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October 24, 2016 Posted by #FAB in Clubs

Trapeze Guestlist and Table Bookings



Four years ago, Trapeze’s trendy club meets bar opened it’s doors deep in the heart of Shoreditch. Since then it has earned a high reputation among clubbers and DJ’s alike, highlighting the effective nature of moving towards more intimate and personable spaces.


Trapeze is comprised of two floors, and an additional mezzanine level featuring a range of exclusive, bespoke seated booths, which are flexible to book out for private hire. The reputation held by this club has maintained the hosting of first rate, global DJs to any event booking as required. Upstairs boasts a long bar, sofas with tables in comfy corners and a mezzanine, which you can reserve for a particularly bling night out. This level is ideal for gathering, chatting and taking time outs from the basement club. Downstairs is a 200-capacity club space with a DJ booth amid intricate and playful Daft Punk-esque LED displays courtesy of lighting guru ‘Mirrorball Paul’. There is also a downstairs bar, helping to maintain efficient service, and thanks to the low ceiling, the fierce Eskimo Noize sound system is guaranteed to pack an even mightier punch.

The Vibe

The upstairs bar is busy and fast moving with people darting in and out of the smoking area, going to the bar, chatting and flirting. In contrast, the wall of sound in the downstairs basement is less about the meaningful conversation and more about getting lost in the music. Staff and bouncers are friendly and highly capable while the atmosphere is infectiously excitable. People come here to get lost in the banter and, most importantly, the music.

The Music

Trapeze takes it’s inspiration from the aforementioned New York district and lends a knowing wink to where it’s heart lies by offering a regular dose of Manhattan style soulful house. The array of first class DJs at hand should delight sophisticated and trendy clubbers alike. Depending on the month and the nightly theme, you can expect to see the likes of Miami electro house musician Steve Aoki, UK drum and bass producer Sub Focus and New York percussionist José Claussell behind the decks. Just check out the event listings page on the website to see for yourself and plan your party in advance. Drinks start from £4 for a bottle of beer, house wine is roughly £15 a bottle, and cocktails cost in the region of £7-£8.
October 17, 2016 Posted by #FAB in Clubs

Dalston Superstore Guestlist and Table Bookings



Don’t let the rustic exterior fool you; Dalston Superstore is one of the most achingly trendy hangouts that you are likely to come across in East London. Along with a contemporary after dark soundtrack it is gay friendly and also likes to dabble in the arts.

The Club

Dalston Superstore’s elongated upstairs bar is a bright and airy space decked out in full force with a distinctively quirky style. Various brightly painted exposed pipes and sculptures adorn the walls while a private, raised booth sits snugly to the rear of the venue. When Dalston Superstore is not playing host to a number of regular art exhibitions in its basement level, the space is occupied by weekly disco and electro club nights attracting a wide variety of clubbers and scene setters alike.

The Vibe

Edgy east London fashion takes command at Dalston Superstore and the people who are enticed towards this fashion Mecca dress accordingly sporting all of the latest trends. Bar staff are efficient and also notably preened to perfection while door staff make sure that the relaxed atmosphere is maintained. The cheerful, brightness of the entire space encourages relaxation and the venue is generally welcoming to those of any persuasion.

The Music

On club nights, all sorts of thumping progressive beats can be heard from the basement ranging from funk, electronic, house and techno to suit many dedicated clubbers. Performers to have graced the stage include Detroit house and techno producer Claude Vonstroke, avant garde singer Billie Ray Martin and techno courtesy of Deepgroove. To get a full feel of the beats you can expect to hear, check out the extensive list of previous events displayed on the website. Top-notch, sweet and flamboyant cocktails are £7.10 a pop, while an popular choice of bottled and draft beers are available to suit most palates with prices starting at a standard £3.80. A decent selection of wine is also on offer at a reasonable £3.90 a glass.
October 17, 2016 Posted by #FAB in Clubs

The Coronet Theatre Guestlist & Table Bookings

The Coronet Theatre Guestlist & Tables


Once a run down cinema with a big history, now The Coronet Theatre is a top venue with an exciting future. This beautifully restored Elephant and Castle venue is sure to be one of the sparkling highlights on your clubbing calendar.

The Club

The Coronet Theatre is an excellent example of successful innovation in a forgotten about area. It could easily be missed amongst the bustling traffic of the many Elephant and Castle roundabouts but once you have experienced this sumptuous club it is sure to stay fresh in your mind forevermore. The layout is an interesting mix of old and new as red velvet curtains and chairs conjure up sumptuous images of the cinema’s past while the use of glossy metal and glass at the bar guides you toward the future and beyond. There is also a generously large outside smoking area, which is popular with the many clubbers that gather here to mingle and chitchat over the weekend. As the club is currently only open for specific events, it is definitely worth your while calling beforehand to check the correct dates.

The Vibe

The clientele are composed of die-hard clubbers for the most part but the venue also plays host to concerts and comedy nights, which brings in a more diverse crowd to the mix. The door staff can be strict and have a no-nonsense attitude but their attention to detail is what will keep you safe. The earplug wearing bar staff are enthusiastic and do their job efficiently while adding a carefree, party atmosphere throughout the club. The crazy pulsing vibe is then thoroughly enforced by the Djs and MCs who take centre stage throughout the weekend.

The Music

While club nights and live events kick off at The Coronet Theatre regularly, Drum and Bass nights are the main attraction. With a newly installed sound system this genre of music will no doubt continue to proclaim this club as a winning venue. Other musical gems to have rocked this venue to the core include German electronic music producer Boys Noize, Canadian IDM composer Caribou and American dance-punk band LCD Soundsystem. They keep all things nice and simple at The Coronet Theatre, including the drinks. A decent spirit, beer and wine selection is available and all drinks are served in plastic cups to avoid any unnecessary injury. Beer and wine is priced at £4 a bottle or £3.50 a glass while the price comes in at a very reasonable £5 for a vodka and mixer. With its lavish and richly textured design, forward thinking selection of DJs and laid back atmosphere, The Coronet Theatre is an excellent place to rave it up well into the early hours of the morning. If you are after some current, intelligent beats to party the night away with the added touch of cinematic glamour then look no further.