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Tonteria Entry - Tonteria Guestlist and Tonteria Table Bookings

Tonteria is a Mexican-themed bar that after 10pm transforms into a nightclub. It is a project of nightlife expert Guy Pelly - the man behind Mahiki, Whisky Mist and Public. This boutique club often sees celebrity guests including Pippa Middleton and Price William and Harry. It's most popular night is Monday where access to the Tonteria guestlist is limited. A night at Tonteria will leave you feeling like you've just had a crazy drunken dream - in a good way. And if you're a fan of tapas, cocktails and tequila, it is simply a must...

Tonteria guestlist and table club is the latest venue to be added to the already impressive roster of venues under the hand of Prince Williams Bff Guy Pelly.

Tonteria is a force to be reckoned with and has fast become Chelsea's premium nightclub spot hang out.  With the recent closure of Upper West Club  this has paved the way for Tonteria to monopolise the Chelsea nightclub scene.  With a team that consists of London's finest Promoter Izunna hosts you can be sure that no matter what nights of the week you visit Tonteria  you will be in for an amazing night with no holds barred…

 Mondays at Tonteria are now one of the most popular nights of the week and slowly catching up to Tonteria guestlist signature on Thursday "do not disturb" event which has generated a lot of press and publicity since it launched  mainly down to its bizarre and unique take on disturbing entertainment used with exclusive clubbing.

 Just a stones throw from Sloane Square station this boutique venue which has a relatively small capacity is where you can find vip guests from made in Chelsea right through to Hollywood's finest of Leonardo DiCaprio who have passed through the doors of Tonteria over the last few months.

After walking down a dark set of stairs into the club, your first impression might be that it looks a bit like an old Italian wine cellar with its low wooden ceilings and stone walls without plastering. Because the room is not very big and the tables are set in little alcoves around the edge of the room, this place has a very cozy, intimate feeling to it. The decor is a colourful mix - but still classy: dried flowers, hammocks, mosaic floors and some Mexican wrestlers masks fill the room. The whole scenery is dipped into scarce lighting and the club offers some cool special features including a photobooth, a little toy train - which delivers tequila shots to the tables - and a private area decorated like an altar. Basically it's made to look effortlessly cool. Or as their head bartender Grant Robinsons puts it "rundown, in a chic way.

 As with any guy Pali venue seeming is really important and Tom terrier takes its inspiration from Hacienda right in the heart of Mexico and this follows the theme of other venues under the Pali umbrella which include Mahiki and Chakana.  Every looking granny and cosmetic appearance has been fine tuned to create an atmosphere that allows you to transport to a different world and really has to be seen to be believed.

 Not only is the Tonteria guestlist an exclusive nightspot serving traditional cocktails and champagne is until close but if you arrive earlier in the evening feel free to sample an extrodinary menu of Mexican Tapas which provide the perfect balance to suit any occasion  whether it be birthday drinks, after work drinks, or corporate celebrations.

Since the club can only hold 200 people, the crowd has to be very selected, so only the classiest and most sophisticated looking guests will be let in by the strict door staff. But once you've made it in, be prepared to party among some seriously high-end guests. Since the owner is close friends with celebrities and royalty, expect some familiar faces and lots of money passing the counter. But don't be fooled: this is not the kind of place to quietly sit down and sip your drink. The "hacienda" kind of club is there to have fun and go wild at. As the owners don't "like places that take themselves too seriously", you can tell why the Tonteria guestlist does everything a bit differently: waiters will be pouring cocktails at your table and shots come on a wooden ‘Serpent of Doom’ tray...

 To follow on from the seeming of Tonteria  tequila plays massive part on the menu and whether it be one of the unique and original cocktails created by some of the experience bar staff or simply a shot of various styles of tequila including Scorpion Tequila  this is a venue that you can certainly predict a heavy head in the morning!

 Access to the Tonteria guestlist area is strictly via Guestlist and we have provided information of the list below and if you wish to attend Tonteria please fill in  your names and details in the contact form and one of the team will get back to you and confirm whether you have been lucky enough to get onto the Tonteria Guestlist

So whether you're looking for a place to drink yummy cocktails at with your friends, try out tapas on a date or have a wild night out partying with London's A-list, Tonteria will meet all your needs. And the special little perks offered here will make whatever night you're planning an unforgettable experience. Highly elegant but cool and welcoming at the same time, this new club will rapidly turn into THE place to be so we recommend you get on the guestlist now before everyone else does. And by the way: Tonteria offers a special £5000 a bottle tequila, so be sure not to drunkenly order that by mistake.


Tonteria Entry Fee

Tonteria entry fees start at £10 for girls before midnight (occasionally complimentary) then £20 entry price after midnight. It is recommended to arrive early as the club's guestlist can be full after midnight.


Tonteria Table Prices

Tonteria table prices differ depending on the night of the week, the kind of table required and the guy:girl proportion of the group. The starting cost is £1000 min spend. VIP Tonteria table prices begin from £2000 min spend for groups of up to 10. Entry fees of £20 apply with a table booking at Tonteria. Tonteria table costs are normally higher on Fridays and Saturdays.
We offer a table booking service Tonteria and you can book below. If you require more information on Tonteria table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us.


Tonteria Address : Tonteria, 7-12 Sloane Square, SW1 W8EG

What are Tonteria Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Tonteria Dress Code: Smart

Tonteria policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Guestlist and Table Bookings

Funky Buddha

Situated in London’s Mayfair, Funky Buddha, is renowned for being one of the West End's most in demand venues to date, which never fails to impress. Having completed a recent refurbishment worth half a million pounds, the extravagant club and bar bounces back bigger and better, with its unique oriental theme still remaining strong. Funky Buddha has a reputation for bringing you a night of exclusive luxury, glamour and style, so much that some of the worlds most talented and influential individuals have been seen parting here.

