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Are you the life and soul of a party? Do you have a large social network of friends?
If so then Club Promoting could just be the job for you! Getting to know exactly how to become a club  promoter is essential so we have put together some information for you below!
We get emails every day from people asking us how we got into what from the outside appears to be the best job in the world! Most people only see us on teh fridya and saturday night surrounded by the best crowd drinking fine champagne and walking home with a wallet full of cash could it really be that easy?!
The industry as a whole has been affected by the economic downturn and now more than ever is the best time to put your foot in the door and mark you mark on the london clubing scene.
CLub promoting is essentially  a very simple job. Velvet Pr all its promoters a commission per guests that you bring to the club on any given ngiht. The deals yo0u can be offered can range from £5 per person up to £10 per person based on experience and number of guests that you bring.
We ask all promoters to actively host their guests on the night to ensure that everyone has a great time and retain the business for the next party you throw!
All you need to do is tell people about the party / event that you have been asked to promote and then collect the names of those that have confirmed on your guestlist. this is usually set up at the door under your name.
When those guests arrrive and mention your guestlist at the door then they will be recorded and you will be paid your commission based on those that have attended the event. It is that simple!
London Club Promoter

How to be a nightclub promoter

  • Step 1. Research the venues and nights that you are promoting. Find out as much information about the night you are promoting so you have all the answers ready should anyone ask! Make sure that you pass all the information onto your guests so avoid any potential drama at the door. It is much better to be transparent regarding clubs door policies.
  • Step 2. Social networking is a valuable and ever growing method of pushing out your parties to a large social network. Set up a fan page for your guestslists or a twitter feed! build up your following that way. The more guests that you have the easier it will be to pull in a regular crowd
  • Step 3. Early arrival is essential when is come to club promoting. The less time you spend with your guests at the door the morwe time you can spend with them inside showing them a great time. We alaways advise guests to arrive at the club for 10pm to avoid having to queue
  • Step 4. Hosting the guests is a really important factor! you are afterall the life and soul of the party so being at the forefront of this and leading the way in having a good time will only benefit you int he future!
  • Step 5. Save all of your guests numbers and keep in touch with them after the party has finished. Keeping a personal relationshipo with all guests is vital if you are to be successfull!

How to be a nightclub promoter

Thereis a very simple and quick way of instatly becoming a club promoter. All you have to do is email with a short introduction as to why you think you can become a club promoter and also attach a picture andone of the team will get back to you with information on the next events and the deals on offer! club promoter photo

Frequently asked questions by promoters

What is the pay? We pay £5 per guest for their first event with us and then £7 per guest for any subsequent promotion. We do this to ensure that "promoters" do not just bring there mates out when they are already planning a night out  and then not continue to promote. That sounds brilliant! How does the schedule work, are there set days I have to work? You can pick and choose which nights you want to host, All guests must be pre arranged on your guestlist this is not Street promotions just to be clear. Is the pay weekly and how are the payments made? Payment is made at the end of the night in cash When you say minimum 10 people, is that the minimum that I have to bring? The minimum is 10 guests for payment that is correct. What time do i need to get there? We suggest you get to the club especially on your first night for 10pm. This allows us enough time to meet everyone at the venue and ensure that your guestlist is set up at the door. If i don't have guests should i come? You will never grow a network unless you are actively out on the social scene so if you are going to take this job seriously then we advise that you are out as much as possible even if you have no guests planned. the longer you are out at venues the more you will become known for representing the venue and you will be able to build relationships with the staff at the venue which is beneficial for yourself for obvious reasons. No problem i will have all the information for the following weekend on the monday and i will send over all the flyers etc then