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Aristocrat Guestlist Entry & Aristocrat Table Bookings


Aristocrat Club London opened on Monday 24th October 2016 and is the newest cutting edge addition to the London high end nightclub scene. The concept of Aristocrat guestlist and table club was developed by some of the most influential names in the London club scene, coming from such backgrounds as DSTRKT and Toyroom.
Aristocrat is perfectly located for its clients in central Mayfair - on the famous Swallow street, a few doors away from the longstanding nightspot Cuckoo club. The venue has been the host for other favourite nightclubs such at the original Toyroom and Kitsch.
Upon entering the club either with an Aristocrat table booking or via the Aristocrat guestlist, you will be taken down the staircase into a darkly lit basement floor which is the setting of Aristocrat club. Columns of golden skulls decorate the centre of Aristocrat alongside the centrally located DJ booth, with dark red lighting to give the club an eerie yet exciting energy. The walls are adorned with old paintings and almost graffiti-like modern street art in black and white. The ceiling of Aristocrat guestlist and table booking club is equally enthralling with a grand gothic ornamental white look complete with chandeliers and delicate carvings to make the club feel incredibly magnificent. You will truly feel like an aristocrat when present in this incredible London club.
The crowd that enters on the Aristocrat guestlist is made up of London’s elite. A sexy and fashionable group of partiers add glamour to the exciting dynamic of this London club. Fashion models, trendy celebrities and VIPs make up the lineup of party goers joining the Aristocrat guestlist. Those looking for the most exclusive treatment should of course book an Aristocrat table where they will be able to buy off the menu from a large collection of the top alcoholic spirits and Champagnes.
Hot dancers and some of London’s most beautiful wait staff add to the elegance, and make this venue stand out for it’s highly selected crowd. Trust us - you will be impressed with the guests at Aristocrat.
The Aristocrat guestlist and Aristocrat tables are available on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays when the club opens it’s doors. Mondays are the signature night at Aristocrat club with DJ JOJO headlining, while Friday showcases DJ Charles Prince and on Saturdays DJ Tito is on the decks. The music policy at Aristocrat is mainly a mix of R&B and hip hop with some house music.
Aristocrat is set to become a highly renowned nightlife brand, with merchandise available including jackets and shoes bearing the Aristocrat logo. We recommend visiting the Aristocrat guestlist and VIP table club to experience an incredibly epic night at one of London’s most unique and glamorous clubs.
Aristocrat Table Prices Aristocrat table prices start at £1000 min spend for a mixed group of up to 10. VIP Aristocrat table prices begin from £2000 min spend for mixed groups of up to 10. Aristocrat entry fees of £20 apply with a table booking at Aristocrat. In the event that the guy:girl proportion is uneven please get in touch with us to check what might be the table cost for your booking. On specific evenings where unique artists are playing, the table costs may increase. Aristocrat table costs are normally higher on Fridays and Saturdays. Aristocrat standard tables can seat up to 6 guests while VIP tables can seat up to 10. If it's just a smaller group i.e. 2 or 3 visitors, it is possible to book a get an Aristocrat table reservation for £500 min spend, contingent on the night. Once more, this should be a mixed group. We offer a table booking service Aristocrat and you can book below. If you require more information on Aristocrat table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us. We recommend booking your table as early as possible to avoid disappointment.




Aristocrat Guestlist & Aristocrat Table Information

Aristocrat Address: 9 Swallow Street, London, UK

Aristocrat Opening and Closing Times: 10pm - 3:30am

Aristocrat Dress Code: Smart

Aristocrat Entry Fee: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

VIP Tables: Available to book / start from a £1k spend

Aristocrat policy: Guestlist, Members & VIP Tables only

Age restriction: Over 18s


The Warehouse Guestlist and Table Bookings



After its recent refurbishment, Warehouse is finally back! Equipped with an amazing sound system, LED and laser lights this place is any ravers dream. Bringing its guest the very best DJs and acts of the techno and house scene, this is the place to be for every dance addict. As the name suggests, this club has a raw and industrial atmosphere to it. It is aiming to create a platform for techno, drum & bass and house music that actually works without the drawbacks some other venues in that scene have. So head to here for a wild night of dancing without any worries!


