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Guestlist and Table Bookings

Disco Soho

At the end of the 70s, people were sure that disco, with it’s tall afros and platform shoes and cheesy dance moves, had finally died out. Well, turns out it didn’t; it just went into hiding, and has re-emerged as a new London nightclub that everyone is talking about. Disco, located in Soho and open three nights a week, is all about throwing an exclusive retro party hold the cheese. No, if you want that then we’re sure you can go find a 70s porn moustache at one of the many sex shops close to Picadilly Circus.

Careful or you’ll miss this one; the only thing that distinguishes this club from everything around it is a colourfully painted door and a small orange neon sign; the rest is just brick building that could easily be mistaken for something boring. Inside though you get the full package of the disco era; lights, funkadelic wall art, a chequered dance floor, and booths with tacky animal print. There are disco balls in various places, including the large painted booth where the DJ is stationed. Yes, the DJ spins from inside a giant disco ball. Only in Soho.

Disco has now become ever so popular and is the disco style is something that although has been lost amongst a sea of RnB. Disco has never been lost and is now making its comeback in the form of disco club London

Disco club London is set right in the heart of Soho in the fashionable kingly court and as the name does suggest we advise you to bring out the platform boots from the back of the cupboard and head over to this exclusive nightclub haunts and nights of cool disco vibes mixed any exclusive nightclub surroundings

Disco club London celebrates original disco vinyl musics flavour taking you back to 1970s Manhattan. The interior of disco club London would certainly be considered creative with Pan Am style check-in desks just one of the many focal points within the club. The styling is so unique and is at every corner is an interesting decorative piece that is sure to wow you!

Disco is slowly rising to fame; former members of the Spice Girls have been seen partying here. Drag queens and transgenders have been known to meet up here as well, making this place ideal for anyone sporting an LGBT button on their bag. And while dressing smart is the best way to go they always encourage patrons to put on their most retro fancy dress. Since the club prefers members only maybe dressing up isn’t a bad idea; if it’s really well put together it could land you on the good side of those in charge and gain you entry. Just be ready for that Soho snobbery if you’re lucky enough to get in.

The pictures although as you an see look amazing really do not do justice to the attention to details that Disco Club London has invested.

The disco theme does not just extend to the creative atmosphere but also in the retro 70s champagne and cocktail list which also serves cocktails in vintage glitterballs.  This venue attracts an exclusive clientele however does encourage fancy dress as long as it is within the hip 70s style and not a cheesy take that you will find in less exclusive venues in London

If by now you’re thinking that Disco plays anything other than disco, then we’ll have to slap you for being stupid. And if they had actually named themselves Disco and strayed away from actually playing any disco then we’d have to slap them instead. Everything here is spun on a vinyl record player just as it would have been in the 70s, making even the hardcore hipsters slink away and ponder their existence.

A fully stocked bar makes for one insane night at Disco, but then again what part of Soho isn’t insane? Again, it wouldn’t be the Soho brand of crazy if it weren’t for their prices. Cocktails will run you between £12-14, though if you are willing to spring for it we suggest the Michael Jackson, a tribute to the finer years of his life. There’s another brand of crazy for you; Wacko Jacko crazy, and that’s the type of crazy you don’t want to be, even in Soho.

Disco is where you go if you want to go out for a retro party with fancy dress and groovy tunes galore. This place proves that disco is not dead and that it doesn’t always have to be about cheesy music and big afros and bad style and…wow, we could go on for quite awhile. Yes, Disco is proof that the 70s can be cool. So sit back, drink your expensive cocktail and get ready to party like it’s 1979. And leave your porno moustache you got at Spankarama at home, please.


Disco Address : Disco, 13 Kingly Ct, W1B 5PW

What are Disco Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Disco Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Disco policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s

Kitsch London

The new Kitsch London has a big challenge on its hand since its relocation from its old embassy site to the now somewhat cursed site of 9 Swallow Street. Never has a venue been rebranded and re opened under new management that Kitsch London's new premises.

If anyone can turn this site around then the team behind Kitsch London stand a good chance with a collection of some of the best in-house staff and promoters all joining forces to make this venue rock.

Cirque Le Soire has pretty much cornered the market in London alongside the box for circus themed, dark entertainment but where cirque is now notoriously hard to get in this is a happy alternative for those looking for an exciting and entertainment packed evening.

For those that are familiar with Anaya the first thing that you must understand if you are to give Kitsch London a go is that  the only similarities with Anaya is the foundations of the venue. The crowd is completely different, the music different, the team different so for those of you that may have been a little put off by the clientele that Anaya attracted then there is no need to worry.