With a capacity of 250, Funky Buddha offers its guests an environment of exclusive comfort with its own distinct oriental twist, setting it apart from other prestigious venues in Mayfair. With a fully equipped DJ booth and dance floor, the dark yet intimate atmosphere allows you to take full advantage of the chilled and laid back vibe, so that you can really let your hair down and dance the night away in prominent style. Surrounded by sumptuous leather sofas, accompanied by tables, which are of course always complemented by the ubiquitous ice buckets, Funky Buddha has a unique ambience that will make your clubbing experience truly memorable.

Funky Buddha Guestlist is one of the most exclusive haunts in Mayfair and with it's relationships with The Mayfair Club and Nobu Funky Buddha remains one of the most popular after dinner party destinations in London

The beauty and sophistication of Funky Buddha  is second to none and with a modern take on an art deco feel. FunkyBuddha's most popular nights are Tuesdays, Friday and Saturday and the venue is full to capacity on most weekends with table bookings making up a huge portion of the club.

Funky Buddha has had a high profile for being one of the top hang outs with A list celebrities, featuring the likes of Timberland, JLS, Pixie Lott and Ja Rule caught showing their faces in the past. Throughout the years, the venue has gained itself a name, making it one of the most desired locations in the capital today, and due to its slightly smaller capacity, the door staff often tend to be extremely strict, favoring all girl and mixed groups with an over 21s policy at the weekends. The dress code is smart and stylish and once you enter through the doors you will find yourself surrounded by a fun, fashionable and sophisticated party crowd.

With it's close proximity to several exclusive restaurants and bar Funky Buddha Guestlist is the place to be seen. With it's trendy crowd and fashionable guestlist only clientele funky buddha remains top of the list if you are looking for an exclusive party amongst London's A-List crowd.

There is guaranteed to be something to suit your taste, as Funky Buddha is keen to make sure there is something for everyone, playing a great mix of funky house, RnB, hip-hop, commercial and rock music allowing you to really get lost in the rhythm of the beat that runs until 3am in the morning.

With an impressive selection of beverages ranging from cocktails, shots, beer & spirits and wine to the venues most exclusive bottles of champagne, which is always elegantly finished off with a sparkler when purchased with every bottle, you are spoilt for choice at the bar. If you opt for the cheaper end of the drinks menu, a cocktail will typically cost you around £15.

There are as mentioned two very separate areas within Funky buddha. Firstly you have the main room where all the action happens shall we say. This particular area in  is generally where the higher table spenders like to book and mix with the regular punters around a central bar. As you walk down the staircase to the right you can find a separate room which we like to call the "Chill Out"room. This room is filled with comfy leather sofas and water features that help take you mind away from the madness in the main room.

Table reservations are highly recommended however you won't find yourself sat down for long as a combination of RnB and funky House form one of London's top resident DJ's will keep you dancing throughout the night.

Funky Buddha is a fantastic addition to the Mayfair Club scene and has easily cemented itself by having a fantastic reputation amongst many a London clubber.

If you want to be part of London A-list crowd , then put on your smartest outfit and head over to Green Park and take the short walk down Berkeley Street and get on the Funky Buddha Guestlist today.

Funky buddha guestlist is the latest addition to Velvet Pr and we are pleased to be able to offer guestlist and tables for Funky Buddha if you require a guestlist use the booking form below.

Funky Buddha Guestlist is the club of choice for many an A-list star.Models and socialites unite at the doors of this excluisve club every week at this suave and sophisticated nightclub in the heart of mayfair . You can expect nothing less than the most glamorous crowd London can offer and Funky Buddha Guestlist is where you can find some of the biggest bottles of champagne available to buy on the market being popped by some of London wealthiest

The music policy is guaranteed to please at Funky Buddha with the club affording a huge budget to bringing in some of the hottest artist to play guest set on a weekly basis funky buddha is certainly the choice of many simply down to its music policy.

It is safe to say that Funky Buddha is the ideal venue for you if you are looking for a sophisticated night of prestige and pure opulence mixed with its own unique oriental theme.


Funky Buddha Address : Funky Buddha, 15 Berkeley St, W1J8DY

What are Funky Buddhas Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Funky Buddha Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Funky Buddha policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Mahiki Read more


Guestlist and Table Bookings

Whisky Mist

Housed within the extravagant Hilton hotel on the flourishingly upscale Park Lane, Whisky Mist is the perfect example of luxurious refinement and is definitely the place to be seen. With a mass of A-list celebrities, royalty and the clubbing elite regularly attending this popular haunt, you will see that such opulent club settings are hard to find anywhere else around the globe let alone in the capital; Whisky Mist is the epitome of chic London clubbing.

This centrally located club boasts outstanding surroundings and the décor of the club is like that of no other; dramatically dark, featuring crushed velvet curtains, a shimmering mirrored ceiling, draping chandeliers, lavish animal prints as well as black and purple furnishings. There are two main areas, with the central club and dance floor in front of the over-sized bar, and a VIP area off to one side. The tables accommodate far more people than most other clubs making this the perfect place for large groups and other party events.

Whisky Mist opened two years ago and since opening Whisky Mist has proved that it can stand the test of time and still manages to bring it the A list crowd that are used to the high standards of VIP guestlist only nightclubs.

Located inside one of the landmarks of London the Park Lane Hilton, Whisky Mist is an exclusive haunt with a separate entrance to the side of Hertford Street. An easy reach from either Hyde Park or Green park tube stations by walk however the discerning patrons of Whisky is are more likely to be chauffeur driven to the door.

 As you pull up to Whisky you will almost certainly notice a flurry of activity and a large presence of security surrounding the entrance of Whisky Mist.

