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Chakana Club Review

Chakana is a Mayfair late-night lounge bar and nightclub which is unlike many other exclusive night spots in May fair and Kensington


Chakana a collaborative efforts from Corrado Mozzillo who has brought his party coordinating skills alongside Argentinian Augustus Rossillo and Andrew Dax who have built their name up organising some of the biggest parties in Ibiza.

Put these three nightclub impresario together under the expert on umbrella of Nick House entertainment Chakana club has all the ingredients to become one of the best night spots in London.

Chakana loses mystical charm with a menage of old-fashioned inca oddities. Chakana has an ancient sacred space with which guests can indulge in over the top traditions that have stood the test of time of the years. Chakana is set within a backdrop of reds, golds with snake skin couches and rustic wooden tables and salvaged pieces of antique art that gives Chakana a warm feeling and not the clinical modern vibe that many other of Chakana's competition seems to go down the route of..

The drinks menu has been exclusively put together by Issak Morrison and is is themed heavily around the Andes super foods, some of the cocktails on the menu include ingredients such as; Maca Root, Inca berries and read tequilas and rums  

The menu has to be tried and each of the exclusive cocktails on the menu will be like nothing you have ever tasted. The venue itself opens earlier than many other nightspots with the doors opening from 8 PM to 9 PM during the week and weekends so perfect for any after dinner / work drinks

If you're looking to party at Chakana during the evening and then you can book a Guestlist for the Chakana Guestlist booking page via the following link;


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