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  Drama Guestlist, Table Prices & Drama Table Bookings


Drama Guestlist Entry and Drama Table Bookings

Drama Park Lane is the club changing everything in the London club scene. Located in the site best known as Whisky Mist next to the Hilton Hotel near Green Park, Drama Club London had a big reputation to live up to being founded by the owners of Cirque Le Soir and judging by rave reviews it looks like the club is set to enjoy huge success. Drama is strict as you would expect for a high end London club and tables bookings are recommended to ensure you have a great night and you can book your Drama table through us.
Joining forces to bring you Drama are the teams behind the hugely popular Cirque Le Soir London and Whisky Mist, so we are sure that this will be a club that will be very successful and popular with London high end clubbers.
Drama club boasts a 300-capacity venue with some amazing decor that really makes this club stand out from others in the London high-end club scene. Some inspired art features along the walls in Drama with an incredible array of colours to really enhance the experience of Drama entry via the Drama guestlist and table booking guests. Drama offers ‘a clubbing experience like no other’ and it looks to be the go-to London nightclub for the creative revellers who look for something a little more adventurous.
Drama features a Funktion-one sound system to really maximise the club experience so when you book your Drama table or guestlist you can be sure that wherever you are in the club you’ll be able to hear every beat from the DJ all night. An ‘eclectic music selection’ is promised at Drama.
If you’re planning a private event at Drama club you’ll want to check out the famous Gold Room. An intimate room located within the club where you can book your Drama table and be treated even more like a VIP!  


Drama Entry Fee

Drama entry fees are a standard £20 fee. ID is required. All entry is at the discretion of the door.


Drama Table Prices

Drama table prices depend on the day of the table booking, the size of the group, the type of table and the guy:girl ratio of the group. Table prices start from £1000 minimum spend for evenly mixed groups of up to 10. VIP table prices start from £2000 minimum spend for evenly mixed groups of up to 10. Where the guy:girl ratio is uneven please contact us to find out what would be the table price for your booking. On special artist nights the table prices may also increase. Table prices are usually higher on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (Sunday is Drama's signature night of the week). Standard tables can typically seat up to 6 guests comfortable while VIP tables can seat up to 10.
If the size of the group is small i.e. 2 or 3 guests, it can be possible to book a get a Drama table booking for £500 minimum spend, depending upon the night. Again, this will need to be a mixed group.
We offer a table booking service for Drama and you can book below. If you require more information on Drama table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us. We recommend booking your table at Drama as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


Drama London Address : Drama, 35 Hertford Street, London W1J 7SD

Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3:30am

Drama Club London Dress Code: Smart

Table Bookings: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Drama policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Pacha London

Guestlist and Table Bookings

Pacha Guestlist is gloriously sleek and industrial looking, with separate dance floors on multi-levels which offers a variety to it’s clubbers. There are private cabanas overlooking the main dance area, allowing a refreshing overview of the club. You can pop up there for a more tranquil vibe if you need a breather, or maybe just take the time to appreciate the flashing dancefloor lit up like a neon Rubix cube. Win. There is however an unusually steep stairwell, (a little forewarning for those who opt for a particularly high heel).