The door staff at Whisky Mist are courteous but notoriously strict and queues can last for hours on end due to the sheer size of the club so it is advisable to pre-book your table and avoid this negative backlash. The crowd is also quite a bit more mature, in terms of style, than in other clubs, so expect to see men wearing suits rather than the usual jeans and pointy shoes attire. Girls too, dress considerably more sophisticated than elsewhere. Once you are inside and on the dance floor however, the presence of celebrities including Nicole Scherzinger, Rihanna, Cameron Diaz and Prince Harry help to keep the vibe fun. The attractive staff are very helpful and always at hand to please while the crowd is genuinely friendly and relaxed, authenticating the fact that the exclusivity has not gone to everyone's heads.

Stepping inside whisky Mist is like stepping into a premier league footballers bachelor pad and despite the walls being adorned with stuffed stags heads as noticeable on the clubs logo the rest of the venue remains exclusively modern  has forever been sitting pretty at the top of London nightclub scene. After it's successful launch by the creators of Mahiki it is now regularly mentioned in all the papers for being a royal favourite. Where the royals like to party you can normally assume the type of crowd that will attend and Whisky Mist certainly life's up to your expectations if you are expecting simply and as brutally honest as i can say, London's most attractive crowd.

To get in requires patience as the queues that form have been known to take over an hour start to entry and even once you have made it ti the front there is no guarantee that you will make it in. Whisky Mist Guestlist club is one of the smaller clubs on the London A-list party scene and because of this unlike other venues that can afford to fill its doors with whoever turns up Whisky is far more selective to ensure that every space within the club is made up of the finest crowd.

There is no VIP as such at Whisky which only helps to benefit the inclusive attitude of the staff and the club itself. Everyone is treated like a VIP and depending which hollywood movie star or A-list celebrity is there on any night you can be sure to be right up there with them partying up close and personal.

Whisky has been known and is still know to bring some of the biggest hook to London and unless during the week the club brings in a big name to perform exclusively then no matter what night of the week you attend you will be sure to see a famous face or two.

Whisky Mist is one of the more classy establishments in London and cater for a very high calibre clientele Velvet PR offer guestlists and table booking for Whisky Mist. Velvet PR can also negotiate and book in corporate parties up to 400 guests should you wish to organise a private event.

There are two main areas the main area in-front of the bar with a limited space dance-floor and also the VIP area where you will find most of the celebrities on most of the nights that the club is open. Mondays and Thursdays are very strong nights at Whisky Mist and due to the club being so small they can afford to be very elective over the crowd that they allow in so make sure that you dress up! Whisky Mist is the latest club offering produced by the same company who run Mahiki in Mayfair. Whisky Mists music policy tends to sway towards the more electro house however run a more RnB themed evening on the Thursday. Check out

Whisky Mist has got everything in the clubbing dictionary down to a tee. A club like no other, If you are after a wild night of opulent antics, mingling with celebs and endulging in the finer things in life then look no further.


Whisky Mist Address : Whisky Mist, 23 Orchard Street, London W1H 6HL

What are Whisky Mists Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Whisky Mist Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Whisky Mist policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Raffles Chelsea Guestlist

Raffles Guestlist

Raffles Chelsea got its name from mogul Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles and it is a very exclusive members only club located on Kings Road with access available only via the Raffles guestlist. Guests seen on the Raffles guestlist include The Queen, Prince Charles and Princess Anne. The club holds a late licence and is open until 5am. And if her majesty approves, well there really is no reason for you not to check this place out, is there? Raffles Chelsea nightclub is situated on the World famous Kings Road and is one of Chelsea's most popular nightclubs.

It is a member's club and membership is available by invitation only. Raffles Chelsea runs a guestlist for entry on the weekend which is strictly at the discretion of the door.

Originally founded in 1967 it immediately became the place to be seen following the media coverage of the royal family. Raffles Chelsea continues to be the clubbing destination amongst the rich and famous.

The club offers a discreet and intimate clubbing experience. You will not find friendlier staff and the VIP service with a Raffles table booking continues if you book a table on one of the 2 floors.

The club now has new ownership as of 2018 and the brand continues to therefore move with the times. The Raffles guestlist is definately worth a look if you find yourself in the Chelsea area. The venue boasts a sparkling new design complete with the Raffles logo centrally positioned behind the dancefloor.

Raffles Chelsea caters for the famous and the exclusivity of this club therefore means that getting on the Raffles Chelsea guestlist is essential. Once you have made it inside the nightclub, several booths and a VIP area greets you.

Raffles is strictly a members only club and as becoming a member is quite expensive, it attracts a more mature clientele than some other nightclubs might do. Advantages are that once you're part of the 400 people community, there are special events like ski trips, that only members get to attend. There is however a chance of getting inside without all that hassle. Step one: get on the guestlist. Step two: successfully charm your way past the door staff!

Thanks to its late night license, the club is usually stays open until 5am in the morning, so none of its wealthy guests are sent home early. The club attracts some serious A-listers, so don't be surprised if you bump shoulders with Paris Hilton or one of the royals. It goes without saying that in a place like this, dressing accordingly is the key to success.

Raffles Dress Code

Raffles Chelsea have a dress code as follows:

  1. Smart Casual: Collared shirts, well-fitted trousers or jeans, and stylish footwear. T-shirts, sportswear, and athletic footwear (e.g., sneakers) are not allowed.
  2. No Sportswear: Items like baseball caps, sportswear, and sports jerseys are not allowed at Raffles.
  3. No Flip-flops: Open-toed shoes like flip-flops are not be allowed.
  4. No Excessive Casual Wear: Items like shorts, tank tops, and overly casual clothing are not allowed.

