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Drama Club London Dress Code

Drama Club London Dress Code


Drama Club London Located on Park Lane, a very popular area in the heart of Mayfair where you will find exclusive and luxurious hotels, restaurants and clubs that attract a number of wealthy guests. Music policy is wide. Dj’s play an eclectic range of tracks and shows. We are looking forward to party with you at Drama Park Lane London.


Neon-painted shopping trolleys loaded with bottles of Belvedere Vodka and Dom Pérignon zig-zag between the tables, while dancers in provocative lingerie dangle themselves from the ceiling over the DJ’s booth. The crowd invades the dancefloor to the sound of Rihanna’s Work while in another room guests are throwing bizarre shapes in a hall of mirrors.  Haven’t heard of Drama? That’s part of its charm.


To throw the best party with your favorite crazy friends chose this club.


The place, get in the mood but before don’t forget to wear your best clothes for the event: girls take care to be sexy, stylish and sophisticated: We recommend a short dress and heels! But be careful as you must also look elegant! You can always add a few accessories like a small shiny handbag to give your outfit that final touch and the famous chockers are well known there. If you don't like dresses - you can put on a sexy skirt or shorts. Don't forget that beautiful smile; you are never fully dressed without a smile. You can wear your hair in an elegant updo or partial updo, and put on fancy jewelry for this occasion. Don’t forget the make up too: lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, gloss, nail polish…


For Boys as usual, the Drama Club London dress code is dress smart, shirts, and leather shoes. As the targeted clientele is the London high end clubbers. Twinned with smart-casual, in short, you don’t need to wear a suit. A separate jacket or blazer is advisable though, with a button-up shirt (button-down collars are ideal), shoes that are less formal than Oxfords but smarter than trainers (e.g. brogues or loafers), and maybe a tie. If in doubt, wear one: you can always take it off and stick it in your pocket. You can probably incorporate some patterns and lighter colors here too; you might even get away with plain, dark jeans. Then again, you might also get your P45. Chinos bestride the smart-casual divide like a khaki-coloured colossus.


Oh and one last things don’t forget to keep your calm and manners before to be entering the dancefloor! Entry is fair and queue moves fast. Proof of identity is needed to get in. Drama Club London Guestlist is recommended. Drama club tables are big and comfortable. Also, VIP tables service is excellent: so be patient! Guests are asked to arrive relatively sober and in an orderly fashion. Keep your energy to spend a real crazy night at Drama in this new area! We are hoping to change the clubbing experience for the rule-breakers, the innovators and those folks who aren’t afraid to speak up. 



Information About The Paper Soho Dress Code


Paper Soho Dress Code


Paper Soho is undoubtedly one of the most famous districts of London! Often considered transgressive, as well as rigorous and revealing Britain’s authenticity, Soho is THE place to listen to electro music, DJ and HipHop. London’s most sophisticated nightclub is back so let me introduce you to the one and only, Paper Soho! It’s new home is the exclusive 201 Wardour street.


The Paper Soho dress code at Paper club is located in the basement and ground-floor of a cocktail bar called Dirty Harry’s. So now that you know how to find us, expect a sophisticated and very glamorous interior design; Bringing you the world’s best DJ’s and VIP area, to ensure a chic and sexy vibe!


Because we want you to be fully part of the “Paper vibe” as well as it’s unique atmosphere just like Puff Daddy or Beyoncé are, make sure you choose a chic but sexy look!


Dress code required: Elegant


Ladies : bodycon dresses, bodycon bandage dresses, and dresses with low cut are appreciated. Of course, all fashionably chic and sexy accessories are greatly encouraged for you to have the best looks at our events, and don’t forget your heals s so you don’t miss out on anything.


Men; sorry fellas but you don’t have the same style and natural class of Puff Daddy when he inters a club. In which case, select your best “smart casual” outfit : What is smart casual? The Macquarie Dictionary defines smart casual as “well-dressed in a casual style.” Oxford defines it as “neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style.” calls smart casual “somewhat informal but neat.” Urban Dictionary calls it “a nonsensical dress code that people slap onto events, parties, and workplaces” that is “completely down to interpretation” and “always causes confusion and often spectacular results.” Even the great Wikipedia gives up entirely and simply describes it as “ill-defined.” Long t-shirts, shirts, blazers, black jeans or pants, and smart leather shoes.


These are the most important things you should know about the Paper dress code, however there is one more thing worth mentioning.


To enter in the “paper vibe” keep your chic, drunk arrivals are not recommended at this club, politeness and respect toward other clubers and staff are a non-negotiable condition and will be sanctioned otherwise.  Proof of identity is needed to get in. Guestlist recommended.


So if you want to enter our vibe keep in mind our advice! Come join Paper crew on the Paper guestlist and we will guarantee you will spend an amazing night in a crazy atmosphere.



Information About The Libertine Dress Code


Libertine Dress Code


London’s nightlife is famous for it’s prestige and elite party scene and here we will give you an overview of the Libertine dress code. People from all over the world come here to experience the best VIP parties and just to get a glimpse of how people of London enjoy their glamorous nightlife. One of the VIP clubs that you definitely must visit, is Libertine. This stylish high-end venue is on the Winsley Street, right in the middle of Fitzrovia, and is a new clubbing concept from the creators of the Chinawhite club. Libertine is known for hosting amazing parties on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. As we mentioned, the venue is very stylish and it expects all their guests to match their look the the image of the venue by following their strict Libertine dress code.