What if we told you that you could experience the lusciously liberating taste of Ibiza without the sticky RyanAir commute? Surely not. It’s not possible. Enter Pacha. Slap bang in the city centre in London’s Victoria, Pacha Guestlist has bagged itself the title of ‘Best London Dance Club’, and good golly isn’t it just? At a relatively pricey entry of £20 and girls-night hotspot you’d be forgiven for expecting a sedate night of white wine spritzers, but oh no, Pacha Guestlist consistently knocks it out of the park offering a relentless night on the tiles. Obviously quite chuffed with Pacha Guestlist Ibiza embodiment, RyanAir actually offers ‘Pacha Guestlist Passes’ to those returning from the island itself. If that’s not a good sign- I don’t know what is! Even those of you who try to avoid the commercial, ‘mainstream’ scene, will find it pretty difficult to complain here. The music is always diverse and exciting, maintaining a fully packed out dancefloor at all times. Depending on who you are, that may or may not be a good thing. Personally, we say think festival, yet some may find it more straitjacket. With chains in Miami, Ibiza and Barcelona, Pacha London is notoriously popular, so consequently there’s likely to be a wee bit of a queue, but we like to take that as indication of a decent venue. Depending on the night, you could expect to see anything from live DJ appearances to dancers and fire shows. Pacha Guestlist sure knows how to keep things interesting. Pacha London showcases London’s up-and-coming underground talent as well as displaying the best of Electro, House, Techno and R’N’B out there. The sound system is impeccable. You’re looking to pay a fiver for a small beer, although you can nab 2 shots for £7. Overall, it’s pretty standard London pricing, so can’t complain there. Pacha Guestlist also hosts student nights for the more financially cautious, so keep your eyes peeled for those. An indisputably entertaining night out, we think Pacha is up there with the best of them. It’s fun and light-hearted atmosphere will definitely keep you on your feet until the early hours. We would probably recommend taking cash as it’s more than easy to spend over a hundred quid in here – ouch! But one thing’s for sure, you’ll certainly sure enjoy spending it!


Pacha 338 Address : Pacha, Terminus Place, Victoria, SW1V 1JR What are Pachas Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 5am Pacha Dress Code: Relaxed Guestlist details /Standard Entry Tables: Available to book Pacha policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above Membership: Everybody Age restriction: Over 18s

Studio 338

Guestlist & Table Bookings

Studio 338

Well well well- it seems Greenwich has gone all Pete Tong. But no- not in the cockney rhyming slang sense my friends, ohhh no. After a whopping multi-million pound refurb meaning it is now fully kitted out to cater to an impressive capacity of 3000, we give you Studio 338: Greenwich’s very own all night rave-terrace. With levitating bass and a glass ceiling above the main dance floor, you’d be completely mad to miss watching the sunrise amongst the sea of madly dancing arms at South East’s favourite dance music venue.

Studio 338s Guestlist USP is its distinctly different atmosphere, likened to Ibiza’s own popular hotspot ‘Space’. The glass ceiling means you can dance under the stars and keep on going right through to sunrise. There’s something exhilarating about watching the spectacular vista of oranges, pinks and reds beaming down over the equally pink faces of exhausted party-hards.

The Open air vibe here means at Studio 338 Guestlist, it’s festival season all year round. There’s a real vastness to the venue which makes it very reminiscent of being right in the thick of it at a gig. This is however, the kinda venue where heels are just an accident waiting to happen really- unless you want to be a human popsicle that is. We thought not.

One particular banger to look out for is Studio 338 Guestlist’s ‘Regression session’. Bouncy castles, outdoor space hoppers, glitter cannons, laser displays and facepainting. All the fun of the fair, but this time you get to do it with a beer in your hand. Winning.

We wouldn’t recommend going if you’re worried about getting a little sweaty. Studio 338 is the kind of place where you’ve gotta get involved- so it’s certainly not one for the lady muck’s amongst us. It’s just that which gives Studio a real free-spirited holiday vibe. No pretension, no judgement, no worries. Plus- your money is definitely not wasted here as you get a full 8 hours of mayhem at Studio 338 Guestlist. With doors opening at 10pm, you’re set free to do as you wish right through ‘til 6am. ‘This sounds like a recipe for disaster’ I hear you say. Actually no. Adopting a new door-picking scheme, this astute Greenwich venue ensures that only “good souls” make the cut and are granted entry. By doing this, Studio 338 Guestlist ensure that the vibe inside (or rather outside) remains totally unscathed. Clearly prevention is better than cure. You go Glen Coco.

Also, fun fact: Studio 338 Guestlist’s founder wishes to remain completely anonymous. Cool and intriguing or perhaps a little shady? Who knows.. We’ll think about it on route to the bar!

With a mega VOID soundsystem, which we think is likely to be worth more than all our childhood homes combined, Studio 338s Guestlist impeccable sound is practically euphoric. This certainly isn’t overlooked by the professionals either as Studio 338 Guestlist draws in world-class techno and house DJs as well as a fierce list of up-and-comers from the underground scene like Marc ‘MK’ Kinchen, Kevin Saunderson and Kate Simko!