Raffles Entry Fee

The entry fee depends on the night of the week on the Raffles Guestlist. Typically prices are £20 entry. Occasionally ladies will be allowed complimentary entry before 11pm, after that it will be standard entry.

Raffles Table Prices

Raffles Chelsea table prices differ depending on the night of the week, the kind of table required and the guy:girl proportion of the gathering. The starting cost is £1000 min spend for groups of up to 10. VIP table prices begin from £2000 min spend for groups of up to 10. Raffles table costs are normally higher on Fridays and Saturdays. Standard tables can seat up to 6 guests while VIP tables can seat up to 10.

We offer a table booking service Raffles and you can therefore book below. If you require more information on Raffles table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us. We recommend booking your table at Raffles Chelsea as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


Address : Raffles, 287 King's Road, London, SW3 5EW

What are Opening and Closing Times: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat 10pm - 5am

Raffles Chelsea Dress Code: Very smart

Tables: Available to book / start from a £1k spend

Raffles Entry policy: Guestlist only

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Cuckoo Club Guestlist

Cuckoo Club Guestlist

Once voted Best New Club at the London Club and Bar Awards, Cuckoo Club London is the sleek and stylish watering hole to London's late night high-end members. Entry is via the Cuckoo Club guestlist. With its perfectly central location of London's Mayfair, Cuckoo is considered the Godfather of the West End totting up a spectacular celebrity guest list. Needless to say, the Cuckoo club guestlist operates a strict 'Dress to impress' rule. This is equally true for Cuckoo Club tables. It is generally a ‘members only’ kind of place but special guest-lists allow us (the civilians) to witness the inner workings of the elite.

Going to Cuckoo Club in London could not be further from its name. Cuckoo club is one of the craziest party destinations in London!

Cuckoo Club is located on Swallow Street, just off Regent Street, London. It is a well known members club which attracts a European crowd on it's guestlist. It has 2 floors, playing different music styles and often features famous international DJs. Right in the heart of Mayfair a short walk from Picadilly which shouldn't prove too difficult walk for the most glamorous ladies with the highest of heels. A Cuckoo Club table is highly recommended to truly appreciate the splendour of the venue. If you simply want entry you can apply for the Cuckoo Club guestlist.

Cuckoo club is one of the most exclusive clubs in London and one of the longest serving clubs around today. This is why you need to join the Cuckoo Club guestlist. It has recently been under a major refurb from the world renowned interior designer Barbarba Hulanicki this sets Cuckoo Club apart from other mayfair clubs immediately giving Cuckoo a sense of individuality. The decor and ambience has been carefully crafted to ensure that it maintains a sophisticated feel throughout.

Cuckoo Club features two exclusive areas of partying over 2 floors. The ground floor features a renowned restaurant celebrated by some of London top critics. The food is overseen by world class chef Chris Cooper who continues to push the boundaries of continental cuisine each year. The emphasis on the food is simple , fresh ingredients cooked to perfection.

As to be expected, the venue is flawlessly sleek and stylish - P Diddy isn't exactly likely to get down and dirty at an Oceana. Cuckoo Club is adorned lavishly with silk upholstery, red velvet seating and a sumptuous purple and gold theme run throughout. There is a chic upstairs and downstairs segregation depending on your party vibe for the evening, so chilled drink after work? Okay. Mad night with the girls? No problem. Also with a beautiful mirror-backed bar, Cuckoo Club invites you to sit back and view the whole place from the comfort of your seat with a Cuckoo Club table.

Cuckoo Club’s upscale environment makes it a sure-fire celeb hotspot and magnet to swanky media types and internationals. It’s advised that you dress up to the nines for guaranteed entry on the Cuckoo Club guestlist - you’ve been warned, trainers are a no-no! The whole place oozes glamour, evocative of that golden age of Hollywood. Prestigious publications such as The Telegraph and Esquire give The Cuckoo Club two huge thumbs up, it’s been labelled a ‘superclub’ by GQ and Vogue has said it houses ‘fashion and music royalty’. Eeesh, now that’s celebrity endorsement! If you’re looking for the West End's hot ticket - this is undeniably it.

Entry Fee

Entry at Cuckoo Club is £20.

Table Prices

Cuckoo Club table prices differ depending on the night of the week, the kind of table required and the guy:girl proportion of the gathering. The starting cost is £1000 min spend for groups of up to 10. VIP Cuckoo Club table prices begin from £2000 min spend for groups of up to 10. Cuckoo Club Entry fees of £20 apply with a table booking. In the event that the guy:girl proportion is uneven please get in touch with us to check what might be the table cost for your booking. Cuckoo Club table costs are normally higher on Fridays and Saturdays. Standard tables can seat up to 6 guests while VIP tables can seat up to 10.



Address : Swallow street, W1B 4EZ

What are the Opening and Closing Times: Wednesday - Saturday 10:30pm- 3:30am

Dress Code: Smart casual

Cuckoo Club Entry Fee: £20

Tables: Available to book / start from a £1000 spend

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 21s



Guestlist & Table Bookings


Boujis is known for being a hotspot for the rich and famous and it has seen the likes of Prince Harry and Kate Moss. In order to spend a night here you'll either have to be a member or make sure you are on the guestlist - otherwise the bouncers are very likely to send you back home. Which would be a shame, because inside the club, you'll experience everything a good night out needs from strong drinks and great music to a cool setting and attractive guests. Boujis has successfully pleased London's finest for well over a decade, so learn from them and enjoy an amazing party vibe!

Boujis  can only be described as being the pinnacle of elegance and style on the London club scene, making this the No1 destination for not only the biggest celebrities but royals alike. If you are looking for a VIP experience the Boujis Guestlist should be top of your list!

