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Rose Club London

Rose club London is planning an exclusive really launch at the end of October 2014.

Since taking a holiday after being replaced with Chakana club which survived the London club scene the little over seven months Rose club is back and ready to put its name back on the mat where it left off early 2012

Raise club London is sure to bring a fresh prospective to the London club scene under brand-new guidance now that the brand has separated itself from the Nick house umbrella it will be very interesting to see how Rose club London pans out once it opens..

Previously Rose club found itself on the front page of many show Ben's magazine and high end newspaper with various celebrities from across the globe all enjoying what Rose club had to offer and this promises not to change as there is much hype surrounding the exclusive launch of Rose club.

Velvet-pr have yet to see how much of a cosmetic change that this venue has been under after taking over from the clearly themed Chakana Venue and whether it will be a case of going back to basics or not at Rose club however what we can predict is that the venue will ooze sophistication and provide an atmosphere where only the finest London clientele will have access to.

Velvet-pr you are has very little into mascio regarding the exclusive launch of Rose club however we'll update this page accordingly once we have confirmed what Rose club London will all be about

What we can say is that we will be able to provide guest list or table bookings for Rose club London and you can do this as normal by filling out the contact form below.

Rose Club can regularly be found in the middle of the showbiz columns in the papers with it now becoming the favourite haunt for many of the UK's biggest music and TV stars. Cheryl Cole can be found in the VIP on a monthly basis as well as some of the biggest footballers on the planet come down to spent their cash on one of the many luxury bottles of champagne available to buy. Rose Club can certainly be considered to be "boutique" and far from being one of the largest clubs in London what is does offer is an intimate experience where quality is much more important than quantity of the guests.

Naturally the crowd at The Rose club steers toward the A-list with some big names heading down over the past few weeks.

We suggest booking a table if you go to The Rose club and these can be bought for a 2 bottle minimum spend however if you do not decide to book a table the staff are still very attentive to your needs. As seen with the likes of The box and Cirque Du Soir Rose club has gone to much effort to ensure that this isn’t simply just a nightclub and there is alternative entertainment to keep you occupied throughout the night.


Rose Club


Rose Club London, 23 Orchard Street,  ,London,  ,W1H 6HL




All the usual elements you’d expect in a Central London club are here at Disco 24 club – Disco 24 now renamed Bond Nightclub the jostling paparazzi outside, the closely guarded red roped entrance and the exclusive seating areas complete with waitress service and bed-like seats so vast that you could easily grab a few minutes shut-eye if you weren’t leaping up every five minutes to dance around the table. In fact, it’s exactly the kind of club that many a Londoner professes to hate without ever having set foot inside. But this is where the cynical will struggle as in spite of ticking all the boxes, Disco 24 club has gone that step further when it comes to technology adding up to a Central London club that is not only good but great.

If you don't manage to make it into one of the private hire seating areas at Disco 24 club, you can still have plenty of fun at the freestanding I-Bar that is placed between the bar and the seating areas. Move your hand across its illuminated surface to watch designs blossom at your touch. Floor to ceiling screens behind every seating area are also constantly changing – and you can decide what you want to see on the screens, that is when you can tear yourself away from changing the interactive table tops. It would be a shame to simply sit at your table all night though. The simple black and white colour scheme works as the perfect backdrop to a venue where clearly disco is king. The DJ box at the far end is a focal point throughout the night as shapes are thrown and cares are shimmyed away.




Address: 24 Kingly Street, Soho, London,W1B 5QP

Times: 10pm- 3am

Dress Code: Very smart

Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Tables: Available to book

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Guestlist and Table Bookings

Mayfair Club

The Mayfair club is reminiscent of an old James bond movie which is perfectly fitting as the martini lounge which has been created doubles up as a gentlemen s club during the week and during the weekend operate a full nightclub with a guestlist only door policy.

If you wish to attend the Mayfair Club on the weekend then you need to be on the guestlist or book one of the tables or booths that the mayfair club offers.

Tables at the mayfair club can be booked as either a VIP table or a standard table and these go from a £500 minimum spend up to a £1000 minimum spend in the VIP.

The Mayfair Club has most recently become the place to be for many of the wealthiest from the middle east. The Mayfair club held one of the most profitable night to celebrate the end of ramadan this year with hundreds of thousands being spent every day of the week. The venue is the only club around mayfair to hold a late license and many of the punters from Mahiki, Whisky Mist and Aura descend on The Mayfair club to continue their night until the early hours. The Mayfair club continues to operate as a gentlemans club during the week and has many of the most talented girls performing throughout the week.

