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April 16, 2013 Posted by admin in Blog

New Velvet Pr signing.

After the success of the latest Aura Nightclub football tournament we are delighted to sign Murilo Pitol to our team!



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April 3, 2013 Posted by admin in Blog

Promoters dont kill your golden goose!

April 3, 2013 Posted by admin in Blog

Aura Mayfair newsletter 1st April - 7th April




This week at Aura Mayfair...


Join us tonight as we see glamour model India Reynolds and the Page 3 Girls host a fundraiser for the very worthy 'Help for Heroes' charity. We will also be joined by the finalists of Miss London City 2013, whilst the Wednesday resident DJs will be playing only the best music in the West End, with sets from Colin Francis, Max Denham, Sammy P and J-Funk.

Get your weekend started a day early (why not?!) and join us this Thursday! Doors open at 10pm and you can expect to hear only the best in House and RnB music all night long.

Please join us this Friday as we welcome the stunning girls from Bond Street's famous lingerie store "Victoria's Secret". Doors open at 10pm, and DJ Rich Stone will be playing the best in House, RnB and HipHop.

On Saturday, up and coming headwear brand "Ginge London" will be taking over the club as they host the night and provide plenty of giveaways for our guests! We spotted the brand last week on MTV's "Geordie Shore" as Holly Hagan fashioned one of their uniquely studded caps, and we can assure you that you will be seeing plenty more of Ginge from now on. DJ Dan Healy will be on the decks and Girls Roc perform.


Aura Mayfair
48-49 St James's Street


April 2, 2013 Posted by admin in Blog

Escalator Helicoptor gone wrong...

i havent been brave enough to try this one yet but after watching this i think ill leave this to someone else...



Velvet PR's New sushi dinners!

We are now launching out brand new Sushi Dinners at Aura Mayfair each Friday and Saturdays. Instead of the current Italian buffet situation we will be arranging sit down tables specifically for Velvet PR members each week from 9pm. This makes everything much more social and the plan is to create our own social network at our events so everyone knows everyone and this is a great way for everyone to get to know each other and prepare for the night ahead in style.

The club provide platters of sushi on the table which you can help yourself to and also wine is included for all guests!

The cost to all of this is £10 for ladies and £25 for gents (includes entry to the club for gents) which is a fantastic deal for a meal and wine at Aura. This also incdes access to our table afterwards where we will be serving additional vodka cocktails 😉

Send us a message for more details or to put your name down 😉


February 7, 2013 Posted by admin in Blog

Amazing Finger Shredding!

Wouldn't suprise me if his fingers started to start smoking!


February 6, 2013 Posted by admin in Blog

Lets hope they stay together eh!

this seems a little extreme...


February 6, 2013 Posted by admin in Blog

B at one Cocktails Bar!

Be at One Smithfield is the lastest in a number of new sites from the cocktail bar super-group B@1. The site will be split over two floors and is set to be a welcome addition to the increasingly popular Smithfield area of London. There will be two separate bars, giving guests the ability to make private hire bookings without having to reserve the entire venue. There will be the usual B@1 features including: a dedicated party planning team, tailoring your private functions to your exact wants; a cocktail masterclass, where you can learn some of the secrets that has given B@1 so much success; a fun party environment; and extremely generous happy hour deals, throughout the week.

Be at one Valentine day party 2013!

The weather will get slightly worse before it gets better, we might have one last hit of snow and in a couple of weeks, you'll need to have a date!

All true, except for the date bit, as with us, you're more than welcome to join in the party no matter what your relationship status is. You see, we're having a Traffic Light party and we're inviting everyone along!


We're giving away coloured wristbands to everyone so that you can declare your state of relationship, and to go with that, we're doing a cocktail special on three coloured drinks so you can match your wristband if you so wish!


Book a party today!

If you're married or very much taken by someone, you'll get a red wristband; if you're fully single and available, you'll get a green wristband and if you're 'in between things', 'not really sure' or 'just haven't had that conversation yet', you can have a yellow wristband.

With the drinks specials, we're offering the E-Poo, Matt the Rat and the June Bug at a special price of £5 each all night so you can buy your special someone (or someone who could potentially be your special someone) a great quality cocktail at a reduced price! So, if it doesn't really work out, you have lost very little and gained an awesome night for the memory bank!


January 31, 2013 Posted by admin in Blog

Reporter Owns Video Bomber!

This woman deserves an award! well handled Mrs!