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Boujis is known for being a hotspot for the rich and famous and it has seen the likes of Prince Harry and Kate Moss. In order to spend a night here you'll either have to be a member or make sure you are on the guestlist - otherwise the bouncers are very likely to send you back home. Which would be a shame, because inside the club, you'll experience everything a good night out needs from strong drinks and great music to a cool setting and attractive guests. Boujis has successfully pleased London's finest for well over a decade, so learn from them and enjoy an amazing party vibe!

Boujis  can only be described as being the pinnacle of elegance and style on the London club scene, making this the No1 destination for not only the biggest celebrities but royals alike. If you are looking for a VIP experience the Boujis Guestlist should be top of your list!

It is rare to find a club that has managed to maintain such a standard of exclusivity over the years. Many clubs over the years find it hard to hold onto their reputation especially during harder times and as has been shown before with many clubs they can start attracting a different clientele just to ensure that the venue has bodies through thew doors. Boujis Guestlist i can safely say has weathered the storm of the recession and the crowd that frequents the venue on a weekly basis is the same A-list guests that were walking the red carpet on it's launch close to 10 years ago.

Located right by the South Kensington tube station, this club may not look too impressive from the outside (we think this might be a trick?), but IF you make it past the strict door staff, you will find yourself in a stunning surrounding. The small club has an elegant design and he especially love the LED lights all over the ceiling above the dancefloor. An overall floral theme and an elegant but not too over-the-top style are kept here, so you'll find tables with flower designs, white candles and LED screens in here.

There are some comfy black couches and lots of tables - as you would expect, EVERYONE wants them - and the VIP section behind the DJ desk has played host to some of the most famous celebrity party escapades...

What makes Boujis guestlist the creme de la creme of A-list VIP clubs is the attention to details from the service side of things. The staff at Boujis have been handpicked from the finest establishments in London and brought together under one truly extravagant roof. Boujis Guestlist knows how to look after guests and your every request and whim is catered for by a team dedicated to providing exceptional service. You can see why Boujis Guestlist keep the regulars happy and bring back a consistent crowd every week.

Boujis guestlist is strictly members only throughout the week and to get past the door staff being a  non member will prove tricky to those less adverse to this type of establishment. If you’re ready to have a night of fun and live the London highlife, sign up to be on the Boujis GuestList today. Boujis Guestlist is notoriously difficult to get on, If you want to get on the guestlist for Boujis then put the names on the guestlist below.

The club first opened in 2002 and since then, it has build a clientele of socialites, royals and celebrities that come here to party among a cool and wild crowd of "somebodies". Boujis also hosts global events in clubs all over the world (like everyone's favourite: Ibiza) and the door staff is very selective of who makes it in - so be sure to look your best!

Outside the club there is a nervous anticipation among the people hoping to get in, but then again once you've made it in, you'll surely be treated like a star yourself as the staff here really make an effort to look after their guests. Gladly they are open from Tuesday to Sunday and like most nightclubs in the area they close their doors at 3am every night. As it is busy all night every night here, it seems that Boujis hasn't lost its appeal and it is still the prime example of a glamorous club!

Boujis nightclub opened to the celebrity nightclub circuit in 2002, Boujis is now top of the pile in London in terms of exclusive nightclubs and have built up a reputation as being one of the top clubs in London. Boujis attract the likes of the young and cool Chelsea crowds right through to aristocracy and royalty. The venue is known as "the local to the royals" and has become known for it's royal connections this makes Boujis brand international and wherever you go across the world people will have heard of Boujis nightclub. Boujis has been responsible for many great pop up events and has become infamous for it's polo parties where it regularly sells out to the most VIP crown in the UK.

Boujis has recently gone global and now hosts events such at the Blue Marlin in ibiza right through to polo events and more taking Boujis  onto a global level!

Boujis does operate a guestlist service and a membership. Membership can be applied for by the recommendation of members or simply if you have the connections to get in this prestigious club. Camera and any photography are not allowed on the premises of Boujis due to the nature of the clientele they receive!

This is a very special place for anyone loving high-end clubs and a wild night out! Boujis offers all the best features a nightclub should have and has a history of attracting A-listers and overall cool people. As it is super exclusive, not everyone gets in - but if you do, you can be sure to expect an amazing night. All in all you will love this place if you have a thing for a pretty and intimate club with a great crowd and don't mind emptying your pockets a little for all the fun!


Boujis Address : Boujis, 43 Thurloe Street, London SW7 2LQ

What are Boujis Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Boujis Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Boujis policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s