Big celebrities such as Prince Harry have attended The Mayfair Club and famously was the venue which resulted in Danny Cipriani being sacked from the England squad after his late night out.

The guestlist is ladies free before 11pm and gents £20 at the door of the Mayfair club if you dress well and turn up in a mixed group you will have no problem!here in price!

There are many phrases that describe the Mayfair club; elegance, sophistication and overall grandeur. The owners of The Mayfair Club have clearly worked hard to make sure the club looks in great shape during the week and weekend despite everything going on!

When you are not receiving a private dance from one of the top model dancers then there is allot to keep you visual senses alive with LCD screen surrounding the venue which keep you eyes entertained!

Their are some truly unique booths in The Mayfair Club also and we strongly suggest you book once of these on the weekend to party at the mayfair club in true VIP style! If you would like to book a booth or an event at the club the let us know and we would be happy to assist!


Mayfair Club Address : Mayfair Club, 1 Dover St, Mayfair, W1S 4LD

What are Mayfair Clubs Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Mayfair Club Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Mayfair Club policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist below

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


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Punk Soho is located just off of London's historic Soho Square and right in the heart of the Capitals nightlife and entertainment district.

Punk Soho operates throughout the week as one of London's prime bar and nightclub venues, offering the best international DJ's and entertainment, in plush and comfortable surroundings with friendly, welcoming staff and great service throughout.

Punk soho has changed considerabel from its earlier days where it was frequented by many of the east end crowd. Punk soho has now cememted itself within london's elite and brings not only the fashion conscious crowd from the east end but mixed in with the high end mayfair crowd as well.

Punk has now been sold and bought by the new owners formerley of Jet black and they plan to make Punk one of the biggest clubs in London. get on the guestlist while you can as Punk is going to explode!

Table reservations at Punk Soho can be made throughout the week for our booth areas, of which Group and Corporate bookings are always welcome.


We also offer a bespoke events and bookings service for private and corporate clients 

Entry Requirements

Entry price may vary throughout the week.

Standard entry for on Fridays & Saturdays on the door is £20. Persons placed on the Punk Guest list are charged at a concessional rate of £15. Ladies placed on the Punk Guest list arriving before 11pm are gain complimentary entry.

Conditions may apply to all concessions and entry is at the discretion of the Management at all times.

The Management holds the right to refuse entry to any guest at all times, there is no guarantee of admission at any point.
Dress code: Smart casual, no trainers



Address: 14 Soho Street, London, W1D 3DN

Times: 10pm- 3am

Dress Code: Very smart

Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Tables:Available to book


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DSTRKT Nightclub

Upon arrival at DSTRKT you are immediately confronted by two large mysterious 9ft concrete doors being protected by your usual team of burly bouncers and glamorous door staff ready to take you down the maze of staircases lit by large crystal chandeliers, mood lighting and the faint bass beat of the club that you are soon to enter.

IF you have been to DSTRKT on a Friday then should you have been lucky enough to make it past the velvet rope then you know you are part of London’s elite as the first thing that hits you that you will notice is the sea of beautiful bodies. DSTRKT is famous for its crowd and from entering to exiting you will be int eh company of some of London’s most exclusive and attractive crowds!.

DSTRKT Many of the top figures in the London nightclub scene has come together as a team and created the new London exlcusive super  club that is DSTRKT nightclub. DSTRKT consists of a massive 700 capacity DSTRKT nightclub as well as a restaurant that has in all cost more than £25 million .

The result of this is a slick amazingly designed masterpiece DSTRKT that would rival any club in the UK.

DSTRKT is located where the Rex bar and cinema used to be. They have managed to convert this massive space right in the centre of piccadilly. Upon arrival you are greeted by the friendly face of the door staff at the very impressive entrance that marks your arrival to this superclub. Inside the club is divided up into various different section. Tables surround a central stage area where dancers perfrom and the DJ spins a mixture of funky house and electro house. The sound system at DSTRKT is possibly pne of the best sound system to be installed in London. The sound  is so crisp and you can feel every kick of the bass drum!

