie join us. All guests will have the opportunity to claim discount vouchers for the Bjorn Borg website where there is a huge range of male and female lingerie and swimwear available! DJ Ollie Humphries will be DJing, playing the best in House and RnB. Doors open at 10pm and close at 3am.

If you would like to get on the guestlist or book a table for any of these nights please click on the flyer or visit the Velvet PR Website.

Aura Mayfair
48-49 St James's Street



How to Find Us:

Aura Mayfair
48-49 St James's Street,