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Club Wear 101: How to Dress for a Night Out in London

In England, around 6.3% of the population enjoys dancing. Dancing your heart out at a London club like Dear Darling starts with wearing the right club wear. There are at least 300 clubs in London. Each of them has a dress code everyone must follow. All it takes is one fashion code violation to get denied entry. Clubs use dress codes as a way of creating an image for branding. The more well-dressed you are, the more the club will welcome you. Here's what you need to know about London club fashion.

Dress Codes 101

How you should dress depends on the club you're going to. The most exclusive clubs in London have more strict dress codes than less exclusive ones. West End clubs tend to have more strict dress codes than others. If celebrities go to a certain club, the dress code there will be more strict. Most likely, the club you're going to has a smart dress code. Smart casual dress codes (like the Ministry of Sound dress code) permit T-shirts, jeans, and branded trainers. Clubs with smart sexy dress codes encourage sexy dress-up and more classy looks. Your best little black dress or button-up shirts are safe bets here. So are high heels and smart leather shoes.

Follow The Dress Code

Life tip: always follow the dress code. Even the best Soho bars have dress codes. If you don't follow the dress code, you can't get into the club. For example, if the dress code explicitly tells you to wear high heels, don't wear flats. You won't make it past the door. Feel free to show skin. Some of the hottest clubbing outfits are revealing. However, if a dress code warns against showing too much skin, dress accordingly. (Note: Over-the-knee skirts are usually fine.) Don't forget to follow other aspects of the dress code. If a dress code calls for styled hair and makeup, have both ready when you appear at the door.

Fashion Tips

More formal dress codes call for trousers (not jeans), stylish shoes, and a collared shirt. Suits, blazers, and loafers create a classic look. Women who aren't sure what to wear as a night-out outfit can wear cocktail dresses to more upscale clubs. Feeling daring? Then wear a sultry red dress. If you're not used to wearing high heels, ditch the stilettos and opt for thicker heels. The thicker your high heels are, the more they'll support your feet and ankles. If a dress code includes the word "elegant", wear semi-formal attire like suits and pencil skirts. Dresses should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

Rock Your Club Wear Like a Boss

Coco Chanel played a role in popularizing the little black dress. Good club wear makes you feel as almost as confident as her. Stick to colours that flatter you. Solid neutral tones are always safe. If you're not sure how something looks, ask for someone else's opinion. Get exclusive access to clubs and apply for our guest list. You deserve to have a good time.