Being within hailing distance of the O2 arena (which we all know is tourist territory) Studio’s drinks menu may be a little steep in comparison to some of the other London haunts and you maaaay experience a little queue for the bar but don’t let that be a deterrent! With it’s 3000 person capacity there’s certainly more than enough people to keep you occupied during the wait. Bored of the wet blanket on your left? Not a problem because ‘Look!’ There’s 2999 more.

Studio 338 Guestlist is an inevitably messy night and certainly has found it’s niche amongst other ‘warehouse’ competitors. It’s electric atmosphere really gives you that mushy ‘these are the moments I’m going to remember’ feeling.. at least it does until you get a big sweaty pat on the back from the affectionate dude next to you- that pretty much brings you back to earth.

What with 2015’s new 24 hour tube travel, we’re hard pushed to find a reason for you not to go to be honest. An invigorating (but sweaty) party of like-minded people dancing until the sun looms overhead and losing their minds to some filthy beats and bass. Now. Get in the shower ya’ filthy animal.


Studio 338 Address : Studio 338, 338 Tunnel Ave, Boord Street, SE10 0PF

What are Studio 338s Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 6am

Studio 338 Dress Code: Relaxed

Guestlist details /Standard Entry

Tables: Available to book

Studio 338 policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s

Ministry Of Sound

Guestlist & Table Bookings

Ministry Of Sound

Being described as one of the UK’s most notorious super clubs and possibly the most famous nightclub in the world is no small feat and this incomparable venue certainly lives up to the hype. There is plenty of magic to be found inside the legendary walls of Ministry of Sound Guestlist.

Laid out across five rooms, four bars and three dance floors there is a lot to explore within this former bus depot. The club itself was inspired by New York’s cavernous house venues and is comprised of the following main areas; the Bar, the Baby Box, the VIP, the Box and the Loft, the latter housing the club’s primary sound system, with a specially built roof to contain sound and a sprung floor enabling clubbers to dance for many hours on end without tiring.

Every self-respecting club junkie should make at least one trip to the Ministry of Sound Guestlist. The vibe is totally unrestrained and exhilarating, especially in the main room, where people exuberantly ascent the speakers and the stage to dance like there is no tomorrow. The real peak time slot is after midnight, although dropping by well into the early hours, once the crowd has thinned out a little and you’re left with those who are resolute to continue until the bitter end, can also be fun. Bar staff are kept on their toes all night and yet display an energetic and cheerful presence adding to the overall vibe of the club. The dress code is smart casual but you can certainly get away with wearing jeans and trainers.

Although the Ministry of Sound Guestlist is largely known for it’s devotion to the house music scenes of New York, Chicago and Detroit, various promoters take over the club on different nights to keep things fresh and provide a sound to suit everyone’s tastes.

Long-running techno trance night The Gallery takes over Friday nights, while the Saturday Sessions mix and match between Balearic beat and deep house from popular DJ’s including Eric Morillo, Pete Tong and David Guetta. The current listings include a more electro-orientated approach with the likes of cult EDM producer Deadmou5 hosting his infamous ‘Mau5trap’ live show and Groove Armada taking the helm for their official Lovebox after party.

Initially the Ministry of Sound Guestlist opened as a dry venue with a no-drinks policy but it has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings and now serves a respectable selection of bottled beers and various spirits, all at a reasonable price.

A powerfully throbbing sound system, an eye blistering lightshow and the sight of at least a thousand hands raised in delight ensure Ministry of Sound Guestlist is a feast for the senses. Whatever your style, this super-club is sure to please even the most critical connoisseur.