Set in the North East of London, this club might not be as central as you usual weekend hang-out, but it will charm you with a super cool design: there are - of course - the mandatory brick walls, but the club also has some quite futuristic features about it: bright flashing lights, lots of laser effects and smoke machines make for a crazy party vibe. The design varies a bit from most other nightclubs and is more "reminiscent of clubs from the 90s". Another inspiration for the club's minimalist look - according to designer Steve Howie- was the Haçienda in Manchester. The DJ booth is surrounded by concrete blocks to stop the vibration and there are standing galleries on both sides of the club to get a good view of the internationally known DJs that play here regularly. With three rooms and various bars, Warehouse provides enough space to drink and dance the night away!

The Vibe

Warehouse is aiming to be the "high quality alternative to the temporary spaces that have become a regular feature of the house scene". Lots of club closures have reduced the electronic music scene to some smaller and less professionally equipped venues, so Warehouse is trying to fill that gap - and successfully. This club is ready to welcome its guests with a top notch sound system, good organisation and a great venue. This is where ravers go to have a wild weekend and as far as the crowd goes you will find true party lovers here. There WILL be lots of drinking and dancing and even in the VIP areas, nobody really sits still. The overall atmosphere is wild and fun and like most East London clubs there is no dresscode - so instead of high heels just bring along your friends and a good vibe and get ready for an amazing party.

The Music

With an amazing Funktion One sound system, this club will provide you with great tunes and some famous DJs like Nick Curly, ATFC, Kerri Chandler and Copyright have hit this desk before! The stylish and modern looking bars will serve you all the drinks you could want - with a focus on spirits and champagne - and you can get bottles of vodka, gin, whisky and rum if you're in for a really heavy night! No matter what you order though, one thing is for sure: you won't go home sober!

The Watershed Guestlist and Table Bookings



Who would have thought that a place with a background in making people wet their pants laughing could also be one of the hottest clubs in Wimbledon? We sure didn't. The Watershed isn't just famous for its stand-up nights any more; hosting one of the only late-night clubs in the area it's now become a popular place for just about anyone. Whether you come down for Dance Rocks Friday or Love Shed Saturday, it's a little old place where you and your friends will love to get together. Bang bang banging on the door unnecessary; unless you want to, of course.

The Club

Two rooms make up The Watershed, the larger one hosting a pumping RnB party while the other focuses on delivering the best of 80s and 90s cheese. And the décor is very suiting for each room; flashing lights and colours abound, The Watershed certainly knows how to throw a party. Not to mention there is some gorgeous modern art decorating the wall, making the venue as well as the guests easy on the eyes. And it's even built to host a foam party, making it an ideal place to get down and dirty and then clean yourself up all night long.

The Vibe

Cosy and unpretentious, The Watershed is a great place to wind down for the night. Though because it gets so busy it's more fitting to consider it winding up. Dress is smart casual, so no need to get completely dolled up, but do us all a favour and pull up your pants; the saggy jeans 'gangster' look isn't what they're looking for (and frankly, no one wants to see your tighty-whiteys). No track suits or any sort of athetic wear either. You're not coming for a game of tennis, and even Venus Williams doesn't look like that when coming to Wimbledon, so neither should you.

The Music

While The Watershed is across from The Polka Theatre, thankfully the two establishments service a completely different crowd. And if you think otherwise, you obviously haven't tried grinding or twerking to 'In Heaven there is No Beer'. Talk about awkward. Specializing in 80s and 90s, The Watershed is a great place if you want to get your nostalgia on. They do throw in the more modern tune in every now and then, but it's really a better place if you want to be a Maniac on the dance floor and dance like you've never danced before. And if that's not your style then just switch rooms. So easy a Chav could do it. And if you want to top off a great evening with cheap drinks then this is the club for you. On special drink promotion Fridays selected drinks are only £1.50 until 11:30, and even after midnight the drinks are pretty reasonably priced. And then there's 2-4-1 cocktail Thursdays. Now there's something to drink to, or have two drinks to. A drink in each hand makes everything better.