The venue has not been extended in any way and is still very boutique with a maximum capacity of only 175 so this means that if you are just going in on the guestlist then early arrival is advised but booking a table is really a must to ensure the best night


What is the Address of Kitsch?: 9 SWALLOW STREET, LONDON, W1B 4DE

What is the dress code?: Very smart

Times: 10pm- 3am

What is the entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Can i book a table?: Available to book

Membership Guest list only

What is the age restriction?: Over 21S

What is the capacity: 175

What is the dress code?: Smart dress only

What is the music type: Commercial House, Pop, R n B, Party anthems



Club No. 41

Guestlist and Table Bookings


Club 41 is an exquisite , stylish and elegant late night bar and nightclub which first opened its doors in September 2013 and recently re-opened in Kensington in April 2016. Lets be honest, who doesn’t want to have the occasional night of lavish decadence, live like they’re the heir to the throne of a wealthy oil tycoon and pretend they can afford to spend £47,000 on a bottle of Rose? Not only does Club No.41 give you that option, it will make you feel like royalty for the evening.

No41 Guestlist. This palace of luxury hedonism is situated, as you might expect, in the heart of Chelsea. After being greeted at the door and shown into the venue you will be blown away by the beauty of the club, before you’ve even sat down. Chandeliers draped from the ceiling and elegant classic portraits of scantily clad women sum up the vibe of the venue, and this level of extravagance extends from the front door right through to the toilets.

The bar is situated at the back of the club near the DJ, however it’s unlikely you’ll do more than glance at it as it won’t be necessary to leave your table the entire evening, in fact it’s a challenge to reach the bottom of your glass, you’ll find it magically filling up as soon as the levels start to waver thanks to the seemingly psychic waiting staff.

Everything in this place is designed to make sure you feel as good as it looks. From the moment you are sat at your table you won’t need to lift a finger, hedonism and exuberance are the name of the game.

Opening at 10pm, London’s young elite will trickle in through the No41 Guestlist from then until midnight where the feel will be very relaxed and casual, allowing you and your party to enjoy the wonder on offer. As the night progresses things get a little wilder, dancers wearing very little will turn up and provide a kind of eye candy all the chandeliers in the world couldn’t achieve.

This secretive haunt for London's exclusive elite with its exotic and  innovative selection of sharing plates and tasty cocktails number 41 certainly ticks many of the boxes you would hope to see at a high end establishment

Situated along the renowned conduit Street the location could not be more apt for an exclusive members club with number 41 Mayfair looking set to become the place to be seen in 2014.

From Thursday right through to Saturday number 41 guestlist operates as a late night bar and nightclub on other days No. 41 Club opens its doors for afterwork drinks and private events

The music policy is and has become a focal point of No41 Guestlist with international DJs flying in throughout the week to bring an eclectic mix of new disco sounds. This marriage of excellent music and affluents glamorous surroundings make number 41 club unrivalled on the club scene today

The cocktail list and bottle menu will offer 41 drinks all of which have its own signature theme for larger groups taking inspiration from many key number 41 club serves four vintage sharing punches to satisfied guests needs. Not only is there an extensive cocktail list but food can be ordered from 9 PM right through to 2 AM with options such as foie gras bites on brioche to be now in famous steak sandwich

As soon as you descend the elegant staircase leading into No41 Guestlist you are immediately immersed into a contemporary space and decadent surroundings with expensive and opulent furnishings in rich velvets complimented by stately artworks and not forgetting the showpieces of the grand seventh that chandeliers which straight from the ceiling. All of these ingredients put together create something truly original and we fully expect number 41 club Guestlist to be the place to be seen or to see.


No41 Club Address : Kensington Close Hotel, Wrights Lane. W8 5SP

What are No41 Clubs Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

41 Club Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before midnight Gents £20

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

No41 Club policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Guestlist and Table Bookings

Drury Club

Say hello to The Drury Club London. Based in Covent Garden in the former site of Tamarai. This secluded basement venue which opened up in the summer of 2013, is mixing things up on the London clubbing scene by blending New York and Paris to give us a wonderful concoction for the perfect night out.

You are greeted by a massive old looking wooden door with a huge knocker that the staff let you open yourself to reveal distressed walls with gold mirrors, huge red leather sofas that wrap around the walls highlighted with neon lighting, including a huge pair of neon lips on the DJ booth, antler chandeliers, neon 50’s inspired signs and silver vintage trunks. The Drury Club guestlist rocks the laid back but cool look in terms of decor. It has a huge dance floor for those that want to show off their moves.

The Drury Club guestlist is not just an A list venue, it is a strong brand that promotes not only a good night out but a lifestyle to live up to. The club promotes the hashtag “Sorry.Not Sorry” DC is unapologetically cool. With the help of Sweet & Chilli, they boast a very creative Parisian themed drinks menu including a wide range of cocktails and an Absinthe fountain which is not for the faint hearted. Even ordering a drink at the bar is fun at DC as the staff are very friendly and some will even perform little magic tricks.You can expect to hear Hip Hop and R’n’B at DC with DJ’s including CJ Beatz and Ejder Party.

The club was founded by Sophie Lobel who spoke about her motivations behind creating The Drury Club guestlist London. “I moved back to London approximately a year ago, after living in New York for a while. “Upon arrival the first thing that struck me was that the city had become quite generic and the nightlife was quite unimpressive.” Which explains how The Drury Club guestlist came to be so unique.Taking the best aspects from the best cities and putting it all together to create one marvellous club. This is probably why it has become very popular with the celeb crowd. DC has catered to Victoria’s Secret model Jourdan Dunn, American comedian Kevin Hart, R&B star Ne-Yo and socialite Amber Rose.