Ministry of Sound Address : Ministry Of Sound, 103 Gaunt Street, SE1 6DP

What are Ministry of Sounda Opening and Closing Times: 4pm- 3am

Ministry of Sound Dress Code: Relaxed

Guestlist details /Standard Entry

Tables: Available to book

Ministry of Sound policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s

Zoo Bar

Guestlist & Table Bookings

Zoo Bar

Everyone and their mum knows Zoo Bar. With it’s infamous Happy Hours and a wide range of cocktails, this place is the perfect hangout for anyone with high standards but light pockets. Located close to Leicester Square this bar/club/restaurant mainly attracts a young crowd that´s ready to party and as the name suggests things usually get pretty wild here. Zoo Bar is open every night of the week with DJs playing the best mix of Charts, Hip Hop and RnB tunes. Look out for their Happy Hour specials and student parties!

As Zoo Bar is set right by Leicester Square tube station, it is super easy to get there and back – even after a few drinks. Although there is plenty of room to sit outside, the real party starts once you´ve entered the big kitschy decorated room with a big bar in the middle, where you can get pretty much any cocktail you desire (or one of their massive Pitchers…?).

Once you head downstairs into the club area, you´ll be welcomed by illuminating lights, pumping beats and a crazy crowd. This spacious room offers everything from poles and platforms for the braver dancers to quiet corners for the guests that prefer some privacy. You are very much encouraged to let out your wilder side here and with various bars that offer affordable drinks this should be an easy thing to do!

With a deal as good as “half price for anything from 5 to 7.30 pm”, Zoo Bar attracts a lot of students and young professionals that want to enjoy an after work drink or two. You don´t need to dress up too much here either, as the dress code is more casual than smart (trainers and jeans allowed). But always remember to bring your ID with you – the door staff will check it. It´s getting busier here the later it gets, so make sure you arrive around 10pm – which is when the club area opens – to avoid waiting in line. Zoo Bar is very busy, especially on the weekends and once it´s full it´s one-out-one-in.

We recommend going on a Tuesday, which is Student Night or a Thursday, where they have special drink discounts. But there´s really no wrong day or time to party here!

This nightclub has got a lot to offer on the musical side: of course you will get the usual mix of Hip Hop, commercial house, RnB and Chart tunes…but the DJs at Zoo Bar are also known to mix in the odd 80s dance hit to add a slightly retro vibe to the party, so be ready to let your inner animal out!

As for booze, we can´t say enough about the delicious cocktails, bottled beers and premium spirits. With a big bar upstairs and some smaller ones in the basement, you don´t need to fear waiting forever to be served and if you like sharing, their pitchers are only 14.75.

“Party hard or go home” is the motto that´s lived at Zoo Bar and with a big range of drinks, amazing music and a cool venue like that it´s likely you won´t go home too early. Open every day of the week, it is the perfect hangout for a young and cool crowd and the unbeatable prices will tempt you into partying here every day. A little tip: When there´s a major sports event on, Zoo Bar will show it on their screens upstairs – and if your team has won, you are at the right place to celebrate!


Zoo Bar Address : Zoo Bar, 13-17 Bear Street, WC2H 7AQ

What are Zoo Bars Opening and Closing Times: 4pm- 3am

Zoo Bar Dress Code: Relaxed

Guestlist details /Standard Entry

Tables: Available to book

Zoo Bar policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Guestlist & Table Bookings


The Bonbonniere nightclub on London's infamous Orchard Street has caused quite the uproar in the high end clubbing scene after it's launch back in winter '14. With stars like Paris Hilton, Will.I.Am, Nicole Sherzinger, Tinie Tempah and Jordan Dunn gatecrashing the Bonbonniere guestlist within it's first few weeks of opening you know there's something rather special about the place. With the club molded to separate itself away from the mainstream the interior is exceptional and abosolutey unique with some seriously grand opulence dripping from every inch of the club. Inspired by the infamous Faberege egg this is one sweet shop that we don't think will turn sour.

Bonbonniere London is a brand new venue that is already causing a stir in the London club scene since launching November 2014. Bonbonniere brings together a "sexy luxurious sweet shop" and Members club bringing a fresh concept to the high end club scene in London.

Bonbonniere has been created to stand out from it's competitors and whilst being incredible unique in terms of a concept Bonbonniere bring Fun, opulence and class all under one very exclusive roof. The interior decor is inspired by the famous Faberge Egg and just like this, Bonbonniere will overload your senses in more ways than one!

