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Mahiki Mondays

Mahiki Mondays is one of the most popular monday night is London at the moment. The crowd ranges from 18-21 and is filled with many of Londons most elite student crowd.
Mahiki Mondays For a star studded Monday night in London there's no better place to come than Mahiki for Mahiki Mondays Madness. Once on the guest list at this exclusive Tiki themed bar and club you are guaranteed an exotic night out, brushing shoulders with the elite of London. Just round the corner from Green Park station, Mahiki Mondays drinks are flamboyant, pricey and very very impressive. If you are plannign a night out on Mahiki Mondays then hit mahiki up for a great night out! Mahiki serves discounted treasure chests and appeals to a younger crowd! Step into the Mahiki nightclub London and you will be stepping into a topical Hawaiian paradise complete with a lounge that looks like a Mermaid’s lair.  With restaurant and lounge seating that is made completely from wicker and candlelight lighting you cannot get much more romantic than this.  Out in the club area the backdrops of most areas are tropical lush sea scenes and glowing blue lights making you feel as if the dance floor is the beach to the Oceanside.  With a mix of relaxed beach tunes with a few topical cocktails you may think you have gone on holiday!  


Venue: Mahiki Nightclub, 1 Dover Street  London, W1S 4LD, Times: 10pm- 3am Dress Code: Very smart Standard Entry: Everybody free before 9.30pm / £15 entry after 9.30pm for everyone Tables:Available to book   If you would like to be added to the Mahiki Nightclub then please call us on 07834363888 or use the booking form below:  


Raffles Nightclub

Raffles was founded in 1967 by restaurateur Peter Evens and was named after Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. As soon as it opened it cemented its place in London’s Nightlife, becoming a favorite of the royals such as Princess Margaret, Princess Anne and Prince Charles. However more recently with tough competition it lost its edge, that is until now.

Located in a Chelsea townhouse on the Kings Road, Raffles offers a small and intimate clubbing experience. The staff are also friendly and if you would like table service then ex Maitre D of Tramps in St James, Emilio De Niro will take care of your every request. Tod Russell-Welply, ex Public nightclub promoter and now head of Marketing at Raffles ensures members and guests receive a warm welcome at the door.

At the bar they seem to know what they are doing, with a signature Raffles cocktail list (we recommend the Crackbaby). The prices are a little higher than their competitors, however taking into account the great service, we think this is more than fair.

The décor of the club is quite dark, however there is a retro light up dance floor which looks great and the recently refurbished entrance that features a bookcase with hundreds of copies of “Who’s Who” to show it’s history.

Raffles has been around along time and with the new ownership and management we think raffles is not so much a club, but an institution that everyone should go to once in their lives.


Venue: Raffles Nightclub

Times: 10pm- 3am

Dress Code: Very smart

Tables:Available to book



Guestlist and Table Bookings

BLC (British Luxury Club)

This after-hours club opens at 3am and is THE hotspot for anyone out in Mayfair and looking for an afterparty. It might not be the cheapest place and only a hand picked crowd of people are allowed the privilege of partying at this beautiful venue - well, otherwise it wouldn't be as popular and exclusive, would it? Once you've made it in, there is great music, a vibrant atmosphere and a cool bunch of people waiting to party with you. So load up your wallet, dress to impress and let's get the (after) party started!

A hush hush launch in late 2007 has attracted high brands to carry parties at the British Luxury Club, the last word in glamour, wealthiness and, well, luxury hence the Name british Luxury Club or BLC for short.

Located on Oxford Street close to Tottenham Court Road station, the British Luxury Club is easy to reach from all the big Mayfair clubs. The building itself isn't attracting much attention at first sight and the entrance might as well be leading into an office - if only there weren't queues of people outside, eager to get in.

To spend a night at the British Luxury Club you either have to be a member or very, very lucky. Usually the bouncers pick people from the crowd outside the club - so be sure you dress to impress if you want a chance to get in. It also helps knowing a member as they can bring guests with them - it's all about the connections.

But if you are lucky enough to get inside, you will soon find yourself in a gorgeous setting and surrounded by beautiful guests. British Luxury Club is open until 7am, so the alcohol is poured all night (uuuhm, more like all morning!). As you would expect, the prices here are not for everyone, but you get what you pay for so grit your teeth and get to it! We promise you, this club is worth every penny spent...