The Westbourne Studios Guestlist and Table Bookings



Also known as Underneath the Westway, this place is a hard-to-find club here in London, but that just makes finding that much more worth it. A hotbed for creativity in the city, this place does it all; cinema, boxing, even office space is available to rent here. Even with that much going on they still find time to throw the hottest parties. Westbourne is one of those places that can handle practically anything that comes its way, so i you're looking for a unique place to go in London with endless possibilities under one roof, then Westbourne Studios may be just what you're looking for.

The Club

Two floors make up Westbourne Studios, though make sure you go to the correct two floors and not someone's office on accident (how do those people get any work done?). Boasting an impressive new sound system, lights, and projectors, their large dance floor leave plenty of room to raise your arms in the air and wave them like you just don't care or make a little heart with your hands or whatever else you might be interested in doing. Except for maybe flipping the bird. You'd probably be kicked out for that, but if you want to try we aren't going to stop you.

The Vibe

Coming here is a nice breather compared to all of the stuffy pretentious clubs in Chelsea or Soho. Here you can come in casual and have a nice drink with friends and your dance skills won't be called ridiculous by any pretentious snobs. Think a nice pair of jeans and a quirky tee rather than sequinned dress and enough make-up to paint a Picasso. And there shouldn't be any issues with staff or getting in; we've heard door staff has lightened up significantly. Unless you just want to be an arsehole and intentionally piss them off. We wouldn't suggest that, but if you do try it let us know how that goes, hmm?

The Music

A lot of what Westbourne Studios plays is electronic and the different sub genres that come with it. They've also been known to play the sickest house music during their Friday night Forward Motion parties. Friday and Saturday nights are the best if you want crazy good music, though you'll definitely want to check their website or Facebook for when the best tunes are playing, otherwise you may come by and all you'll hear are crickets and cars. Drinks are also reasonably priced. You'll definitely want to get a caipirinha here; Westbourne makes one of the best in the area. If you drink yourself under the table with this Brazilian mixer than you can wake up the next morning and get yourself a cheap breakfast at their restaurant. And word has it that during football matches there have special deals such at six Becks for £15, but you don't have to be a football fan to enjoy their great prices.

The Corsica Studios Guestlist and Table Bookings



Corsica Studios is an independent arts organization where you can enjoy a variety of music nights, a night gallery and so much more. This venue is home to many of the capital’s finest events, parties and club nights.

THE Club

Corsica Studios is situated beneath two railway arches and has a total capacity of about 500, which is spread across all areas. The live music and bar area will accommodate about 300 people and the smaller studio about 150. There is also a large terrace and smoking area to the rear of the venue, which is always entertaining in terms of random chats and silent discos. The license for entertainment and alcohol generously runs until 3am from Sunday to Thursday and 6am on Friday and Saturdays.

The Vibe

Corsica Studios feels more like a warehouse than a formal nightclub thanks to its arched railway location, and therefore comes across as less uptight than a lot of the commercialized clubs you may encounter throughout London. Elephant & Castle isn’t the sort of place that captures passing trade and Corsica Studios is definitely a real diamond in the rough. The fact that it’s off the beaten track in an unfashionable area of south London means that it is frequented by people who truly know their music and have made a mini-pilgrimage to pay homage to their dedication. The venue is run by an organisation that converts spaces in creative areas. It is a non-profit organisation meaning that all the takings from the cloakroom and bar are put together to support wholesome London regeneration.

The Music

Corsica Studios constantly represents the best in left field and underground music. The London venue holds a reputation as a mainstay of innovative electronic music. Expect anything from house, techno and bass, including a mesmerizing mixture of all three (post-dubstep). Regular nights include UK garage throwback rave THEM, Bill Brewster's (DJ History, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life) superior house and disco party Lowlife, and genre-blurring Trouble Vision. The worlds leading underground music show Boiler Room is also broadcast live across the world on a weekly basis from Corsica Studios. Boiler Room showcases the true superstars in underground EDM from Thom Yorke, Four Tet and Nathan Fake to Mathew Dear, Caribou, Richie Hawtin and Jamie XX. It continues to grow with all of the latest DJs wanting to host a 45-minute set in the south London club on a Tuesday night. The events are strictly invite only but with a web cam pointing towards the DJ, an invited crowd of underground dance-music scenesters standing behind, a relaxed vibe and a worldwide audience watching in their bedrooms, Boiler Room certainly caters for everyone’s needs and live up to it’s hype. Drinks are reasonably priced unlike the £5 a beer in many super clubs. Continental beers dominate including Stella, Budvar, Peroni (£3.50), and Modelo (£3.75). Spirit and mixers are £3.50 or £5.50 a double, a glass of wine is £3.50, while shots (sambuca, tequila, Jagermeister) are £3.

