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Carnivalle - Interview

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What is Carnivalle?

Carnivalle is an exclusive "evening experience" (as we like to call) that brings the controlled chaos, liveliness, energy and exuberance of a Carnival into an A-list VIP nightclub setting..

Describe it in three words?

Expect the unexpected

What's been the best night there?

It's very hard to compare the nights at Carnivalle as each night is totally unique. We like to keep guests on their toes and by keeping the theme and the entertainment "fresh" each week we are finding that many of the guests that we have seen for the launch have returned and had a completely new experience. Without sounding too much like a politician i honestly can't pick a favourite! They have all been amazing….

Who would be your ideal guest there?

Due to the nature of the entertainment we like guests to have an open mind… Some of our acts require audience participation and as we can only hold 150 guests we hope everyone gets involved with the theme as it really helps create the carnival atmosphere.. and hopefully spends a bit of money as well..!

What's your ideal night out in London?

When i am not working i like to go to bar's and pubs. Ive been involved in the london nightclub scene now for 7 years and probably get 2 weekends off a year so it's nice to be able to go out and turn the phone off and just relax

If you could take one song to a desert island what would it be?

Michael Buble.. let me go home

What's your favourite tipple?

Passionfruit martini from the Mayfair bar or a nice chilled corona 

What can we expect from Carnivalle this year?

expect the unexpected..!!!