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17th - 28th June with Velvet PR



This weekend we have a stonking new nights in store!

Yes that's right I did say stonking!

This Friday we invite guests to join us at our resident Friday nights Werewolf club which has cemented itself as being one of the best Fridays in London…… If you can handle it!


Saturdays we are back to our unpretentious and anything goes residents Saturday Level5 club! If you're looking for something in the Mayfair area then don't forget we still host our residents late night party hotspot of the Mayfair club.

Please be aware the Mayfair club do have a strict door policy and have been known to turn guess away if they are not dressed appropriately.....

If you like to join us at either club get in touch and one of the team will book in your guest list and space on our VIP hosting table