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Bar Hopping: How to Bar Hop Like a Pro in London

Bar Hopping: How to Bar Hop Like a Pro in London

Everyone has seen London Bridge and Buckingham Palace. But if you want to get a real view of the city, you have to visit the pubs and clubs. London truly comes alive at night.

The city is known for colourful nightlife, even during the weekdays. With world-class bars and top clubs, there is always somewhere to go when the sun goes down. So how can you possibly experience it all?

You have to go bar hopping to see as much of the iconic London nightlife as possible. While bar hopping in London, you're sure to meet interesting party goers, taste incredible drinks, and dance until the sun comes up.

Do Some Research

You shouldn't head out to your bar crawl through London without doing some research first. Check out some local guides for the top-rated bars and clubs and see which ones catch your eye.

See where they fall within the city. It's best to keep the bar crawl in one neighbourhood so you can walk rather than ride from one location to the next. Consider Soho, Clapham, Hoxton, and Islington as the location for your crawl.

Map It Out

Next, you're going to want to map it out. Pick a starting point and an approximate ending point and see what locations are on the way.

You don't have to stick to this map exactly, but having a plan ensures that you get to see places you definitely want to check out. Plus, you might find somewhere cool along the way.

Include Some Restaurants

Don't forget to include some restaurants on your crawl, particularly early in the night. Drinking on an empty stomach is a surefire way to end the night quickly.

Start with a bar that has food so you can fuel and hydrate yourself before the rest of the crawl. Once you have a few hours of fun, you might want to seek out a late-night snack, too.

Finish at the Clubs

All the good clubs don't open until late anyway, so plan to finish the night there. After checking out some of the bars and pubs, you can check out the local club scene. 

With this method, you'll have seen a lot of London nightlife before dancing until the sun rises.

Bar Hopping Is the Best Way to See London

It's true that all of the landmarks are must-see attractions. But they only represent one side of London—the touristy side. If you want the real London experience, you must go out at night.

Go bar hopping to explore London the way the locals see it. Put yourself right in the middle of all the colourful nightlife when you visit pubs, clubs, and bars in London Town. Our guide will help you find the best places during our visit.

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