It is rare to find a club that has managed to maintain such a standard of exclusivity over the years. Many clubs over the years find it hard to hold onto their reputation especially during harder times and as has been shown before with many clubs they can start attracting a different clientele just to ensure that the venue has bodies through thew doors. Boujis Guestlist i can safely say has weathered the storm of the recession and the crowd that frequents the venue on a weekly basis is the same A-list guests that were walking the red carpet on it's launch close to 10 years ago.

Located right by the South Kensington tube station, this club may not look too impressive from the outside (we think this might be a trick?), but IF you make it past the strict door staff, you will find yourself in a stunning surrounding. The small club has an elegant design and he especially love the LED lights all over the ceiling above the dancefloor. An overall floral theme and an elegant but not too over-the-top style are kept here, so you'll find tables with flower designs, white candles and LED screens in here.

There are some comfy black couches and lots of tables - as you would expect, EVERYONE wants them - and the VIP section behind the DJ desk has played host to some of the most famous celebrity party escapades...

What makes Boujis guestlist the creme de la creme of A-list VIP clubs is the attention to details from the service side of things. The staff at Boujis have been handpicked from the finest establishments in London and brought together under one truly extravagant roof. Boujis Guestlist knows how to look after guests and your every request and whim is catered for by a team dedicated to providing exceptional service. You can see why Boujis Guestlist keep the regulars happy and bring back a consistent crowd every week.

Boujis guestlist is strictly members only throughout the week and to get past the door staff being a  non member will prove tricky to those less adverse to this type of establishment. If you’re ready to have a night of fun and live the London highlife, sign up to be on the Boujis GuestList today. Boujis Guestlist is notoriously difficult to get on, If you want to get on the guestlist for Boujis then put the names on the guestlist below.

The club first opened in 2002 and since then, it has build a clientele of socialites, royals and celebrities that come here to party among a cool and wild crowd of "somebodies". Boujis also hosts global events in clubs all over the world (like everyone's favourite: Ibiza) and the door staff is very selective of who makes it in - so be sure to look your best!

Outside the club there is a nervous anticipation among the people hoping to get in, but then again once you've made it in, you'll surely be treated like a star yourself as the staff here really make an effort to look after their guests. Gladly they are open from Tuesday to Sunday and like most nightclubs in the area they close their doors at 3am every night. As it is busy all night every night here, it seems that Boujis hasn't lost its appeal and it is still the prime example of a glamorous club!

Boujis nightclub opened to the celebrity nightclub circuit in 2002, Boujis is now top of the pile in London in terms of exclusive nightclubs and have built up a reputation as being one of the top clubs in London. Boujis attract the likes of the young and cool Chelsea crowds right through to aristocracy and royalty. The venue is known as "the local to the royals" and has become known for it's royal connections this makes Boujis brand international and wherever you go across the world people will have heard of Boujis nightclub. Boujis has been responsible for many great pop up events and has become infamous for it's polo parties where it regularly sells out to the most VIP crown in the UK.

Boujis has recently gone global and now hosts events such at the Blue Marlin in ibiza right through to polo events and more taking Boujis  onto a global level!

Boujis does operate a guestlist service and a membership. Membership can be applied for by the recommendation of members or simply if you have the connections to get in this prestigious club. Camera and any photography are not allowed on the premises of Boujis due to the nature of the clientele they receive!

This is a very special place for anyone loving high-end clubs and a wild night out! Boujis offers all the best features a nightclub should have and has a history of attracting A-listers and overall cool people. As it is super exclusive, not everyone gets in - but if you do, you can be sure to expect an amazing night. All in all you will love this place if you have a thing for a pretty and intimate club with a great crowd and don't mind emptying your pockets a little for all the fun!


Boujis Address : Boujis, 43 Thurloe Street, London SW7 2LQ

What are Boujis Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Boujis Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Boujis policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s


Cafe de paris guestlist and table bookings

Cafe De Paris Guestlist Entry and Cafe De Paris Table Bookings

This famous nightclub first opened its doors back in 1924 and has seen lots of celebrities, royals and socialites come and go over the past decades. Today, it is still one of the most opulent nightclubs and has a reputation as one of the most exclusive venues in the West End. With various bars and a huge balcony inside the club, when joining the Cafe De Paris guestlist you can still feel that vintage glamour. Movies and music videos were shot here and there is a cabaret and burlesque show on every Friday. All that makes the club the perfect place for anyone looking for a lot of glamour, fun and style!
  Cafe De Paris is one of the longest serving clubs on the club scene in London. Café de Paris has at one point hosted some of the biggest and exclusive parties London has ever seen. Due to its position in Leicester square Café de Paris hosts many of the official after parties for many of the world’s biggest film premieres and more. Cafe De Paris opened in 1924 and is one of the most well known clubs in London, featuring burlesque shows and a club open until 3:30am on Fridays and Saturdays. Many celebrities have been on the club's guestlist including P Diddy, Rihanna and the cast of Made in Chelsea. Cafe de paris is one of the most popular venues to list on the Velvet PR website and still holds strong and can still very much compete with the new clubs to come onto the scene. Cafe De Paris is a testament that the formula of offering exquisite surroundings which exception entertainment never fails to bring int he crowds that flock to Cafe De Paris guestlist or book a Cafe De Paris table every week! Seeing as this club has existed for quite a while, the decor in here is very vintage and absolutely stunning. The theatre-style main area is "modelled on the ballroom of the Titanic" and with stairs, balconies and lots of little corners to hide away, it isn't hard to imagine you were just transported back to the 20s... There is a small stage, where performers - today it's mostly sexy dancers and acrobats - put on a show for the guests. The large room is adorned with lots of gold detailing, cozy red velvet and lots of dark wood while in the smaller private rooms, there are comfy red beds to lounge on. In order to create the ultimate vintage feeling, there is also a big, golden chandelier hanging from the ceiling above the dancefloor, but don't worry about your safety: things may look antique in here, but the club is perfectly kept in shape!