The Drury Club guestlist is only open at the weekend , but is, however available during the week for private hire. Doors open at 10:30pm and the club will usually close around 3am. Tables are a bit pricer, starting at £500 - £750 minimum spend for a standard table then for a VIP table you are looking at £1500 minimum spend and for the most exclusive tables a £2000 minimum spend. Standard entry is free for girls before 11PM and £20 for guys all night.

If you would like to be on The Drury Club guestlist this weekend or would like to book a table, please use the contact form below and we will be in touch.


Drury Club Address : The Drury Club, 167 Drury Lane, London WC2B 5PG

What are Drurys Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Drury Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Drury Club policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Shakazulu guestlist


Shaka Zulu Entry - Shaka Zulu Guestlist and Shaka Zulu Table Bookings

Shaka Zulu Guestlist is an iconic restaurant, bar and club bringing a taste of Africa to the heart of London. Serving the finest steaks, game meat and traditional South African dishes in an awe inspiring setting. One of the most lavish and grand venues in Town, Shaka Zulu brings the beauty of South Africa to our front door. This beautifully themed venue has already nabbed itself the title of 'Best Interior Design' at the London Club & Bar awards 2012, whilst also drawing in some impressive celebrity visitors. Hidden in the heart of Camden, North London, Shaka Zulu allows you to feel like royalty and experience a taste of the tropical and the exotic. I mean, in Camden. Who would've thought it?

Shazka Zulu is without doubt absolutely one of the most stunning venues in London at this moment

 With the entrance taking you into this giant clubbing experience via an escalator you are greeted with 60 foot giant statues and a complete African décor which will provide a total unique clubbing atmosphere

After winning an award for best interior design, you're expectations are bound to be high right? Well they should be, and let us tell you, Shaka Zulu will not disappoint. You are immediately surrounded by African tribal sculptures, Wall carvings and fabulously adorned seating areas. Even the ceiling tiles are all individually hand-carved! Based over two floors with escalators between each, you may anticipate this would be a tad 'Rainforest café' but Shaka Zulu's interior is just so fascinating that you're sort of encapsulated into the tropical atmosphere, you could be a million miles from home and none the wiser.

Shaka Zulu is a sure-fire celebrity hotspot, having catered to the likes of Christina Ricci, Heidi Klum, Lisa Mafia and The late great Amy Winehouse. Oh and X-Factor's Rylan Clark, lest we forget. The beautifully renovated, once Stable Market - the Shaka Zulu guestlist continuously attracts a young and trendy crowd with its warm ethnic vibe, so make sure to dress to impress. Surely this place is far too cool for Rylan? Who let Rylan in?

It would be a bit disappointing if this wildly exotic club neglected to offer something on the drinks menu that wasn't equally as unusual, right? Well, that's exactly what Shaka Zulu thought. So if you're feeling particularly daring, you might opt to try one of their meat-flavoured cocktails. Oh Go on. A bottle of House wine goes for £25, so you might even be better off with the meat cocktail. No? ...We're not so sure either. You can expect to hear a mish-mash of Commercial Pop/ Hip Hop, Funky House, Club Classics, and R'N'B here at Shaka Zulu. A mixture just as diverse as the décor!

 Prepare to be visually excited as you wander throughout the venue and's marvel at the creative detail magnificently captured on every ceiling panel and carved wall

Shaka Zulu Guestlist is a brand new club ready to take over London and feedback for not only the restaurant but the nightclub is saying that this really is a place you must check out.

Since opening Shaka Zulu Guestlist has gone from strength to strength and the fusion of laid back dining and hardcore partying is a concept that we can see being continued moving forward. If you want to check out Shaka Zulu then get in touch and one if us will be happy to help and arrange the night of your life!

Shaka Zulu  is undoubtedly stunning and without question the most beautiful venue in Camden and the surrounding area right now. Shaka Zulu  interior is decked out with 60 foot giant statues's which help create an and African environment not seen before on London's club scene

The interior design of Shaka Zulu Guestlist has won numerous awards.  And is considered by many on the club seem to be the most beautiful interior design displayed at any club in London

The intricate detail spent at Shaka Zulu leaves nothing left to the imagination guess can marvel at the intricate detail of the carved walls and a custom made ceiling design which it has to be seen to be believed. A giant escalator takes you between floors which adds to the totally unique experience on offer at Shaka Zulu

 For those of you who are looking to something outside of the West End. Shaka Zulu should be top of your list! Beautiful. Shaka Zulu's incredibly detailed interior is nothing short of mind-blowing. It's classy and welcoming, definitely somewhere you could spend the whole evening. Once you get plotted up, you're not going anywhere - It's just that good. ...Just try not to cry when you step outside and realise that you're still in Camden.

Not only does Shaka Zulu  offer an exclusive clubbing experience on the weekend throughout the week Shaka Zulu  offers a high and dining experience Throughout the week. Set within 27,000 feet in the stables market of Camden is really breathtaking walking through the doors. And the perfect place to celebrate a birthday or a private events


Shaka Zulu Entry Fee

Shaka Zulu entry fees are £10 before 10:30pm, £15 After & £20 after midnight; Entry fees on Saturdays are £10 before 10pm, £15 After & £20 after midnight.


