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London Club Guestlist


london club guestlist


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With so many of the best venues to go out in London being private members clubs, getting a London club guestlist booking can be tricky. Velvet PR are here to offer our clients London club guestlist bookings and give the opportunity to experience some of the best nightlife in the world. If you are looking to party in the most chic places all over London a guestlist booking is the perfect thing to ensure access into the hottest parties. We have a built up great relationships with many exclusive London clubs and as a result can get you into a variety of clubs any night of the week. Once you’ve experienced a London club guestlist, going out will never be the same again. We host the most exciting and glamorous parties at different clubs every week and advantage should be taken of our guestlist booking services.


Velvet PR can promise a night out that can not be rivalled by any other party experience. If you book your London club guestlist with Velvet PR we will get you straight from the door to the dancefloor, and will be sure to look after you. At our main parties, we are there to host and ensure a smooth and effortlessly fun evening for all our guests. Due to our vast experience in the luxury nightclub industry, and the high level of trust and strong connections we have maintained with the clubs, we are the best option for guestlist bookings and VIP parties. We always know where the best events are being held and as a result can also offer advice on which guestlists are the best ones to book yourselves onto! Velvet PR aims to make booking onto a guestlist and effortless and simple for our clients as possible. We are certain that once you’ve booked onto one of our guestlists, you will be hooked on coming out and partying with us.


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  london club guestlist


Finding yourself on a London club guestlist comes with a heap of benefits. Once you have a Velvet PR guestlist booking, at most of the clubs we work with you will receive complimentary drinks throughout the night and access to our hosted table. Also, often ladies gain free access to the club before 11pm when on our guestlist. Velvet PR offer you access to many London club guestlist options on any night of your choosing. And once the party is over, we will send you invitations to all of our main parties and hosted events. Most notably however, the greatest benefit is the entrance itself. Access to these nightclubs is highly difficult and most often only open to members and table clients; therefore if you are able to book yourself onto a London club guestlist with Velvet PR, admittance is not only possible, but in many cases is guaranteed. The best thing about the London club guestlist booking service that we offer is that it’s free!


At Velvet PR we know our clients, and know that their tastes differ. To try and offer the ultimate luxurious experience to everybody on our London club guestlist we have an exceptional selection of clubs which we work with and are able to book guestlists for. From Raffles to Mahiki, Kensington Roof Gardens to Drama we work with only the highest quality nightclubs in Chelsea and Mayfair. To guarantee entry at the door, you must dress to impress, to meet the standards of the high-end venues. Ladies are to wear dresses or unquestionably dressy trousers and tops, and of course not forgetting heels. Men are required to wear collared shirts, trousers and shoes when on a London club guestlist; no jeans and no trainers for sure. Even if you manage to gain a place on our guestlist, entrance is still to the discretion of the club itself, and whether or not you meet the correct dress code.


Most of the high-end clubs that we work with operate an all girl groups/mixed groups only policy at the door. So if you are a group of men looking to get onto a Velvet PR London club guestlist, your best bet is to invite some ladies to join your group on the guestlist. Being accompanied by women will make it a lot easier for males to get into the clubs. The guestlist is often a heads up to the nightclub as to how busy the night is going to be, how much stock they will need for each given night and also operates as a means of security for the nightclub as well. On top of this, guestlists allow the clubs to keep an eye and manage the business of the club and the number of guests.


Making a guestlist booking is essential if you are looking to join any of our parties at the Chelsea and Mayfair clubs, so make sure that next time you go out, you contact Velvet PR to arrange your night for you.


Call us now on 0207 2052501 or apply below!

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