Sporting what is now known as the club describes as 'the most luxurious, exquisite cocktail' that London or the world has witnessed you need to be prepared to spend a pretty penny or two gaining access the this soon to be infamous venue. They're not cutting corners here with only the best booze available to the lucky few able to book tables including Armand De Brignac (Ace of spades) Champagne, and Beluga Caviar included in that talked about cocktail. Also did we mention that the drink cocktails a diamond necklace? No joke. Make sure you don't swallow it.

The Bonbonniere guestlist is nothing short of the most expensively decadent sweet shop on the planet. It's all about the (eye) candy in here whether that be the gorgeous patrons, the faberge inspired interiors or indeed the sweet inspired drinks this place really takes the biscuit.

Some would call the creator and owner of Bonbonniere guestlist Joe Fournier a genius for the inspired creative aspect of Bonboniere. From the Faberge Egg DJ booth all the way to the further eggs which sink into each and every wall. Plus it's hard not to miss the incredible lighting, sound system and the beautiful dancers.

Not to forget that the Bonnonniere guesetlists owner Joe Fournier has created the now infamous West London Gin and bacon inspired bar and eatery Streaky Gin, which is to be found just moments away from the royal Kensington palace.

Paris Hilton also treats herself to a treat herself to the cocktail when she parties at on the Bonbonniere guestlist each time she visits London popping in (and sometimes Djing at the club) to party at London's newest celebrity hotspot.

With the arrival of the Victoria's Secret Fashion show into the capital of London the buzz was all around the Bonbonniere guestlist with excitement with the announced attendance of the Angels in tow. Once the girls had ripped up the Angel catwlak it was time to be seen on the Bonbonniere guestlist with Jordan Dunn at the helm with the dozens of other Angels in tow. Safe to say the Bonbonniere guestlist was put on the map that night.

Also popping in via the Bonbonniere Guestlist was British actress Ashley Madekwe, whom is famous by her social climbing character Ashley Davenport in Revenge series aired on ABC in America and on E4 in the UK.

The Bonbonniere Guestlist, sports decoration and design from the architects and artists who worked previously on The Armani Hotel with their direct inspiration taken from the world known Faberege Eggs.

Located on 23 Orchard Street, directly by Selfridges department store, London has opened its arms to fabulously famous elegance of the BonBonniere Guestlist. The new and exclusive egged diamond is now open.

The venue has been created by the design team that were behind many project including The Armarni Hotel and everything that has been created at Bonbonniere has never been seen before not just in London but across the world. The team behind this exclusive members club collectively come from some of London's biggest names being steered by Joe Fournier who's reputation for bringing the very best out of high end nightclubs is second to none.

With over 2000 square feet of luxury inside and a modern LED lighting system you can be sure that Bonbonniere Guestlist has to be seen to be believed.


Bonbonniere Address : Bonbonniere, 23 Orchard Street, London W1H 6HL

What are Bonbonnieres Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Bonbonniere Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Bonbonniere policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s

Stamp Club London


Stamp club London is a brand new members only venue that has launched at the former site of one of London's most gorgeous venues Maya night-club which closed late 2012.

Stamp Members Club, 79 Oxford Street, London, London, W1D 2ET

Stamp has worked very hard on the appearance of the venue and it boasts one of the most advanced lighting systems in London with each table illuminated with a glow of LED and two small staging areas in the centre of the venue that also light up to show off some of the entertainment acts that Stamp entertain its members with on a weekly basis.

Stamp is a members club and all guests must sign in at the door and be referred by a member to ensure the exclusivity of the crowd and ensure that each guests is provided with the VIP experience that Stamp Club London offers.

 With new venues popping up around London it is important that venues now opening stand out from the crowd and Stamp Club effortlessly brings an exclusive setting whilst allowing guests to party in comfort with booth seating around the venue and comfortably sized tables ensures that guests and not treated like cattle as can be seen at many other boutique clubs in London.

The capacity of Stamp Club is a comfortable 300 and with private room available to book for high spenders. What happens at Stamp stays at Stamp....