Shaka Zulu Table Prices

Shaka Zulu table prices start at £300 min spend for groups of up to 10. VIP Tape table prices begin from £500 min spend for groups of up to 10. Entry fees of £15 apply with a table booking at Shaka Zulu. In the event that the guy:girl proportion is uneven please get in touch with us to check what might be the table cost for your booking.
We offer a table booking service Shaka Zulu and you can book below. If you require more information on Shaka Zulu table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us.


Shakazulu Address : Shakazulu, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, NW1 8AB

What are Shakazulus Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Shakazulu Dress Code: Very smart

Shakazulu Entry policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist below

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Bodo's Schloss


Bodo's Schloss Guestlist Entry and Bodo's Schloss Table Bookings

An unusual name for an unusual club. This place is influenced by an Austrian skiing holiday, complete with Alpine furniture, waiters in "lederhosen" and a menu full of Wiener Schnitzel and Co. The beer is obviously flowing here and the mood is cheerful almost like after a long day in the mountains. Still the crowd here is glamorous and stylish and partying here you might spot some famous faces around the bar! With supercool decor and suitable music, nothing stands between you and your ultimate apres-ski experience...even if you've never been to Austria!

Bodo's Schloss is an Alpine-themed restaurant/club located on Kensington High Street. It features imported Austrian food and beer and staff wearing Austrian themed clothes. Many celebrities have been seen on the club's guestlist including Gwyneth Paltrow, Prince Harry and Cameron Diaz.

Bodo's schloss guestlist in Kensington is slowly building itself back up on the exclusive nightclub scene after the closure of Kensington's staple venue Amika Kensington closed its door in 2009.

Bodo's Schloss is decorated to represent a stylish "Ski-Huettn" and therefore has lots of wooden tables, cozy benches and checkered tablecloths. On the walls you'll find ski gear, old signs and animal busts (no, not boobs!). Earlier on the night the place also serves as a restaurant where you can treat yourself to some delicious alpine goodies like dumplings, chips and steak...later though the tables are put aside and the party starts. Everyone here is in a jolly mood so there'll be lots of singing along and dancing on the bar/tables - yes, the party mood is valued more than the furniture. Overall the venue fits the theme perfectly and you will get that apres-ski feeling in no time. Plus, there are rumors about a secret backdoor that will lead right to the Kensington Palace Gardens - let us know if you find it...

With a huge demand now for polynesian style clubbing with Mahiki and Kanaloa now full every week Bodo's Schloss Guestlist to the trained clubbing eye shares many of the similarities namely the fact the brains behind thsi new venture have also been heavily involved with bringing Mahiki to the forefront of the nightclub map

For any of you that are familiar with Apres Ski entertainment you will settle in straight away in Bodo's Schloss with the theming of the venue centred around an austrian alpine ski resort the venue gives off a homely and warm atmosphere and once you step inside you can be forgiven for mistaking that there is meters of snow falling outside!

The people partying at Bodo's Schloss with a Bodo's Schloss guestlist or Bodo's Schloss table are a beautiful mix of youngsters and nobody here takes themselves - or anything else - too seriously. On that note, Prince Harry has partied here before, knocking back shots at the bar and flirting with the sexy waitresses dressed in "tracht". As long as you're cool and fun, the rockstars and models partying here will accept you as one of them and you might even bond over a shared Bobsleigh cocktail! The club is open Monday to Saturday until 3am (meals are served until 10.00) and there it is guestlist only! Dress to impress if you want to get in but there is no need to dress up in tracht - though if you do get your "dirndl" or "lederhosen" out, you might get in for free, so why not join the alpine trend?

Nice touches such as the staff all wearing lederhosen gives Bodo's Schloss guestlist a very authentic feel. This is a exclusive party chalet for all intense and purposes and no expense has been spared making this a unique experience from start to finish. The DJ's that play a collection of commercial hits are stood in an authentic ski lift which tops of the venue nicely and gives an eye catching centre piece for the club.

It is not just cosmetic changes that have turned Bodo's Schloss guestlist into an Alpine getaway but the theme extends to he cocktail menu that has been built and developed around this with favourite such as "shelter from the storm" and "snap frost" taking pride of place on the venue.

The music covers pretty much anything imaginable from the Twist to Rihanna and even some cheesy apres-ski songs to get you in the mood! And literally everyone is up for a dance or two, so expect to see all types of people!

If you are up for it, order a round of shots - served in an old wooden ski. But if you'd like to start off drinking a bit smoother, there are big jugs of beer for the guys as well as bubbly champagne for the ladies and the menu lets you choose from a range of fabulous cocktails!