Café De Paris is one of London's more exclusive nightclubs. During the early 2000's Cafe De Paris was consider by many of the UK's top celebrities. Although with new exclusive club opening up Cafe has stood the test of time and brings in the biggest names in showbiz. Regularly pulling in big names and famous faces every week. To get on the Cafe de Paris guestlist then use the booking form below! We suggest booking a Cafe De Paris table and this can be done using the form below. Located right in the heart of the west end the side Leicester Square in the world famous Picadilly, Café De Paris opened its doors in 1924 and subsequently attracted the attentions of Some of the biggest performers around during this period


Celebrity Royalty at Café de Paris

Café De Paris nightclub Has an interesting history to bend you was bombed during the Second World War and did not reopen until 1948 where is established itself is one of the leading clubs in London. Back in the day, stars like Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly have visited this place - and today, celebrities like P. Diddy party here. No matter how you twist and turn it, Cafe de Paris has always attracted a beautiful and wealthy crowd and you will bump into lots of well-known faces at this place. With the club's long and glittering history you can be sure that the people here know exactly how to party and what to provide their guests. If you love a little French charm, this place will wow you with a sexy show, tasty (and strong) drinks and a gorgeous design. As you can probably guess, there is a rather strict dress code so everyone here does looks a bit like a film star - and to be fair, people turning up in ripped jeans and trainers would kind of ruin the flair wouldn't it? Café de paris is one of the largest exclusive clubs in london and can hold up to 1000 guests at any time and regularly hits capacity over the weekend. During the week the club is available for private hire and hosts exclusive performances from some of the country’s biggest artists. The club features a wraparound balcony normally this would be considered the VIP section and reserved exclusively for those that wish to purchase a table. On the Cafe De Paris guestlist, you can get club nights, cabaret, burlesque shows and live music all under one roof. The DJs here play commercial house, RnB and Charts and the dancefloor is packed. Saturday night is celebrity night, which means that stars come in to host the night and party with the guests!


Of course, all of this sounds good, but where are the drinks? Don't worry there is a big bar and some super friendly barkeepers that will take care of that matter. Drinks are on the pricier side but you get a wide range of spirits, cocktails and wines - although most guests are likely to go for the champagne. Café de Paris guestlist and VIP table club has a selection of bars scattered around the venue and on the ground level the club opens up to a huge dance floor in front of the stage where they have performances throughout the night from fire breathers, hoop artists and much more to keep the visual senses excited! Saturday nights at Café De Paris are the busiest night of the week and popular with some very big names in the industry which include; puff daddy, Vivienne Westwood and many more. The music at Café De Paris is a mix of commercial RnB and commercial funky house and guest DJ’s from around the world come to play for the Cafe De Paris guestlist guests.


Overall Cafe de Paris is a very special club and you can't really compare it to any other place in London. Over the past 9 decades, it has made a name as one of the top celebrity hang outs and with its gorgeous French flair, its glamorous and chic crowd and a stage that welcomes only the coolest shows and artists. Partying here is an experience you are not likely to forget and if you fancy trying something new and entering the glitter world for a bit, dress up and spend the night in the belle époque!


Cafe De Paris Entry Fee

Cafe De Paris entry fees start at complimentary entry for girls before 11pm (10:30pm on Saturdays) then £10 before 11:30pm then £20 after. Guys pay a £20 entry price all night.


Cafe De Paris Table Prices

Cafe De Paris table prices differ depending on the night of the week, the kind of table required and the guy:girl proportion of the group attending. The starting cost is £500 min spend for groups of up to 10. VIP Cafe De Paris table prices begin from £1000 min spend for groups of up to 10. Entry fees of £10 apply with a table booking at Cafe De Paris. In the event that the guy:girl proportion is uneven please get in touch with us to check what might be the table cost for your booking. If it's just a smaller group i.e. 2 or 3 visitors, it is in some cases conceivable to book a get a Cafe De Paris table reservation fora lower min spend, dependent on the night. Once more, this should be a mixed group. We offer a table booking service Cafe De Paris and you can book below. If you require more information on Cafe De Paris table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us. We recommend booking your table as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


Cafe De Paris Address : Cafe de Paris, 1 Dover St, Mayfair, W1S 4LD Opening and Closing Times: 10:30pm- 3am Friday; 10pm- 3am Saturday Dress Code: Smart Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend Cafe de Paris policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above Membership: Everybody Age restriction: Over 18s  


Kensington Roof Gardens


Kensington Roof Gardens Entry - Kensington Roof Gardens Guestlist and Table Bookings

Kensington Roof Gardens is a glamorous nightclub owned by Richard Branson of Virgin, located on Kensington High Street, London. Open for visitors during the day, it features palm trees, flamingos and high class restaurant. There is also a nightclub open Fridays and Saturdays which is accessible via the guestlist. Celebrating in this gorgeous setting has a very special feeling to it and lots of Londoners come up here to get away from the stress for a bit and have a drink 100 ft above the ground. Sir Richard Branson's empire continues with the now world famous Kensington Roof Gardens guestlist. If you are sick of the typical west end nightclub experience then the Kensington roof gardens is definitely worth a visit. Kensington roof gardens guestlist is like no other club with an outdoor terrace to rival any tropical paradise you may find not just in London but across the world.

Kensington Roof Gardens Guestlist is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the west end with relaxing surroundings and a faboulous crowd Kensington Roof Gardens Guestlist is the place to see and the place to "be seen"

It is hard to find a single negative with Ken Roof Gardens Guestlist as it really does tick all of the boxes that many of the high end London crowd expect these days. With fabulous outdoor space and gorgeous interiors and the London's best DJ's we do really struggle to find any negative to say about this clubbing treasure trove set within the heart of the fashionable area of Kensington.