Stamp Club London

Stamp Club London provides an in-house magazine for all guests and each month Stamp Club brings artists from all over the globe to perform for guests at private parties only available to a select few.. Velvet PR can arrange access to these events, simply get in touch and we can ensure entry for our members.

Tables at Stamp are highly recommended and these can be arranged from a  £500 minimum spend to the private booths that will set you back no less that £1000. Velvet PR have an exclusive allocation of member spaces which we can pass onto our guests for Fridays and Saturday nights and these spaces can be booked using the application form below.

The final word...

Stamp Club London is a venue that has to be seen. With the music being provided by Dean Scorch (cirque, maddox, press club resident) you can be sure to be dancing until the early hours in comfortable surroundings with the very best the London crowds can offer!


STAMP CLUB ADDRESS : 79 Oxford Street, London, London, W1D 2ET

What is Stamp Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Stamp  Clubs Dress Code: Very smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Stamp  Entry policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist below

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 21s  



Cafe Kaizen Guestlist

Guestlist and Table Bookings

Cafe Kaizen

If you’re the type of person who longs to socialise among London’s brightest stars, take in the city’s most exclusive and fashionable hotspots whilst sipping some beautifully concocted beverages, then slap on your coolest suit hop in a limo and get down to Mayfair.

Situated on the border of Mayfair and Soho, in London’s most sought after and trendy areas, lies the Cafe Kaizen Guestlist. From the moment you enter Hanover Square blindly following Googlemaps in an attempt to find the joint, you gain a sense of exclusivity. With nothing to give the entrance away except a couple of friendly bouncers, you’ll be greeted like a VIP and lead down into a world that screams arty New York.

The decor is unique and will certainly get you talking, with luxurious bathtubs to wash your hands in contrasted with spades of bare MDF. If discussing interior design is not your cup of tea however, be sure there will be someone famous there you can gossip about instead.

Take the beautiful people of “Made in Chelsea”, of which Cafe Kaizen Guestlist has appeared in numerous times, the beauty of central Mayfair and the modern art of New York, blend them together in a basement and you have some idea of what to expect. If you like to go clubbing, but prefer to be able to hear yourself think how much you like the music then this is the place for you.

With an emphasis on sociability, encouraging you to sit with your friends take in the unique surroundings and ingest some top class cocktails, but also giving you the option to let loose and bust a few moves if the mood should take you. Sit back, relax, spot some celebs and enjoy your evening.

The music serves more as entertainment than the main event here, but don’t take that to mean the DJ’s are second rate, boasting a weekly residency of Felix the Housecat and DJ Kid Flo throughout the week, and a range of chart topping DJ’s at the end of the week. Expect to find every top end spirit, beer and champagne at the bar, along with a sophisticated range of cocktails. However also expect to pay central Mayfair prices for them, if you’re looking to be cheap and cheerful, you’d be better off in a Brixton Wetherspoons.

Oozing high end art, fashion and culture Cafe Kaizen Guestlist will make you feel like a recently discovered abstract artist in New York for the evening. If you’re looking for a place to kick back with some well dressed friends, sip some world class cocktails and absorb the super fresh surroundings get yourself to Cafe Kaizen.


Cafe Kaizen Address : Cafe Kaizen, 17 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HU

What are Cafe Kaizens Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 5am

Cafe Kaizen Dress Code: Relaxed

Guestlist details /Standard Entry

Tables: Available to book

Cafe Kaizen policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Maddox Guestlist and Maddox Table Bookings

Maddox Guestlist and Maddox Table Bookings

Maddox club opened in 2007 in Mayfair, London and has been one of the favorites amongst London’s A-List crowd. It was voted “Best Club” at the London Bar and Club awards in 2012. The club is lavishly intimate, mostly made up of member tables and semi circular black leather booths. It features an outside courtyard and the famous Green Room.

This boutique Mayfair club is set across two floors and a small courtyard. Designed for a high end crowd, it has all of the ingredients for success; a trendy restaurant, luxurious club and sociable outside area. This allows its elite members space to socialise with their guests and make new friends in the more relaxed environments upstairs or outside before venturing back into the intimate club to continue the party.