The Area Guestlist and Table Bookings



The usual night of clubbing for a Londoner: start at 10pm, dance and drink the night away, get home around 4 or 5am before passing out in bed, or, if you're less fortunate, the toilet. But what if you want to keep going, or even just start out later (much, MUCH later) than 10? You go to Area, of course. This club is perfect if you don't want the party to end at 3am or if you want to start your evening a lot later than the London club standard. And if you're the type that falls asleep easily than no worries; the light show and sound system here are sure to keep you awake.

The Club

While the club's name is definitely lacking in creativity, we would say it's still quite fitting. As short as it is, it's descriptive; this club takes up quite a bit of space. Six rooms and five bars make up this maze-like club, so it covers a rather large area. There are flashing lights, lasers, and LEDs, making it an epileptic's worse nightmare but hey, if you're really into light shows pulsing with the beat while you shake your arse then you must come down here. Sometimes it can be a bit spendy to get in, but often if you have a flyer they'll make an exception for you and lower the price.

The Vibe

Remember when your mum told you not to judge a book by its cover? We do it anyway, but you will want to listen to your mum when you're going out to Area. From the outside this place looks like it could be a warehouse, but inside you have a variety of sweaty people; gay, straight, trans, it doesn't matter as long as a good time is had by all. With this new information you're thinking that there would be a divide in the crowd and are about to head out the door because conflict in a club is never good. Wrong again. Everyone here is rather friendly, making it a break from the usual high-end snobs you're used to at clubs. Make sure you call your mother and tell her thank you for that advice.

The Music

Many of London's famous DJs have been to Area to lay down some amazing sets, which often consist of a mix of electro and techno with sometimes a hint of Brazilian beats. We know you think that could make an odd combination, but trust us on this one; it works, and it works well. Their DJs change, so check out their website when planning, but we can ensure that any night out with Area's spectacular sound system is going to be a hit. Unfortunately, the booze here can get a bit on the spendy side. Hey, they have to make a profit somewhere, and if they're letting all of these people with flyers in at a discount it has to be made up. You can still get a single bottle of beer or Bacardi Breezer for a fiver. But if you are intent on burning a hole in your pockets, we suggest the champagne. Those holes are useful to the rest of us trying to scrape up some change.

The 100 Club Guestlist and Table Bookings



The 100 Club is one of London’s heavyweight live music temples and has attained legendary status in modern British music, having played host to live music all the way from back in the day from 1942. The club continues to attract a mob of music fans with its distinctive decor and historic vibe. It may be small but sometimes that pays off (have you see Bernie Ecclestone's ex wives?), the vibe is second to none, even if you're technically dancing in a sauna. But we can't imagine you'd complain, you dirty boy!

THE Club

This iconic music venue has a blink-and-you'll-miss it doorway leading to a what-you-see-is-what-you-get underground bunker. Handily they've made it simple to locate by naming the club after the address (imagine that speedy boozy marketing meeting). Once you've gone/fallen (delete depending on how pissed you are) down the stairs, you'll be surprised at how small the venue is, the capacity peaks at a miniscule 350, and how amazing it would have been to see big bands like The Rolling Stones play here. The decor remains unchanged since the 1970s; a red theme runs throughout and the walls are adorned with a sea of iconic musical photography. With a glance at the raised area that only just passes for the stage situated immediately in front of you, the sole bar to your left and the toilets to your right, you'll have seen all there is to see of this charming bunker, making this one of the most intimate gig venues in the country. It's a bit like getting the band to play a private gig in your parents garage, just without the noise complaints, mum offering everyone tea, and dads awful awful dancing.