Bodo's Schloss is the perfect place if you love that ski holiday feeling and you're up for a fun night of dancing to cheesy tunes and running around in ski hats! This is where glamorous celebrities and royals come to let their hair down and enjoy a few too many Jaegers. The whole setup looks amazing and the drinks and food are worth their money. So whether you decide to dress accordingly or you just turn up in your usual party look, with a Bodo's Schloss guestlist or Bodo's Schloss table booking you are guaranteed to have a great time partying in a slightly different way!

If you fancy complimentary entrance at Bodo's Schloss guestlist then dress up in your lederhosen  and get involved!


Bodo's Schloss Entry Fee

Bodo's Schloss entry fees start at £15 for girls before 11pm (occasionally complimentary) then £15 entry price after 11pm.


Bodo's Schloss Table Prices


Bodo's Schloss table prices differ depending on the night of the week, the kind of table required and the guy:girl proportion of the group. The starting cost is £500 min spend for groups of up to 10. VIP Tape table prices begin from £1000 min spend for groups of up to 10. Entry fees of £15 apply with a table booking at Bodo's Schloss. In the event that the guy:girl proportion is uneven please get in touch with us to check what might be the table cost for your booking. On specific evenings where unique artists are playing, the table costs may increase. Bodo's Schloss table costs are normally higher on Fridays and Saturdays. Bodo's Schloss standard tables can seat up to 6 guests while VIP tables can seat up to 10.


We offer a table booking service for Bodo's Schloss and you can book below. If you require more information on Bodo's Schloss table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us.


Bodo's Schloss Address : Bodo's Schloss, 2a Kensington High St, W8 4PT

What are Bodo's Schloss Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Bodo's Schloss Dress Code: Smart

Bodo's Schloss Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Bodo's Schloss policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Guestlist and Table Bookings


Aloha! Welcome to the tropical island bar that is Holborn’s Kanaloa. Like an exotic Tiki Lounge, their Hawaiian themes unconsciously lull you into that free-spirited holiday mindset, and we all get a bit naughty on holiday. With Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding as an investor, it’s also not uncommon to see her making an appearance. Just don’t get over excited and try and walk out with a palm tree because we may or may not have already tried that…

Kanaloa is one of the few exclusive nightclub options  available to city boys and girls and bring much of the style and atmosphere of a busy Mayfair Club. immediately walking into Kanaloa Guestlist you will spot many similarities to it's sister club Mahiki with its polynesian influences and "tiki" feel.

It’s impossible to feel down in this place - even if you are at work at 9. Kanaloa is quirky, and filled with bright, sunny colours and bamboo. If you could party in Temple Run, this is how I’d envision it. You walk over a wooden footbridge past a girl spinning fire, so it’s halfway there already. It’s just great fun at the end of the day. Plus you’re almost invited to swap the high heels for Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops, where does that happen in London!?

There seems to be a new trend with high profile pop stars investing in clubs and most recently where we have Professor green being the "face" of INK club , Sarah Harding of the massively successful Girls Aloud is one of the directors on the books and with her celebrity contacts a night at Kanaloa Guestlist you can expect to see some well know faces.

With the quick service and the chilled holiday vibe it’s easy to forget you're in Holborn. They also serve big ol’ rum chests with lots of straws which adds an unavoidably social aspect to Kanaloa. Everybody seems to at ease here, and just willing to genuinely have fun. That can be a rarity in London’s West end, so if you’d rather a club where you can get stuck right in to the activities instead of standing around looking pretty- Kanaloa Ahoy.

As soon as you step foot over a wooden footbridge leading you straight to the bar covered in tropical foliage int he centre of what can only be described as an exclusive hawaiian resort. The club is split over two levels with raised tables looking over the main bar. It is downstairs that you can find a large dance floor surrounded by one of the tables that can be booked for a £500 minimum spend.

Big sister Mahiki has certainly shown Kanaloa Guestlist a recipe for success with its friendly and fun atmosphere and a steady stream of celebrities. The bar staff at Kanaloa are always keen to get involved in the partying behind the bar as well and give off a relaxed and friendly vibe that continues throughout the night and helps encourage a care free attitude

The bar area of Kanaloa consists of a long black bamboo bar front, surrounded by carved wooden pillars and attractively lit with lampshades made from exotic shells. Moving through Kanaloa Guestlist, the lounge is the most traditionally tiki styled area, with crazy paving stone floor and rattan screens providing discreet alcoves placed at intervals throughout.

Kanaloa is famed for its imaginative cocktails, and with an impressive Happy-hour from 5 til 8, it’s rude not to (Well that’s at least what we tell ourselves). Serving the most unbelievable Pina Colada’s this side of the Pacific, Kanaloa presents them to you in frozen hollowed out pineapple which slowly turns your drink into sorbet. Nom. The folk here won’t let you stay sat down for long, oh no, the up-tempo 'party music' turfs everyone up and screaming Duran Duran as you join a conga line. After all, her name is Rio and she dances on the sand, so it’s only fair you do too. Don’t fret though, you’re not stuck in the 80’s all night, you’ll get your chance to Gangnam Style it later..

Those who want to hit the dance floor to the eclectic music played by Kanaloa resident DJs Tommy Crane and Chris Anderson can head to the club area, featuring large elevated booths looking out over revellers and a colour changing ceiling to reflect every mood.

