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The Best Cure For A Hangover

best cure for a hangover


Who wouldn’t want party all night long, drink delicious cocktails and wake up in great shape…? Well, okay, it will be difficult to be in a completely good after a big alcoholic party but did you know that some remedies can help you to decrease the bad aspects of the hungover and be really helpful!? It can help your body to feel better and to remove the alcohol faster! Let's speak about the cure for a hangover!


Firstly, what is a hungover exactly? This name is non-medical and describes the negative aspects following the consumption of alcohol (nausea, fatigue, vomiting, headache, concentration difficulties, general feeling of unease, irritability, sensibility to light, anxiety…). The real term is “Veisalgia” and it comes from Norwegian and mean “a discomfort succeeding the debauchery”.


It is due to hormonal modifications, liberation of inflammatory molecules, dehydration, imbalance of the sugar rate in blood, stomach irritation and bad quality of sleep.


If you want to avoid a terrible hangover, during your party you can try to drink slowly and drink water to decrease the dehydration all night long between two alcohol glasses and drink 2 big glasses of water before sleeping. In the morning following your crazy dancing night, you have several solutions:


Firstly you can drink a ginger infusion, it is proven that is can decrease the nausea and the vomiting. You can incorporate honey into your infusion for the sugar which will increase the rate of glycemia as well as lemon, known for its benefits on digestion. For our best cure for a hangover, it is also recommended to eat eggs and asparagus which contain glutathione and alcohol dehydrogenase, useful to the elimination of the alcohol. To prevent nausea and avoid the aches you can drink coco water and energy drinks in order to increase your electrolytes rates. The alcohol lowers the blood sugar, it can provoke the sensation to be weak. An efficient remedy is the consumption of bread, rice, pasta or cereals. Another negative effect is the the decrease of the reserves of vitamins B which provokes anxiety, so you can take a multi-vitamins food complement. Mineral salts contained in tomato juice are also beneficial to get better. The next best cure for a hangover is the essential oil of peppermint which can also be very useful if you have a migraine, apply in 1 or 2 drops to the temples and rub slowly.


Contrary to some popular beliefs, drinking coffee is not a good idea. It is a diuretic product which dehydrates and worsens the hangover.


The best cure for a hangover which are the most efficient can vary from person to person, so you can try some of these and you will find the best adapted to yourself. Then, the best remedy is time so you should just take a break, sleep and time will help you to back on track!