The Vibe

Depending on which musical venture mans the stage will typecast the clientele inside this music-only venue, but whether it be progressive rock and roll or the latest EDM offering, everyone is there for one thing: alcohol & sex the music. The staff are refreshingly laid back and cool, plus security are always on hand to ensure that everything is under control; if controlling a throbbing mas of sweaty twenty somethings is possible throughout this limited club space. As a result of the excellent management and music driven crowd, 100 Club makes for a beautifully intimate and exciting experience. Check their website for upcoming shows, they have a few surprises up their sleeves.

The Music

The White Stripes, Sbtrkt, The Rolling Stones, James Murphy and Florence and the Machine are but a taste of the high profile acts that have graced the stage of this famous London haunt throughout the years. Although it mainly plays host to big bands, the 100 Club also hosts an array of eclectic club nights with DJs such as electronic producer John Talabot, psychedelic quartet Django Django as well as hip-hop musical and visual project Gorillaz performing for one night only. As well as musical royalty, the club has also attracted high profilers like Johnny Depp, who joined Alice Cooper onstage last year - yeah we aren't sure why that happened either, but whatever. 100 Club is a no frills venue, selling a basic selection of beverages to tickle your taste buds, just don't expect to be able to order a cosmopolitan at the bar 1) They definitely don't have Martini glasses 2) You're name is NOT Carrie Bradshaw. Keep it basic and order a beer dude. They might come in the can, but that's the just laid back vibe here. First rounds on you, don't forget the shots of tequila!

The 151 Chelsea Guestlist and Table Bookings



If you're looking for a club to pull at and you're in the Chelsea area then 151 may be just right up your alley. Sleazy and full of posh totty this is the place to go if you truly want to experience the Eton version of London clubbing with Tarquin, Tamara, and Terence. Though along with what maybe the Brixton crew could consider a downer to their evening there is a SERIOUSLY good time to be had on the dance floor with some pumping music and beautiful girls/boys no matter which way you turn your head. So pretty that if you don't pull you'll definitely be getting hot under the collar. Best to put some ice on that.

The Club

Two small rooms underground make up this nightclub; one a sitting area with tables and chairs and another with a dance floor for your chance to dance the night away. And the dance floor, while small, has this ridiculously large mirror, so you can check your make-up without even having to visit the toilets. Just don't get too carried away looking at yourself; no one wants to see you snogging your own reflection. Not to mention you'll miss all of the beauties. And that's the good part of this mirror; you can stare at more of them all at once.

The Vibe

No matter the age, people seem to love 151. From people who have been going there for years to the young and restless this place suits nearly everyone. Dress here is pretty laid back, just don't show up in your pyjamas and expect to be let in; maybe if it's a themed party that'll fly. Or if they're sexy. And while it claims being unpretentious, it's Chelsea; of course it is going to be filled with people richer than you. Amusing rich peeps though, and attractive to boot. Just make sure you know what age you're coming to pull so you don't end up taking home some jailbait, unless you want your picture in The Standard. Mug shots are never that flattering. - PS. Yes they require ID at the door.

The Music

UK's Top 20 while sitting in the car on a road trip? Eh, it gets your there, but it is so damn repetitive. UK's Top 20 in the club surrounded by sweaty bodies that move to the beat? Better. There's just something about dancing the night away with a group of like-minded people that are enjoying themselves that make your night. Popular tunes of today are the feature, and let's face it; Lady Gaga's 'Applause' is always better than your off-key relatives singing a chorus to the made-up hit 'Are We There Yet?' And drinks can get expensive. Luckily 151 has deal nights to help soften the blow. Tequila Tuesdays bring everything tequila-based down, and if you come to Ladies Night on Thursdays girls get a free drink. And they say feminism is dead... But don't worry guys, try flirting for drinks, the girls have been at it for years and it works!

The 229 Venue Guestlis and Table Bookings



229 is a multi-purpose entertainments venue which first opened its doors waaaaaaay back in 1965 (seriously ask your Dad). Since then the venue has played host to numerous gigs, club nights, weekend festivals and countless music related events. Leave the high heels at home and don those converse stuffed in the back of your wardrobe, things are going to get messy once the snakebite (lage, cider and blackcurrent juice obvs) starts flowing. Besides, as much as we like to believe we could we've yet to field test mosh pits with our Louboutins on.