Designed by Samy Chams, the interior mastermind behind many of London’s best night clubs and bars, Maddox could be described as opulent yet minimalist. Expect deep glowing hues of blue, purple and red against a dark minimal background. Straight through the front doors is the mezzanine restaurant, serving Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

Unique to Maddox is the glass DJ booth, set inside the restaurant, which unites the dining and clubbing experience. To access the subterranean club, make your way down the dramatic staircase, under the impressive chandelier.

Maddox is an all encompassing venue with a fully commercial restaurant, upstairs bar and nightclub and one of the only venues aside from sketch to have a DJ booth sat within the restaurant. The music policy at Maddox is mainly house music and some of the worlds biggest DJ's have been responsible for playing at the venue over the years.

The opulence decor and sublime food alongside top class service make Maddox the place to check out and be top of your list.

Maddox club which is set over 2 floors of stunning design and now with an impressive coutyard being opened and terrace once you enter Maddox there really is no need to leave. In the hot summer evenings the outside terrace situated at the back of the subterranean nightclub is the perfect setting to sip cocktails from the excluisve menu that Maddox has created specifically for its patrons.

We are looking forward to party with us at Maddox Club.

Maddox Club Guestlistis one of London's most notorious A-list hotspots and winner of multiple bar and club awards over the years.

Maddox Club Guestlist has been at the top of it's game for many years and continues to be at the top of the list for many of the biggest spenders in London and abroad whenever they are in town for a big night-out.

Since opening Maddox Club Guestlist has played host to some of London's biggest DJ's and exclusive VIP events and in regularly in the papers for playing host to A-list celebrities on a weekly basis. anyone who is anyone will have parties at this exclusive nightclub haunt and if you really want to party the night away in style then booking one of Maddox Club Guestlist table is the way to do it.

Tables at Maddox start from a £1000 minimum spend and go upwards from here. On the weekends you may struggle to be able to book one of the tables as they regularly sell out so an early Maddox table booking is essential!

You can order food at Maddox and Maddox Club Guestlist operates a fully commercial restaurant alongside it's VIP club nights that fill the venue on a weekly basis!

Maddox is not cheap and drinks can be around the £15 / £20 mark for a vodka mixer. Tables are highly recommended and these can be booked from a £500 minimum spend throughout the week and from a £1000 minimum spend on the weekends.

Maddox was opened by renowned club proprietor Fred Moss, the same man behind Movida and Chinawhite. With its’ strict member policy, it is one of the most exclusive clubs in London and boasts a highly attractive and wealthy A-List clientele, composed of the international elite, VIPs and celebrities. Most of the crowd are members and their guests. At Maddox, it is not uncommon to see wealthy members ‘competing’ with neighbouring tables for the biggest drinks bill.

However, with the opening of the restaurant, now non-members have the chance to book a table for dinner and then after hours, head downstairs to the club to join the party. Although you don’t have to be a member, expect to both dress and pay like one. All in all it's a pretty affluent West London crowd in the venue, with rarely any sign of trouble and some of the most polite clientèle you could meet it's certainly up there with the best.

While getting through the door could be a challenge, it will be worth your while. Attracting London’s most beautiful and exclusive party goers, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable night of pure indulgence. Remember though that this is a private members club so either grabbing yourself a membership or heading with an existing member may be your only option of getting inside the venue. It's all a bit tricky really. But that's what makes this place fun. Not everyone can gain access and when you're inside you feel part of something rather special.


Maddox Entry Fee

Maddox entry fees are £20 at the door (occasionally £20 entry for some guests on the guestlist) before midnight.


