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BLC (British Luxury Club)

This after-hours club opens at 3am and is THE hotspot for anyone out in Mayfair and looking for an afterparty. It might not be the cheapest place and only a hand picked crowd of people are allowed the privilege of partying at this beautiful venue - well, otherwise it wouldn't be as popular and exclusive, would it? Once you've made it in, there is great music, a vibrant atmosphere and a cool bunch of people waiting to party with you. So load up your wallet, dress to impress and let's get the (after) party started!

A hush hush launch in late 2007 has attracted high brands to carry parties at the British Luxury Club, the last word in glamour, wealthiness and, well, luxury hence the Name british Luxury Club or BLC for short.

Located on Oxford Street close to Tottenham Court Road station, the British Luxury Club is easy to reach from all the big Mayfair clubs. The building itself isn't attracting much attention at first sight and the entrance might as well be leading into an office - if only there weren't queues of people outside, eager to get in.

To spend a night at the British Luxury Club you either have to be a member or very, very lucky. Usually the bouncers pick people from the crowd outside the club - so be sure you dress to impress if you want a chance to get in. It also helps knowing a member as they can bring guests with them - it's all about the connections.

But if you are lucky enough to get inside, you will soon find yourself in a gorgeous setting and surrounded by beautiful guests. British Luxury Club is open until 7am, so the alcohol is poured all night (uuuhm, more like all morning!). As you would expect, the prices here are not for everyone, but you get what you pay for so grit your teeth and get to it! We promise you, this club is worth every penny spent...

On the inside the club is decorated with gorgeous baroque style furnishing and a huge swarovski crystal screw-topped bar. If you want to take a break from dancing, there are cozy white leather sofas waiting for you, although we are pretty positive you'll constantly be dancing in here. Overall the British Luxury Club has a sparkly blue theme to it and impressive beautiful crystal detailing, which makes it feel like a palace - makes sense, as only the most fortunate Londoners get to party here.

 it is a tad confusing how the set up at BLc works are it is solely an afterhours club. once the guests from 55 club have finished then a whole new more upmarket crowd descents on the club deperate to get in and party the night away until 7am.

If you are a group of gents planning on getting into BLC then expect to shell out at least £500 for the privilege as it is very unlikely that you will get in on the guestlist. The boucers simply pick people from the crowd surrounding the entrance and if you're lucky enough to be selected then you will be ushered in straight away.

After dancing to RnB, Charts and Hip Hop in your favorite club, the British Luxury Club is a bit more chilled and cool in terms of music, playing minimal house and techno. Tony Piscitelli - the DJ and music director - is taking care of the sounds blasting trough the speakers and plays you the very best tunes up until the early hours.

BLC Nightclub (BLC) is a James Bond style bar and club with a bar made up entirely of Swarovski crystals. Drinks available include a wide range of champagnes and cocktails and this swanky club is also well known for attracting some of the globes top A-listers.

BLC Nightclub (BLC) has established itself as the number 1 after-party destination in London with DJ and music director Tony Piscitelli providing an eclectic mix of house music to a glamorous crowd – a must visit if you are craving for more partying after a night out in West End!

BLC Nightclub (BLC) has to be one of the West End’s top night clubs! Open until 6am this is a non stop party venue!

If you are a fan of minimal/techno house then The British Luxury Club (BLC) is the place for you. I have spent many an evening (ok morning!!) in this extremely elite venue. Be warned BLC Nightclub it is supposed to be a 'members only’ venue but from what I can see if your face fits then you are a member! So make sure you dress to impress and fill your pockets with a load of cash….. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it!

The British Luxury club is not for everyone - simply because they wouldn't let anyone in. But if you are among the lucky ones that get to party here, you will have an amazing time! Also because it doesn't open until 3am, only the truly party-hungry people unite here - and none of them will sit around, especially not after they've payed the entrance fee! If you're a group of guys and you're not super loaded, you might want to go look for a different club, but otherwise this is an experience you can't miss!


BLC Address : BLC, 55 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1BS

What are BLCs Opening and Closing Times: 2am- 9am

BLC Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

BLCs policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s