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Aura Mayfair Dinners Are Back



The season is now picking back up again and our famous Velvet PR pre-club dinners are back in business!

We have availability for 60 guests every Friday and Saturday to join us for our exclusive dinners at Aura Mayfair.

Guests can pre-book dinner places which are limited to 60ppl total for a delicious mezze buffet dinner with wine. Doors open at 9pm for dinner.

- Complimentary for ladies before arriving before 9.30pm. £20 for gents incl club entry.
- Complimentary pre-club mezze dinner: Buffet of mixed meats, salads and pastas.
- Complimentary wine with the pre-club dinner


The menu changes from week to week and ranges from a sumptuous italian buffet right to japanese sushi platters simply get iun touch during the week and we can email you a menu!

The dinners start from 9pm and reserved seating can be booked and this offer includes chardonnay wine as well!

The dinners we can provide free of charge for our guests and once you have reserved you space you will be sent a confirmation email confirming all the details. Those that book the pre-club dinner have free access to a table and drinks after the meal as well!

This is a fantastic offer and we will be offering this now throughout the winter right up until the new year.

If you would like to reserve you space then fill in the form below and include the date which you would like to book and thats it!

Look forward to seeing you at one of our Aura Mayfair dinners soon.