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Aura Mayfair Tuesdays

Tuesdays at Aura Mayfair have been going form strength to strength over the past year and the club on a Tuesday is regularly sold out. It was a Tuesday that the infamous night with Dexter Koh came spending well over £100k behind the bar and regularly  attracts the bigger names in the business.

Tuesdays at Aura is run by Gina Parper who was responsible for running the most succesfull mid week night at Vendome 4 years ago and still remains int he business as being someone who has the connections to bring in some really big hooks !

Each Tuesday at Aura Mayfair you can expect to see a big name so if you liek to mix with the celebrities then this is the best night you will get to be within sniffing distance of your favourite celebrity.

Tuesdays at Aura is strictly guestlist only and Velvet Pr have a relationship with Aura on the tuesdays to be able to provide this. So if you wnat to attend Aura tuesdays then get in touch and one of the team will get back to you with details on the guestlist.

Aura tuesdays has now taken over the reighn that Funky Buddha had of being the most popular mid week night. now that Chinawhite has closed Aura is now bringing in some o fthe biggest promoters in London to make this the new place to be seen!

Unless you look the part do not consider attending Aura on a Tuesday as only the finest will be lucky enough to make it past the velvet rope.

Tables at Aura Mayfair Wednesdays start from £500 minimum spend and guestlist is Ladies free before 11pm / gents £20

if you want to check out Aura Mayfair on a Wednesday then simply click the below link and book your guestlist or table today and one of the team will get back to you.




Click here for more information on Aura Tuesdays