So if you are planning on hitting the dancefloor in Libertine, you MUST be well dressed to gain entry, as your outfit will be the first thing the doormen will be looking at as you approach them. But don’t stress as here are few tips on what the Libertine dress code requires you to wear on the night:


TIPS FOR LADIES: Do I even have to mention high heels? It’s a part of an outfit that just has to be there. A bodycon dress is always a great choice, and also sequins! When joining the Libertine guestlist, a bit of a sparkle is essential. If you don’t feel like wearing a dress, a nice pair of trousers and an elegant blouse will do just fine! When it comes to makeup, remember that a natural look is always better, however a pair of smokey eyes will be a perfect choice... And don’t forget to have them eyebrows on fleek! Make sure your hairstyle is neat, whether you want to go for romantic waves or a fabulous updo, you have to look like you made an effort.


TIPS FOR GUYS: Getting into Libertine is not as easy as throwing some leather shoes on… A collared shirt is a must. Smart shoes are the only footwear accepted, so ditch your vans and converse. Match it all with a smart pair of trousers or dark jeans and you are ready! Why not top it off with a blazer? A smart look is always a good look. Neat hairstyle is essential. Make sure you look slick and you won’t be disappointed at the door!


These are the most important things you need to know. If you follow these rules you should have no problem in getting into this high-end club. It attracts a very glamorous, high-end crowd and is regularly visited by celebrities. So make sure you look your best and follow our Libertine dress code because you never know which celebrity you could bump into… Libertine was visited by Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio and much more! So if you want to party with stars, make sure you look like a star!



Information About The Mahiki Dress Code


Mahiki Dress Code


If you are looking for an unusual night out with a tropical vibe, the Mahiki guestlist is the place to be. It’s one of the main celebrity hang outs in London, visited by stars like Rita Ora, Rihanna and Beyonce. But once you decide on spending your night in this holiday paradise, you have to get familiar with the Mahiki dress code. The Hawaiian decor and summery vibes might make it seems like a really laid back place, but you couldn’t be any more wrong! To gain your entry to Mahiki, you have to make sure you look smart and sexy! So what are you supposed to wear to fit into this high end Mayfair club? Here are few tips that will help you to get to know rules of the Mahiki dress code.


Mahiki’s bar is very Tiki, full with tropical creations and Polynesian inspired decor makes you feel like you were on holidays in Hawaii. But don’t think you can rock the dancefloor with your sandals on! The club expects their guests to dress to impress with it’s strict smart dress code. Obviously you don’t have to wear a ballgown, but you have to make an effort if you decide to party here. High heels for girls and smart shoes for guys is the most important rule of the Mahiki dress code. It is important that your look matches the image of the venue. The door people at the club take their job very seriously and they will make sure only people who follow Mahiki’s dress code won’t be turned down at the entrance.


If you are a girl make sure that:
  • Your makeup is on point and eyebrows on fleek! However don’t overdo it. Too many layers on your face won’t do you any favours.
  • Your outfit is classy! You could never go wrong with a fitted dress, however jeans and crop top combo is good too. Feel free to compliment your outfit with fancy accessories. (Top tip: always remember the rule of showing off just one part of your body).
  • You have your heels on!
  • Your hair is flawless. Fancy bun, romantic waves or sleek straight hair? There are a lot of ways to look fabulous and a great hair style could be a cherry on top of your amazing outfit.
  • Did we mention high heels?

    If you are a guy, always remember:
  • Smart look is the best look. The sharper the better.
  • Your best shirt and elegant trousers are the safest pick, however dark jeans are acceptable too if they are fitted right. Baggy jeans are definitely a no-no!
  • Put your best smart shoes on. No runners or athletic shoes whatsoever.
  • Leave your hat and gold chain at home.
  • Jerseys or any other sportswear will not be accepted.
  • Even though it’s a tropical night out, shorts are definitely not an option.

    These are most important things you should know about the Mahiki dress code, however there is one more thing worth mentioning. Remember not to arrive drunk at the club, because no matter how good you look, a great outfit won’t get you in if your speech is slurred. A good attitude at the door will definitely do you more good than harm, so remember that it’s always important to be polite. It all may sound like a lot of effort but once you are past the velvet ropes and find yourself inside this holiday paradise of a nightclub sipping a tropical cocktail you will know it was all worth it!




    Tape Entry Fee & Table Prices

      Tape Entry Fee & Tape Table Prices  

    Entry Fee

    Tape entry fee depends on the time of arrival. Typically girl guests who have joined the guestlist will be admitted into the club free of charge before midnight - this is usually dependent on the night. Guys on the guestlist always pay a standard £20 entry fee. Please note that the entry fee is down to the door's discretion. On special artist nights the entry fee may increase due to the demand. We offer a very selective guestlist at Tape and you can apply below.

    Table Prices

    Table prices depend on the day of the table booking, the size of the group, the type of table and the guy:girl ratio of the group. Standard table prices start from £1000 minimum spend for evenly mixed groups of up to 10. VIP Tape table prices start from £2000 minimum spend for evenly mixed groups of up to 10. Where the guy:girl ratio is uneven please contact us to find out what would be the table price for your booking. Like the entry fee, on special artist nights the table prices may also increase. We offer a table booking service for Tape and you can book below.  


    Address : Tape, 17 Hanover Square, London W1S 1HU

    Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3:30am

    Guestlist Dress Code: Smart

    Membership: Everybody

    Age restriction: Over 18s