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The Brompton Club

The Brompton Club is a high-end members-only venue in the affluent area of South Kensington. Located on the lower ground floor of the Kensington Hotel, this place is known for its slick and sophisticated display of grandeur. The ever enchanting Brompton Club is without doubt a taste of luxury as the general rule of thumb is that if a place starts with 'The' and ends in 'club' it's going to be pretty glamorous. Unless perhaps it's called 'The Cheap Club' but even then, it's probably some ironic joke.

The Brompton club is only a short walk from South Kensington tube station in prime location sat juts on the corner of the very cool and exclusive Brompton Road.

Reminiscent of a murder mystery mansion, The Brompton Club is a vision of mahogany; there’s that rich and classic smell of expense. You sort of look at it and inexplicably think 'Sherlock Holmes' and have an unusual craving for pipe tobacco. The Brompton Club is decorated wall-to-wall with dozens of mounted pictures and photographs, and it would seem they are especially fond of horses. They love a good horse picture. The Venue itself is notoriously professional and slickly run, with the best service that money can buy which only elaborates its luxury status. The dining space doubles as a club and dance floor allowing for an elegant evening of dining, drinks and dancing. Waltz anyone?

The Brompton club is sat in the basement of the Kensington hotel, inside you will find a sexy in serious surrounds you with Rich dark words mixed with reds and greens which gives the Brompton club a luxurious an exclusive feel as soon as you step foot into the doors.

Entry to the Brompton club is strictly for members only, this venue is really at the height of exclusivity and sophistication so only the finest dressed guests will make it through the doors.

Membership to The Brompton Club is strictly through recommendation and referral only. Oooooh, we didn't realise that we needed to bring copies of our CV, we're just so unprepared. But when you can spot Prince Harry and Chelsea Daly at your establishment, well, you’re allowed to be fussy. Weekends at The Brompton are known for being exceedingly busy, and we all know that being busy is a great indication of a happy shopper. What's great about The Brompton Club though, is that it manages to maintain a quite neighbourly environment. Surprising when you're sat next to a Tsar, three Princes and a Duke.

Inside you will find the dining area and a bar with club tables and is exclusive basis available to book. The venue itself opens its doors earlier than your typical West End nightclub which is perfect for after work and early evening drinks.

The club operates an extremely strict door policy, members will have to sign in when they arrive. Once you're inside the atmosphere would be considered to be very relaxed and is the perfect place to meet like-minded professionals.

The atmosphere is very relaxed up until midnight when the Brompton club turns up a few gears and the sparklers begin to come out they can fast attached to some of the biggest bottles available to buy in London.

An ascending blend of house, R'N'B, rock and pop, Brompton's music selection is pretty eclectic which gives the otherwise old-fashioned club a nice contemporary update. Music is pretty minimal up until the witching hour to give members a chance to socialise and enjoy the ambiance, but does get progressively livelier into the night. And when you’re dancing to the best tunes with a bunch of lovely people, well, that’s a good way to complete any night.

Actually, we take that back; booze completes your clubbing night. Don't be forgetting that money is no object for The Brompton's usual clientele so drinks are fairly costly. Cocktails begin reasonably at around £10 or so, but the Bubbly is something you'll probably have to sell a vital organ for. All the premium spirits are here as well as an impressive wine list so don't expect to go without. Well, unless you can't afford to buy any of it in which case you probably will.

If you have money to burn then purchasing a membership for the Brompton club is an essential as this venue really does take all of the boxes for those who are looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of the West End and surrounds themselves with the crème de la crème of London's elite crowd

The Brompton Club is a taste of old-fashioned indulgence. With service that is second to none and an exquisite cocktail menu, The Brompton Club gets and A* for hospitality. So provided you're lucky enough to gain membership or even just accompany a member, you'd better get a riddle on! So dig out you best tweed and...what do you mean you don't own any tweed? Well chop-chop, old boy, we've got places to be.


Brompton Club Address : The Brompton Club, 92 Old Brompton Rd, SW7 5LR

What are The Brompton Clubs Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Brompton Club Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

The Brompton Club policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s