On the inside the club is decorated with gorgeous baroque style furnishing and a huge swarovski crystal screw-topped bar. If you want to take a break from dancing, there are cozy white leather sofas waiting for you, although we are pretty positive you'll constantly be dancing in here. Overall the British Luxury Club has a sparkly blue theme to it and impressive beautiful crystal detailing, which makes it feel like a palace - makes sense, as only the most fortunate Londoners get to party here.

 it is a tad confusing how the set up at BLc works are it is solely an afterhours club. once the guests from 55 club have finished then a whole new more upmarket crowd descents on the club deperate to get in and party the night away until 7am.

If you are a group of gents planning on getting into BLC then expect to shell out at least £500 for the privilege as it is very unlikely that you will get in on the guestlist. The boucers simply pick people from the crowd surrounding the entrance and if you're lucky enough to be selected then you will be ushered in straight away.

After dancing to RnB, Charts and Hip Hop in your favorite club, the British Luxury Club is a bit more chilled and cool in terms of music, playing minimal house and techno. Tony Piscitelli - the DJ and music director - is taking care of the sounds blasting trough the speakers and plays you the very best tunes up until the early hours.

BLC Nightclub (BLC) is a James Bond style bar and club with a bar made up entirely of Swarovski crystals. Drinks available include a wide range of champagnes and cocktails and this swanky club is also well known for attracting some of the globes top A-listers.

BLC Nightclub (BLC) has established itself as the number 1 after-party destination in London with DJ and music director Tony Piscitelli providing an eclectic mix of house music to a glamorous crowd – a must visit if you are craving for more partying after a night out in West End!

BLC Nightclub (BLC) has to be one of the West End’s top night clubs! Open until 6am this is a non stop party venue!

If you are a fan of minimal/techno house then The British Luxury Club (BLC) is the place for you. I have spent many an evening (ok morning!!) in this extremely elite venue. Be warned BLC Nightclub it is supposed to be a 'members only’ venue but from what I can see if your face fits then you are a member! So make sure you dress to impress and fill your pockets with a load of cash….. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it!

The British Luxury club is not for everyone - simply because they wouldn't let anyone in. But if you are among the lucky ones that get to party here, you will have an amazing time! Also because it doesn't open until 3am, only the truly party-hungry people unite here - and none of them will sit around, especially not after they've payed the entrance fee! If you're a group of guys and you're not super loaded, you might want to go look for a different club, but otherwise this is an experience you can't miss!


BLC Address : BLC, 55 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1BS

What are BLCs Opening and Closing Times: 2am- 9am

BLC Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

BLCs policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


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Blag Club Holland Park

The Blagclub Holland Park is a place to relax, chat and celebrate in an exotic Asian themed lounge room, listening to the latest party tunes. Around London there are now three Blagclubs including Notting Hill gate, Holland Park and Ladbroke Grove all of which are within 1 mile of each other. Holland Park has a very intimate space at Blag Club Holland Park encouraging its members to chill out without the usual hassle and disturbances of larger venues. You will find each venue subtly decorated with Asian characteristics including woodcarvings and Hindu shrines.

The Blagclub Holland Park prides itself on its professionalism and this is shown by the quality of its staff. The slightly more mature atmosphere in there venues brings a sense of class to anyone who walks in, allowing you to simply have a drink and chill out without a worry in the world.

Blag Club Holland Park plays a variety of music to get you on there dance floor all night. A range of RnB to the latest club hits gets played every night keeping the crowd lively and dancing all the time. You may also catch live PA’s now and then playing at the Blagclub giving it a real fresh feel to there nights.



Venue: Blag Club Holland Park,11 Russell Gardens, London, W14 8EZ

Times: 10pm- 3am

Dress Code: Very smart

Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Tables:Available to book


DukeBox London

Dukebox London fills the gap for the high end Chelsea set who have been left nightclubbing "houseless" since the closure of the imperial haunt public club in 2012. Dukebox London can not have come at a much better time and for those that are not keen on the west end scenario then this is a must!

If you can manage it, Dukebox is absolutely worth a look giving you can make it in to the club and you have actually adequate cash charged on your credit card. Dukebox is not the most cost effective club in London by any means and unless you are fortunate enough to be known among the promoters that fill the club on a regular basis then its very easy to go through at the very least £100 partying at Dukebox London in an evening.