Initially above Derry & Toms department store, which opened in 1933, The Roof covering Gardens were developed by the vice-president of Barkers, Trevor Bowen, that used landscape architect Ralph Hancock to realise his personal vision. The gardens opened up in May 1938. This is the 75th anniversary year.

There are three themed gardens: the Spanish Yard, Tudor Courtyard and English Woodland Garden. The Spanish yard is now grown in the design of the 1950s, while the Tudor Garden growing is based on the Biba ethos and growing from the 1970s.

The yards still have a variety of amazing wildfowl featuring 4 flamingos.

The Roof Gardens is located on the sixth floor of the former Derry and Toms building on Kensington High Street. This little paradise is 1.5 acres big and therefore the largest roof garden in Europe. It is also London's only private members club on a rooftop and we're convinced this is one of the most glamorous places in the city.

The garden is divided into three sections: The Spanish, the Tudors and the English garden and - as you would expect - each of them has a different look to it. The inside of the club consists of stylish and beautifully decorated rooms in different designs and beautiful flowers, cozy couches and lots of romantic candlelight make for a unique paradise-like atmosphere. The Roof Gardens has both: a gorgeous outside garden and stunning rooms - so whatever weather, there is no reason to not enjoy this incredible venue.

Possessed by Sir Richard Branson for 32 years, the gardens belong to Virgin Limited Version. They host a parts' club, a personal function location and since 2001, on the seventh floor neglecting the woodland yard, the Babylon Restaurant.

Kensington Roof Gardens can not be seen from Kensington high road making this unique club discreet and providing it a more exclusive feel as only those "well-informed" will certainly know about this exclusive haunt for this abundant and well-known.

Kensington Roof Gardens entry via the guestlist is the largest roof covering space in europe reaching simply over 6000 meters settled! these yards can be scheduled out for exclusive events yet usually stay open throughout the evenings to the public.

The award-winning Kensington Roof Gardens is guestlist only and Velvet PR are fortunate to be able to offer you accessibility to this remarkable club

The door policy at The Roof Gardens is strictly "no effort, no entry", as they state themselves. So make sure you look your best if you want to join this elite party! The guests here are a slightly more mature crowd beyond their mid twenties that come for the after work drinks and stay for the amazing setting and party vibe. The entry fee is £20 and The Roof Gardens have a guestlist policy and there is the option to book a table or even rent a private area for a more intimate party. The club opens Friday and Saturday from 10 pm - 2 am and there is space for around 400 people.

With a view like that and the incomparable atmosphere here, visiting this club is a unique experience and should definitely be on top of your list if you want to experience the very best of London!

On the sixth floor rooftop of the former Derry and Tom's department store look out right over the best of the High Street Kensington.

Kensington Roof Gardens guestlist is spacious and lavish food catering for the most extravagant crowd London can supply in an atmosphere so different from anything you will have seen before.

Exactly what sets Kensington Roof Gardens guestlist apart are the gardens available throughout the summertime and winter that's open for you and your guests to socialize and share in a celebration

Kensington Roof Gardens has few themed gardens with each garden are growing with decadent water fountains, outside heaters and lots of Seating for you to kick back relax and relax

Linking with the Gardens is a flowing stream with hundreds of fish and's and unique swivel of four flamingos who are Now famously called: Bill, Ben, splosh and pecks

Sunday is the most popular evenings at Kensington roofing system gardens with the crowds that might measure up to any type of top VIP club in London

With Richard Branson behind this project celebs Are always present labels such as Sienna Miller and Jade Jagger passing through its unique doors on a weekly basis it is the star studded venue of choice for many of the world biggest stars.

Kensington Roof Gardens is one of the most exclusive venues in London and you will struggle to find any place that compares to this setting. While it is quite expensive, the club also offers a lot and it is definitely the place to be whenever the sun comes out and replaces the typical English rain. You will bump into stylish socialites and businessmen sipping on champagne or a cocktail here and especially if you're planning a bigger party, you need to check this club out: there are private areas for about 40 people available to rent and an atmosphere that you simply can't get anywhere else!


Kensington Roof Gardens Entry Fee

Kensington Roof Gardens entry fees depend on the time of year. There is complimentary entry for ladies and gentlemen before 11pm then £20 after, however in the Summer months it's £20 entry all night on Saturdays.


Kensington Roof Gardens Table Prices

Kensington Roof Gardens table prices differ depending on the night of the week, the kind of table required and the guy:girl proportion of the gathering. The starting cost is £500 min spend for groups of up to 10. VIP Kensington Roof Gardens table prices begin from £1000 min spend for groups of up to 10.
We offer a table booking service Kensington Roof Gardens and you can book below. If you require more information on Kensington Roof Gardens table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us.


Kensington Roof Gardens Address : Kensington Roof Gardens, 99 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SA

What are Kensington Roof Gardens Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 2am

Kensington Roof Gardens Dress Code: Smart

Kensington Roof Gardens policy: Guestlist only

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s




DSTRKT Guestlist Entry and DSTRKT Table Bookings


Located just a stone's throw away from the ever illuminated Piccadilly Circus and designed by the creative heads behind Whisky Mist and Mahiki lies Dstrkt Club London, a luxuriously combined bar, restaurant and lounge of the ultimate decadence. As you enter through the sleek doors of this awe-inspiring venue, rest assured that you are in for one of the most memorable nights of your life. Upon arrival at DSTRKT Guestlist you are immediately confronted by two large mysterious 9ft concrete doors being protected by your usual team of burly bouncers and glamorous door staff ready to take you down the maze of staircases lit by large crystal chandeliers, mood lighting and the faint bass beat of the venue that you are soon to enter at DSTRKT Guestlist.