Towards the rear of Kanaloa Guestlist is the Treetops, a rainforest styled retreat with giant palm trees, tropical leaf patterned walls, and rustic wooden planking. Guests can hide away in the branches at the top or sit in the shade of the palms on the beach underneath.

Let’s be honest, we all abide by the ‘What happens on holiday stays on holiday’ rule, so Kanaloa’s infectious ‘holiday resort’ ambience has you abandoning all inhibitions, doing body shots off of Abercrombie-esque cabana boys and wreaking havoc that you’ll only remember once the incessant Facebook notifications start rolling in. So let you hair down, pick up that pineapple and prepare yourself for a lot of untagging.


Kanaloa Address : Kanaloa, 18 Shoe Ln, EC4A 3BQ

What are Kanaloas Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Kanaloa Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Kanaloa policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Guestlist and Table Bookings

Mason House

Mason House guestlist is what you need to check out if you need to mix your nightlife with the high life. Slip into your most luxurious suit, or dress, (we’re not here to judge) and experience what it’s like to be a freemason for an evening on Soho’s Mason House guestlist.

Situated directly below the London Palladium and the heart of London’s most sought after nightlife hotspot, lies the beautiful Mason House. As you descend into the age old vaults of one of the capital's most iconic buildings, you’d think you have just walked into the most well kept 18th century dungeon you have ever seen, but as you start to hear the music and see the ornate decoration you realise this is an elaborate and wonderfully executed style choice to reference the venues rich heritage.

Although the bespoke iron bars and bare brick walls take you back in time a few hundred years, the leather sofas, brushed bronze tables and neon artwork will whisk you swiftly back into the present, straight into a gorgeous the gorgeous Mason House Guestlist.

Perhaps the only thing that puts the decor to shame is the beautiful people who attend the club on the Mason House guestlist ok that have booked a Mason House table. The clientèle ooze high fashion and style, so expect to be mingling with London’s best and brightest as you relax on one of 30 tables, which all have waitress and bottle service so you can focus on chatting up the city’s highest flyers.

Mason house caters for all, whether you want to sit back and take in the beautiful scenery and beautiful people, or let loose on the mosaic dancefloor. With an area devoted to corporate events and a secret invite only alternative music space, so whoever you are you’ll be treated like a freemason on the Mason House guestlist.

Mason house London is the latest addition to the nightclub scene and has a big reputation to live up to for those of you that were dismayed at the closure of one of London's most iconic clubs Movida.

The name Masons house we can only interpret as being a reference to the secret club of the freemasons and i strongly suspect that "secrecy" will play a huge part of the ethos of Mason House Guetslist London moving forward.

Many of London elite have be descending on the club to see exactly what has been done inside the venue. I strongly suspect that much of the modern electronic LED walls will have been removed and a far more low key and understated design will be favoured.

As always in London with clubs closing on a weekly basis Mason House will need to have it's own USP and not simply be a room with DJ's. Entertainment is now becoming essential and clubbers in London now expect ,ore for their £20 entry or there £300 bottles of vodka so what will set Mason House apart will determine how successful this new venture will be...

There’s a new members only nightclub in town, launching this week in Argyll Street, amidst the vaults of The London Palladium. Team behind the new venture are Marc Merran, Eamonn Mulholland and Jean Philippe Kley.

The name Mason House dates back to 1737, when the majority of residents on Argyll Street were Masons and the owners wanted to create a space that resembles a Masonic Temple. They have restored the raw brick arches and other original features of the 5,000 ft space with interiors designed by Ludovic Messager of Quintessence, behind Paris’ Titty Twister club.

Guests enter through a crypt and the space is set across multi-raised levels. The 415 capacity Main Club Room has a black and white chequered dancefloor, complete with 30 tables, offering bottle and waitress service and Room 33 is the inner sanctum with a secret door, operating on an invitation only basis.

The main DJ is situated in the Main Club Room will play a mix of genres while Room 33 will offer an alternative atmosphere. A state-of-the-art Funktion 1 sound system, will play throughout the venue. Furnishings feature leather banquet seating and Victorian-style oak wood bars.

Between them, the owners and management have racked up experience at a number of nightclubs – taking in the recently opened Beat, Mo*Vida, Chinawhite, Aura, Fifty and L’Arc in Paris and are teaming up with global entertainment names for live performances. Mason House guestlist and table bookings will also showcase young and emerging artists.

Aside from the table and bottle service with glasses and ice to cater for as many as you can fit at a table, there is a neon lit bar which serves everything from beer to the finest cocktails, with prices to match.

The sound system really sets Mason House apart from its rivals, although the dancefloor is not the centrepiece of the club, the surround sound system of the underground venue means no matter where you are it sounds like you’re the centrepiece of the dancefloor. With some of the best DJ’s on the scene right now, yet no residencies, expect an eclectic range of sounds from R’n’B to House

Luxurious, exclusive and that’s just the clientèle. If excess and style are your cup of tea then Mason House is where you want to be, you don’t have to be in the freemasons to get in, but be sure to be treated like one once you are.