The restaurant just of the main nightclub is moodily lit and there is also a bar where you can have some pre drinks before taking your seat. DSTRKT is very reminiscent of CRYSTAL which is now Project Nightclub and takes inspiration from Jalouse nightclub as well with the ceiling covered in moving light fittings that change colour to the music. This all adds up to a very impressive look and feel of the club. An example few dishes of the restaurant include:

DSTRKT is guestlist only and this means guestlist Velvet Pr provide guestlist for large groups and table bookings so unless you know someone then use the booking form below to book your guestlist in today. If you want to try something new and are really into your house music then DSTRKT is deffinately worth a look and once inside the magnitude and the money spend has to be seen to be believed

The regeneration of Piccadilly is apace with the renaissance of one of Europe’s premier and exciting locations for dining and night life. This continues with the opening of the £25 Million Dstrkt Nightclub venue, voted Best New Restaurant and Club 2012 taking it's place amongst London’s night life crown jewels.

If you wish to be added onto the DSTRKT NIGHTCLUB guestlist then please use the contact form below.

As you make your way through the large mysterious doors at the entrance it open up onto the floor which is a maze of large diamante and crystal chandeliers and a mass of gorgeous guests. Tables in DSTRKT are usually full the brim with some of the worlds leading brands all facing the cenntrepeice within the club that is the home of the DJ and the dancers that perform throughout the night.




Venue ADDRESS : DSTRKT NIGHTCLUB 9 Rupert St  London W1D 6DG

Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Clubs Dress Code: Very smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Entry: At the discretion of the door manager. Club reserve the right to refuse entry

Entry policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist below
Membership: Everybody
Age restriction: Over 21s  



Anaya Guestlist is one of the latest offering on the club scene in the fashionable Mayfair area. Anaya Guestlist  provide a unique and ground breaking experience to some of London’s best crowd. Anaya which opens every Friday and Saturday to the public is the place to be seen to pop bottles and party the night away.

Anaya Guestlist  has recently re-launched surprisingly keeping the original name however they have have made several cosmetic changes inside the venue to attract a higher end crowd. Anaya is one of the most boutique clubs around in London today only holding no more than 200 guests but where is lacks in size it makes up for in quality.

Anaya bring the stars out quite literally an invests in some top name DJ's  plays a mix of Rnb and hip hop every weekend. If you are looking for a party then  be sure to check out Anaya.

Anaya Club GUESTLIST is strictly guestlist only. If you need a guestlist for Anaya club then please contact us via the guestlist form below and one of the team will be in touch


With world famous DJs, elegant interiors, and welcoming and attentive staff, we provide a unique, memorable and entertaining night of music and dancing. We would be delighted to welcome you and your party at Anaya Nightclub London.

ANAYA GUESTLIST operates a strictly guestlist only policy at the door. The crowd at Anaya Guestlist could be considered URban in many respects the music tailors to this crowd playing a commerical mix of hipo hop and bashment music. Table can be booked for a minimum spend and they start from a £500 minimum spend. Anaya is a little on the small side compared to other west end clubs so it is important that if you wnat to party at Anaya that you get down to the club early to avoid dissapointment!

Anaya nightclub is a premium destination in London’s exclusive Mayfair.  Embodying service, sophistication, luxury & surprise.


Anaya Club guestlist is considered to be one of the best kept secrets in London and having changed hands many times and rebranded. Anaya club has now found its stride and has a great team in place that has kept it from closing like many of its predecessors on he same site.

The venue itself is considered to be an intimate environment the capacity for Anaya is no more than 200 so the club do try and make the door policy fairly strict and only let in the right type of crowd to make sure that the few that do manage to get in keep the party going until the early hours.

Much of the venue and atmosphere takes inspiration from a south beach miami club with the designers being very careful to separate what is a boutique club into several sections and alcoves. The music is Anaya is a combination of bashment and RnB and Anaya Club have invested alot of money into the sound system to make the sound inside truly amazing.

You could be forgiven for feeling like you have stepped into a time machine upon entering Anaya nightclub. The club itself is very chic as you can tell by the pictures on this page. The location of Anaya is perfect for the west end clubber also. a very short walk from Piccadilly station even those guests in the tallest of heels shouldn’t find it too painfull making it to Anaya Nightclub

If you are looking for a club that offers all the benefits of an exclusive bottle service VIP nightspot without all the pretentious baggage that come with it then Anaya must be the choice for you! Anaya Club is definitely worth checking out so what’s the worse than can happen. Get yourself on the guestlist below and check out Anaya Club today.


Where is the Venue: Anaya Nightclub, 9 Swallow Street, London, W1B 4DE

What time does it open and close?: 10pm- 3am

What can i wear?: Very smart

Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Can i book a table?: Available to book (fron £500 minimum spend)