If you have been to DSTRKT Guestlist then should you have been lucky enough to make it past the velvet rope then you know you are part of London’s elite as the first thing that hits you that you will notice is the sea of beautiful bodies. DSTRKT is famous for its crowd and from entering to exiting you will be in the company of some of London’s most exclusive and attractive crowds! at Dstrkt

DSTRKT is the glamorous VIP nightclub located on Rupert Street next to Picadilly Circus in London. It's signature night is Tuesday which is an R&B and Hip Hop night. Celebrities seen on the DSTRKT guestlist include Pamela Anderson, Drake and Justin Bieber.

DSTRKT Many of the top figures in the London nightclub scene has come together as a team and created the new London exclusive venue that is DSTRKT. DSTRKT Guestlist consists of a massive 700 capacity DSTRKT lounge as well as a restaurant that has in all cost more than £25 million

DSTRKT Guestlist is located where the Rex bar and cinema used to be. They have managed to convert this massive space right in the centre of Piccadilly. Upon arrival you are greeted by the friendly face of the door staff at the very impressive entrance that marks your arrival to this venue. Inside the lounge is divided up into various different section. Tables surround a central stage area where dancers perform and the DJ spins a mixture of funky house and electro house. The sound system at DSTRKT is possibly one of the best sound system to be installed in London. The sound  is so crisp and you can feel every kick of the bass drum!

The restaurant just of the main lounge is moodily lit and there is also a bar where you can have some pre drinks before taking your seat. DSTRKT  is very reminiscent of CRYSTAL which is now Project Nightclub and takes inspiration from Jalouse nightclub as well with the ceiling covered in moving light fittings that change colour to the music. This all adds up to a very impressive look and feel of the club. An example few dishes of the restaurant include:

DSTRKT is guestlist only and this means guestlist Velvet Pr provide guestlist for large groups and table bookings so unless you know someone then use the booking form below to book your guestlist in today. If you want to try something new and are really into your house music then DSTRKT is definitely worth a look and once inside the magnitude and the money spend has to be seen to be believed

The regeneration of Piccadilly is apace with the renaissance of one of Europe’s premier and exciting locations for dining and night life. This continues with the opening of the £25 Million Dstrkt venue, voted Best New Restaurant and Lounge 2012 taking it's place amongst London’s night life crown jewels.

As you make your way through the large mysterious doors at the entrance it open up onto the floor which is a maze of large diamante and crystal chandeliers and a mass of gorgeous guests. Tables in DSTRKT are usually full the brim with some of the worlds leading brands all facing the centre piece within the lounge that is the home of the DJ and the dancers that perform throughout the night.

An enchanting maze of glittering lights, chiming bells, beautiful bodies and mountains of mouth watering concoctions lining every table awaits you as you step through the industrialized concrete doors of Dstrkt. This all leads towards the epicentre of the madness; a beautifully raised stage beneath a dazzling red crystal chandelier and thousands of gleaming perspex lights which continually change colour and add an impulsive vibe to this carefully crafted venue. A long angular bar takes up one side, and stylish chairs and tables surround a large, exposed DJ booth and dancefloor. Aside from this is a large VIP area comprising of sumptuous leather seating and tables complete with the omnipresent ice buckets. A black, precious stone bar sits beautifully in the middle of all of this leading to discreet black doors that end up at the VIP toilets where another DJ keeps the vibe at a constant high.

A state of the art sound system and monumental DJ booth with global DJ superstars such as David Guetta and Will.I.Am. showcasing their talents establishes Dstrkt as a venue that cares just as much about the music as they do about the guests. Other than the appearance of celebrity DJs, the music is pretty standard for a place of this type, with a lot of classics, house and dance music keeping the beautifully hedonistic crowd pumping right through the night.

A mouth watering selection of Champagne cocktails come in at the £13 mark, martinis set you back £10 while classic cocktails, champagne and premium bottles of spirits are all on offer at a standard rate. A bottle of Chiroc vodka is £180, with Moet and Chandon Vintage priced at £150, and those of you who are looking for the ultimate splurge, look no further, as a rare Methuselah of Louis Roederer Cristal rings in at 24,000 big ones.

Undeniably luxurious, Dstrkt is a beautifully crafted haven where you can unwind with a delectable selection of cocktails, hit the dance floor hard and take in the immensity of this exciting, celebrity-friendly West End late night venue.


DSTRKT Entry Fee

DSTRKT entry fees start at £10 for girls before midnight (occasionally complimentary) then £20 entry price after midnight.


DSTRKT Table Prices

DSTRKT table prices vary between the days of the week the club is open, the size of the group booking, the type of table required and the guy:girl ratio of the group. The starting price is £1000 minimum spend for mixed groups of up to 5. VIP DSTRKT table prices start from £1500 minimum spend for mixed groups of up to 10. If the guy:girl ratio is uneven please contact us to find out what the table price is for your DSTRKT booking. On certain nights where special artists are performing, table prices may also increase. DSTRKT table prices are usually higher on Fridays and Saturdays. DSTRKT standard tables can typically seat up to 6 guests comfortable while VIP tables can seat up to 10.

If it is only a small group i.e. 2 or 3 guests, it is sometimes possible to book a get a DSTRKT table booking for £500 minimum spend, depending upon the night. Again, this will need to be a mixed group.

We offer a table booking service for DSTRKT and you can book below. If you require more information on DSTRKT table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us. We recommend booking your table at DSTRKT as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


DSTRKT Address : DSTRKT, 9 Rupert Street, London W1D 6DG

What are DSTRKTs Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

DSTRKT Dress Code: Very smart

Tables: Available to book / start from a £750 spend

DSTRKT Entry policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist below

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s