The theme of Dukebox take inspiration from Alice and Wonderland and much money has been spent on the theming of the club making it stand out from all the competition.


Dukebox London

Situated on magnificent Fulham Road, Dukebox is a fair old trek from both Fulham Broadway and West Brompton stations, but manages to attract a high end crowd most nights regardless. This is mainly due to the hangover from the closure of Public earlier this year, which left several of the rich and well-heeled Chelsea little ones feeling majorly bereft at the weekends.

DukeBox London

Once you have made it past the door and into this club you are immediately hit by the domed ceiling , exposed vents and brick walls much the saem as public nightclub. This is willie wonka / alice and wonderland where you will see oversized jars of seets scattered all over the place as well as bundreds of bottles of expensive champagne that create this magical nightclub feel.

There are a variety of secluded alcoves which if you have the cash you can book for anything from a  £500 minimum spend right up to £2000 minimum depending on the number of guests you are planning on hitting dukebox Chelsea with. Each alcove has it own volume control for a much more personal feel.

This adult playground can maintain a party atmosphere right up until the end and compared to west end clubs the entry fee of £10 is remarkaly cheap considering (entry is at the discretion of the door however)

It's important that you dress the part if you are planning on hitting Dukebox as the door policy is strict however if you are considered to be trendy enough then you will have no problems!


DukeBox London

Dukebox London since opening has had the creme de la creme of A-list celebrities through its door since opening who are all desperate to try one of the now infamous cocktails created by Dukebox London very own mixologists. such as the “Egg and Soldier” - a giant egg cup painted with a soldier, which opens to reveal a vodka-based cocktail for six to ten people; and the “Present” – an oversized gift box that contains a cocktail wrapped in a big bow and served with a confetti shower.

Dukebox Chelsea has been receiving rave reviews since opening and getting on the guestlist is very difficult and Dukebox operates a very strict door policy!

The action happens down an iron stairs and past the required cloakroom, in an underground burrow of vaulted ceilings, left open ducts and rugged brick walls. Taking its cue from baby room rhymes and children's stories ,



Venue: Dukebox London, 266 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 9EL




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Rose Club London

Rose club London is planning an exclusive really launch at the end of October 2014.

Since taking a holiday after being replaced with Chakana club which survived the London club scene the little over seven months Rose club is back and ready to put its name back on the mat where it left off early 2012

Raise club London is sure to bring a fresh prospective to the London club scene under brand-new guidance now that the brand has separated itself from the Nick house umbrella it will be very interesting to see how Rose club London pans out once it opens..

Previously Rose club found itself on the front page of many show Ben's magazine and high end newspaper with various celebrities from across the globe all enjoying what Rose club had to offer and this promises not to change as there is much hype surrounding the exclusive launch of Rose club.

Velvet-pr have yet to see how much of a cosmetic change that this venue has been under after taking over from the clearly themed Chakana Venue and whether it will be a case of going back to basics or not at Rose club however what we can predict is that the venue will ooze sophistication and provide an atmosphere where only the finest London clientele will have access to.

Velvet-pr you are has very little into mascio regarding the exclusive launch of Rose club however we'll update this page accordingly once we have confirmed what Rose club London will all be about

What we can say is that we will be able to provide guest list or table bookings for Rose club London and you can do this as normal by filling out the contact form below.

Rose Club can regularly be found in the middle of the showbiz columns in the papers with it now becoming the favourite haunt for many of the UK's biggest music and TV stars. Cheryl Cole can be found in the VIP on a monthly basis as well as some of the biggest footballers on the planet come down to spent their cash on one of the many luxury bottles of champagne available to buy. Rose Club can certainly be considered to be "boutique" and far from being one of the largest clubs in London what is does offer is an intimate experience where quality is much more important than quantity of the guests.

Naturally the crowd at The Rose club steers toward the A-list with some big names heading down over the past few weeks.

We suggest booking a table if you go to The Rose club and these can be bought for a 2 bottle minimum spend however if you do not decide to book a table the staff are still very attentive to your needs. As seen with the likes of The box and Cirque Du Soir Rose club has gone to much effort to ensure that this isn’t simply just a nightclub and there is alternative entertainment to keep you occupied throughout the night.


Rose Club


Rose Club London, 23 Orchard Street,  ,London,  ,W1H 6HL