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Once voted Best New Club at the London Club and Bar Awards, The Cuckoo Club is the sleek and stylish watering hole to London's late night high-end members. With its perfectly central location of London's Mayfair, Cuckoo is considered the Godfather of the West End totting up a spectacular celebrity guest list. Needless to say, this place operates a strict 'Dress to impress' rule. It is generally a ‘members only’ kind of place but special guest-lists allow us (the civilians) to witness the inner workings of the elite.

Going to Cuckoo club Guestlist in London could not be further from its name Cuckoo club is one of the craziest party destinations in London!

Cuckoo club which can be found on the heart of Swallow Street. Right in the heart of Mayfair a short walk from Picadilly which shouldn't prove too difficult walk for the most glamorous ladies with the highest of heels.

Cuckoo club is one of the most exclusive clubs in London and one of the longest serving clubs around today. Cuckoo club has recently been under a major refurb from the world renowned interior designer Barbarba Hulanicki this sets Cuckoo apart from other mayfair clubs immediately giving Cuckoo a sense of individuality. The decor and ambience has been carefully crafted to ensure that it maintains a sophisticated feel throughout.

Cuckoo Club features two exclusive areas of partying over 2 floors. The ground floor features a renowned restaurant celebrated by some of London top critics. The food is overseen by world class chef Chris Cooper who continues to push the boundaries of continental cuisine each year. The emphasis on the food at Cuckoo Club Guestlist is simple , fresh ingredients cooked to perfection.

The ground floor in Cuckoo club is really where the "magic happens" as they say. The first thing you will notice is a mesmerising LED ceiling that works seamlessly with the music from one of the many top DJ's that play on rotation each week at cuckoo club.

As to be expected, the venue is flawlessly sleek and stylish- P Diddy isn't exactly likely to get down and dirty at an Oceana. Cuckoo is adorned lavishly with silk upholstery, red velvet seating and a sumptuous purple and gold theme run throughout. There is a chic upstairs and downstairs segregation depending on your party vibe for the evening, so chilled drink after work? Okay. Mad night with the girls? No problem. Also with a beautiful mirror-backed bar, Cuckoo invites you to sit back and view the whole place from the comfort of your seat.

Cuckoo’s upscale environment makes it a sure-fire celeb hotspot and magnet to swanky media types and internationals. It’s advised that you dress up to the nines for guaranteed entry - you’ve been warned, trainers are a no-no! The whole place oozes glamour, evocative of that golden age of Hollywood. Prestigious publications such as The Telegraph and Esquire give The Cuckoo Club two huge thumbs up, it’s been labelled a ‘superclub’ by GQ and Vogue has said it houses ‘fashion and music royalty’. Eeesh, now that’s celebrity endorsement! If you’re looking for the West End's hot ticket - this is undeniably it.

Every spirit and liquor under the sun displayed grandly on glass shelves across the back wall of the bar. The Cuckoo club offers some of the most elaborate and unusual cocktails in town, (Think organic elderflower and imported Indonesian beetroot.) For us mere earthlings, the cheapest cocktail is a steep £13 but undoubtedly worth the fair and sort of goes with the territory. You are provided with complimentary peanuts though, which is a nice touch (organic too no doubt.) The DJ at Cuckoo spins mostly house, but also entertains clubbers with live music from a selection of bands and singers both new and established every Thursday.

The music at Cuckoo is strictly electro house and trance and has built up a reputation as being a "music destination" and has not slipped down the road of becoming too commercial with its music policy.

Cuckoo Club has earned its place as becoming one of the most (if not the most) desirable clubbing hotspot in London. Unless you know somebody on "the inside" or are a member the chances of you being able to get in (unless you look the part!) are slim to none.

Cuckoo club  is one of the longest serving exclusive nightclubs in London today Regularly filling its doors on a weekly basis with the best crowd in London can deliver.

LED lights hanging from the ceiling throughout Cuckoo club Guestlist which gives the venue a sophisticated centrepiece for the a list Proud that have been lucky enough to make it has to Velvet Rope

Cuckoo club Guestlist is a member's club however Friday nights are open to guestlist However we strongly advise booking a table to ensure entry

Tables at Cuckoo club Guestlist start from £1000 minimum spend And is not for the faint hearted if you're planning a night out to the club don't expect to leave any time before 3 AM. This club is only for People who like to party hard As the name suggests!

The drinks at Cuckoo club don't come cheap so be prepared to splash the cash however an exclusive cocktail list which cannot be found at any other clubs in London Will make you feel less guilty for splashing out At Cuckoo club Guestlist

Provided you're not a little intimidated by London's high-flyers, The Cuckoo Club will make you feel a million dollars even if it is just for the night. Just for god's sake, don't wear the dress you've 'been meaning to sew the missing button back onto', or you'll be sorry you did. Oh, and try not to get too excited over the complimentary peanuts, or you may as well be wearing a T-shirt branded 'I don't belong here'... Another cosmopolitan, Darling?


Cuckoo Address : Cuckoo, Swallow street, W1B 4EZ

What are Cuckoos Opening and Closing Times: Wednesday - Saturday 10:30pm- 3:30am

Cuckoo Dress Code: Smart casual

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: £20

Tables: Available to book / start from a £1000 spend

Cuckoo policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 21s