Mason House Address : Mason House, 8-9, Argyll Street, Soho, London W1F 7TG

What are Mason Houses Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Mason House Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Mason House policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s




Tonteria Entry - Tonteria Guestlist and Tonteria Table Bookings

Tonteria is a Mexican-themed bar that after 10pm transforms into a nightclub. It is a project of nightlife expert Guy Pelly - the man behind Mahiki, Whisky Mist and Public. This boutique club often sees celebrity guests including Pippa Middleton and Price William and Harry. It's most popular night is Monday where access to the Tonteria guestlist is limited. A night at Tonteria will leave you feeling like you've just had a crazy drunken dream - in a good way. And if you're a fan of tapas, cocktails and tequila, it is simply a must...

Tonteria guestlist and table club is the latest venue to be added to the already impressive roster of venues under the hand of Prince Williams Bff Guy Pelly.

Tonteria is a force to be reckoned with and has fast become Chelsea's premium nightclub spot hang out.  With the recent closure of Upper West Club  this has paved the way for Tonteria to monopolise the Chelsea nightclub scene.  With a team that consists of London's finest Promoter Izunna hosts you can be sure that no matter what nights of the week you visit Tonteria  you will be in for an amazing night with no holds barred…

 Mondays at Tonteria are now one of the most popular nights of the week and slowly catching up to Tonteria guestlist signature on Thursday "do not disturb" event which has generated a lot of press and publicity since it launched  mainly down to its bizarre and unique take on disturbing entertainment used with exclusive clubbing.

 Just a stones throw from Sloane Square station this boutique venue which has a relatively small capacity is where you can find vip guests from made in Chelsea right through to Hollywood's finest of Leonardo DiCaprio who have passed through the doors of Tonteria over the last few months.

After walking down a dark set of stairs into the club, your first impression might be that it looks a bit like an old Italian wine cellar with its low wooden ceilings and stone walls without plastering. Because the room is not very big and the tables are set in little alcoves around the edge of the room, this place has a very cozy, intimate feeling to it. The decor is a colourful mix - but still classy: dried flowers, hammocks, mosaic floors and some Mexican wrestlers masks fill the room. The whole scenery is dipped into scarce lighting and the club offers some cool special features including a photobooth, a little toy train - which delivers tequila shots to the tables - and a private area decorated like an altar. Basically it's made to look effortlessly cool. Or as their head bartender Grant Robinsons puts it "rundown, in a chic way.

 As with any guy Pali venue seeming is really important and Tom terrier takes its inspiration from Hacienda right in the heart of Mexico and this follows the theme of other venues under the Pali umbrella which include Mahiki and Chakana.  Every looking granny and cosmetic appearance has been fine tuned to create an atmosphere that allows you to transport to a different world and really has to be seen to be believed.

 Not only is the Tonteria guestlist an exclusive nightspot serving traditional cocktails and champagne is until close but if you arrive earlier in the evening feel free to sample an extrodinary menu of Mexican Tapas which provide the perfect balance to suit any occasion  whether it be birthday drinks, after work drinks, or corporate celebrations.

Since the club can only hold 200 people, the crowd has to be very selected, so only the classiest and most sophisticated looking guests will be let in by the strict door staff. But once you've made it in, be prepared to party among some seriously high-end guests. Since the owner is close friends with celebrities and royalty, expect some familiar faces and lots of money passing the counter. But don't be fooled: this is not the kind of place to quietly sit down and sip your drink. The "hacienda" kind of club is there to have fun and go wild at. As the owners don't "like places that take themselves too seriously", you can tell why the Tonteria guestlist does everything a bit differently: waiters will be pouring cocktails at your table and shots come on a wooden ‘Serpent of Doom’ tray...

 To follow on from the seeming of Tonteria  tequila plays massive part on the menu and whether it be one of the unique and original cocktails created by some of the experience bar staff or simply a shot of various styles of tequila including Scorpion Tequila  this is a venue that you can certainly predict a heavy head in the morning!

 Access to the Tonteria guestlist area is strictly via Guestlist and we have provided information of the list below and if you wish to attend Tonteria please fill in  your names and details in the contact form and one of the team will get back to you and confirm whether you have been lucky enough to get onto the Tonteria Guestlist

So whether you're looking for a place to drink yummy cocktails at with your friends, try out tapas on a date or have a wild night out partying with London's A-list, Tonteria will meet all your needs. And the special little perks offered here will make whatever night you're planning an unforgettable experience. Highly elegant but cool and welcoming at the same time, this new club will rapidly turn into THE place to be so we recommend you get on the guestlist now before everyone else does. And by the way: Tonteria offers a special £5000 a bottle tequila, so be sure not to drunkenly order that by mistake.


Tonteria Entry Fee

Tonteria entry fees start at £10 for girls before midnight (occasionally complimentary) then £20 entry price after midnight. It is recommended to arrive early as the club's guestlist can be full after midnight.