Maddox Table Prices

Maddox table prices differ depending on the night of the week, the kind of table required and the guy:girl proportion of the group. The starting cost is £1000 min spend for groups of up to 10. VIP Maddox table prices begin from £2000 min spend for groups of up to 10. Entry fees of £20 apply with a table booking at Maddox. In the event that the guy:girl proportion is uneven please get in touch with us to check what might be the table cost for your booking.
We offer a table booking service Maddox and you can book below. If you require more information on Maddox table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us. We recommend booking your table at Maddox as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


Maddox Address : Maddox, 3-5 Mill St, W1S 2AU

What are Maddoxs Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Maddox Dress Code: Smart

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Maddox policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Guestlist and Table Bookings


Werewolf Club London situated right in the heart of piccadilly at the former site of the infamous Pigalle jazz club is the latest offering to the london nightclub scene which has seemingly jumped on the already hugely popular bandwagon of clubs that provide more than just a room with music. Plus Werewolf Club London offers a mix of hedonism and creativity taking much of the inspiration form the hugely popular Box venue in soho. Werewolf Club London is an all encompassing nightclub, theatre and gallery all under one very impressive roof.

This venue has one of the largest projector screens you will find in a nightclub anywhere in London and this interactive elements of werewolf club brings a whole new  dimension to proceedings.  The upstairs VIP section which is currently closed is perfect for any larger bookings private hire should you wish to go all out at this exclusive a list nightclub.

The capacity in the upper floor of werewolf is 150 and the ground floor will comfortable in hold 200 to 250 guests. When the Entertainment is not being provided into intermittently throughout the evening guests are encouraged to get up on the stage and show off their finest moves to the fellow partygoers.

With such an original decor and no expense being spared Werewolf club is a venue that has to be seen to fully experience.

The location of Werewolf club right in the heart of the west end ticks many of the box's and with an unrivalled promotional team behind it this is sure to be a massive success. The interior of Werewolf Club London impresses immediately with a tribute to a quirky 80s design that pays homage to cult classic films.

The design creates an amazingly unique feel and you feel right at home from the outset. All of this comes together nicely with a state of the art sound and lighting system which with all these ingredients adds up to a truly amazing experience.

With a strong focus on delivering impeccable standards of service, Werewolf is a true asset to the West End that catches the eye of Londoner and tourist alike. 

Werewolf Club will play host various club nights and events midweek and weekends and guestlist and table bookings can be made using the contact form below. Tables are highly recommended and especially front row seats so you can get a front row view of the entertainment are highly advised!

Consider Werewolf club as an entertainment complex that intrigues all the senses as soon as you arrive under the neon lights of werewolf club.

The venue itself takes inspiration from the hugely successful venue such as The Box Soho with one of the largest stage areas within a club London has ever seen.  As the clock strikes midnight you can expect various forms of entertainment which are guaranteed to shock and amaze.

Werewolf club is split over two floors with a small dance-floor area and the stage which guests are invited up on to the stage area when the entertainment is not performing.  The upstairs section of werewolf club gives you the best view of the house and allows you to look down over the guests below amongst your own VIP setting.  The capacity is split over two floors so on a busy night you can almost feel like you're in two separate clubs!

Werewolf club has undergone a multi-million pound refurbishment since the closure of the Pigalle club earlier in the year.  As you enter werewolf club the shiny neon sign gives you a taste of what to expect as you descend the dark stairs and graffiti covered walls into the club.

The atmosphere of the venue  is dark and mysterious with different looks and crannies scattered around the venue for you to explore.  Werewolf club has its own selection of modern and contemporary art scattered around the venue and it really is a feast for the eyes wherever you look.  The music policy on Fridays and Saturday nights  is mainly R&B and hip hop with DJ Yann Urban Soldier playing his own unqiue mix of remixed version of songs to keep you dancing away until the early hours.

 After 16 months of extensive planning to put werewolf club together this is already the most talked about club in London.  Werewolf club is perfect for private and corporate events with one of the largest projector screens in London used as a backdrop for the stage area.

 As always with Velvet PR Venues Werewolf club is strictly Guestlist only and guests are encouraged to pre-book with Velvet PR to ensure entry.  Tables can be booked from a £500 minimum spend and upstairs VIP tables start from £1000.

 If you wish to experience werewolf club then fill up the contact form below and one of the team will get back to you in due course with your Guestlist Confirmation.


Werewolf Address : Werewolf, 23 Orchard Street, London W1H 6HL

What are Werewolfs Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Werewolf Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Werewolf policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s