THE Club

After a major refurbishment and a technical overhaul in 2007, 229 launched once more as a dedicated live music and entertainments venue and in its early days, hosted the likes of Florence and the Machine, Primal Scream and Example to name but a few. Major technical improvements have been made to improve the two room, 760 capacity venue over the past two years including, most recently, the ingenious installation of a D&B PA system (which will blow your bloody ears off) in Venue 1 (620 capacity) and a new stage, PA and lighting in Venue 2 (140 capacity). Over £250k has been invested in the PA and lighting in both rooms and it has certainly paid off, standing next to the speakers is like sitting on the washing machine, titillating for sure, but impossible to hold your drink steady. 229's multi-faceted layout and extensive technical capabilities means it is capable of handling a wide range of events including live music gigs, club nights, private corporate events, live comedy nights, fashion shows, filming, photo shoots and much more. Basically they've been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.

The Vibe

Creating a venue that is respected by clubbers and music lovers alike is a tough task (why are you lot so fussy huh?), but 229 seem to have cracked it as an array of DJs and top bands take turns to play different nights at this low key Great Portland Street club. As a result of this a hugely diversified crowd of partygoers attend 229 on a regular basis and the place is always soaring with energetic boozy ravers. The atmosphere in 229 varies according to which night you go, from a chilled 'Magic Numbers' session to a noisy Tinie Tempah bassline vibe; FYI don't get these two confused whatever you do. Aside from that the vibe is always easy going and friendly while the large space means that there is room for everyone to dance like no ones watching. Although we might be.

The Music

As the 229 club is largely known as a live music venue the artists it attracts are usually globally recognized musicians and artists. Some of those to who have played at 229 to date include: Example, Friendly Fires, Foals, Gnarls Barkley, Biffy Clyro and The Magic Numbers. The blank canvas feel allows both rooms to showcase a whole host of live bands, DJs or both. Club nights range from soul & ska, to electro and rock. Both rooms have decent sized bars and the staff are always friendly. A standard range of beers and spirits are available while lagers and other favourites that are sure to whet your whistle are reasonably priced. Since your here you may as well did the gig ordering move with the drinks. Three beers at a time (drink responsibly - we won't, but you should), down one and carry the other two, one in each hand. You're welcome.

The Nest Guestlist and Table Booking



The Nest is a response to mainstream commercial clubbing, boasting the very best in fresh and cutting edge talent. If you love great DJs but hate all the hassle that comes with going to a big club, The Nest in Dalston could well be your perfect night out.

The Club

The Nest as a venue is beautifully charming with cozy alcoves for seating, a dark inhibited dance floor, an intimate capacity for 350 people and one of the best sound systems (Martin Audio) second to Fabric. Combining fabulous kitsch 70’s decor with an industrial basement style, it has firmly established itself as one of the best small clubs in town. The venue is full of intimate cubby holes, colourful neon lights and bare exposed concrete walls which all add up to make a fantastic music and clubbing experience. As it continues to flourish and attract even bigger names, The Nest is definitely one to watch.

The Vibe

Using its industry connections to bring in big names, The Nest attracts a variety of club goers from far and wide. The staff are fashionable, smiley and professional and the bouncers are friendly too however, you may wish to get there early to ensure entry before the club fills up. It is an ideal spot to witness impressive names and quality DJs in intimate surroundings and it comes as no surprise that it has been voted the best bar in Dalston.

The Music

If you’re after progressive electro beats then head to Lemonade, their weekly Saturday affair that aims to combine exciting and progressive electronic music with Dalston’s fun-loving clubbing mentality. Each week their basement disco swells with the sound of dance-floor friendly beats mixed by a selection of the most dynamic DJs. Some of the acts who’ve graced the stage at The Nest include Erol Alkan, Moby, Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), We Have Band, Yuksek, Busy P, Adam Freeland and Toddla T. With such an impressive history in it’s short existence, The Nest is sure to get bigger and better as they continue to develop and grow as a club. The crowd are often more about the music and less about the drinks, so a simple beer or cider usually tickles their fancy, starting from £3.50. If you’re after a good deal however, bag yourself a shot rack for just £10. House spirits (doubles) and mixers are £6.50. Wine is £15 a bottle and more expensive champers is also available if you are looking to splash out.