Tonteria Table Prices

Tonteria table prices differ depending on the night of the week, the kind of table required and the guy:girl proportion of the group. The starting cost is £1000 min spend. VIP Tonteria table prices begin from £2000 min spend for groups of up to 10. Entry fees of £20 apply with a table booking at Tonteria. Tonteria table costs are normally higher on Fridays and Saturdays.
We offer a table booking service Tonteria and you can book below. If you require more information on Tonteria table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us.


Tonteria Address : Tonteria, 7-12 Sloane Square, SW1 W8EG

What are Tonteria Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Tonteria Dress Code: Smart

Tonteria policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Guestlist and Table Bookings

Funky Buddha

Situated in London’s Mayfair, Funky Buddha, is renowned for being one of the West End's most in demand venues to date, which never fails to impress. Having completed a recent refurbishment worth half a million pounds, the extravagant club and bar bounces back bigger and better, with its unique oriental theme still remaining strong. Funky Buddha has a reputation for bringing you a night of exclusive luxury, glamour and style, so much that some of the worlds most talented and influential individuals have been seen parting here.

With a capacity of 250, Funky Buddha offers its guests an environment of exclusive comfort with its own distinct oriental twist, setting it apart from other prestigious venues in Mayfair. With a fully equipped DJ booth and dance floor, the dark yet intimate atmosphere allows you to take full advantage of the chilled and laid back vibe, so that you can really let your hair down and dance the night away in prominent style. Surrounded by sumptuous leather sofas, accompanied by tables, which are of course always complemented by the ubiquitous ice buckets, Funky Buddha has a unique ambience that will make your clubbing experience truly memorable.

Funky Buddha Guestlist is one of the most exclusive haunts in Mayfair and with it's relationships with The Mayfair Club and Nobu Funky Buddha remains one of the most popular after dinner party destinations in London

The beauty and sophistication of Funky Buddha  is second to none and with a modern take on an art deco feel. FunkyBuddha's most popular nights are Tuesdays, Friday and Saturday and the venue is full to capacity on most weekends with table bookings making up a huge portion of the club.

Funky Buddha has had a high profile for being one of the top hang outs with A list celebrities, featuring the likes of Timberland, JLS, Pixie Lott and Ja Rule caught showing their faces in the past. Throughout the years, the venue has gained itself a name, making it one of the most desired locations in the capital today, and due to its slightly smaller capacity, the door staff often tend to be extremely strict, favoring all girl and mixed groups with an over 21s policy at the weekends. The dress code is smart and stylish and once you enter through the doors you will find yourself surrounded by a fun, fashionable and sophisticated party crowd.

With it's close proximity to several exclusive restaurants and bar Funky Buddha Guestlist is the place to be seen. With it's trendy crowd and fashionable guestlist only clientele funky buddha remains top of the list if you are looking for an exclusive party amongst London's A-List crowd.

There is guaranteed to be something to suit your taste, as Funky Buddha is keen to make sure there is something for everyone, playing a great mix of funky house, RnB, hip-hop, commercial and rock music allowing you to really get lost in the rhythm of the beat that runs until 3am in the morning.

With an impressive selection of beverages ranging from cocktails, shots, beer & spirits and wine to the venues most exclusive bottles of champagne, which is always elegantly finished off with a sparkler when purchased with every bottle, you are spoilt for choice at the bar. If you opt for the cheaper end of the drinks menu, a cocktail will typically cost you around £15.

There are as mentioned two very separate areas within Funky buddha. Firstly you have the main room where all the action happens shall we say. This particular area in  is generally where the higher table spenders like to book and mix with the regular punters around a central bar. As you walk down the staircase to the right you can find a separate room which we like to call the "Chill Out"room. This room is filled with comfy leather sofas and water features that help take you mind away from the madness in the main room.

Table reservations are highly recommended however you won't find yourself sat down for long as a combination of RnB and funky House form one of London's top resident DJ's will keep you dancing throughout the night.

Funky Buddha is a fantastic addition to the Mayfair Club scene and has easily cemented itself by having a fantastic reputation amongst many a London clubber.

If you want to be part of London A-list crowd , then put on your smartest outfit and head over to Green Park and take the short walk down Berkeley Street and get on the Funky Buddha Guestlist today.

Funky buddha guestlist is the latest addition to Velvet Pr and we are pleased to be able to offer guestlist and tables for Funky Buddha if you require a guestlist use the booking form below.

Funky Buddha Guestlist is the club of choice for many an A-list star.Models and socialites unite at the doors of this excluisve club every week at this suave and sophisticated nightclub in the heart of mayfair . You can expect nothing less than the most glamorous crowd London can offer and Funky Buddha Guestlist is where you can find some of the biggest bottles of champagne available to buy on the market being popped by some of London wealthiest

The music policy is guaranteed to please at Funky Buddha with the club affording a huge budget to bringing in some of the hottest artist to play guest set on a weekly basis funky buddha is certainly the choice of many simply down to its music policy.

It is safe to say that Funky Buddha is the ideal venue for you if you are looking for a sophisticated night of prestige and pure opulence mixed with its own unique oriental theme.


Funky Buddha Address : Funky Buddha, 15 Berkeley St, W1J8DY

What are Funky Buddhas Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Funky Buddha Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Funky Buddha policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s