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Dear Darling Saturday Guestlist

Dear Darling Saturday guestlist

Dear Darling Saturday Guestlist

The glittering streets of Mayfair, renowned for their prestige, welcome a new gem to their midst. Dear Darling is the newest and hottest London club, especially with its Saturday guestlist. Having thrown open its doors in September 2023, this new-age marvel has quickly become the talk of London's elite nightlife circuit.

The club is on the iconic Jermyn Street, a stone's throw away from the legendary private members club Tramp. Dear Darling sits perfectly amongst the crème de la crème of nightspots. Securing your place on the Dear Darling guestlist or reserving a table ensures your entry into this mesmerizing arena.

Helmed by nightlife connoisseurs like Ryan Bish of Cirque Le Soir fame and other industry stalwarts, Dear Darling promises more than a night out. A team that understands the pulse of the VIP club scene crafted the experience, so you can only imagine what to find inside.

Spanning two sumptuously designed floors, each floor tells its own tale. The top-level serenades you with London's finest house music DJs. Amidst the lavish surroundings of the lounge and cocktail bar floor, you will sway to the beats amidst the city's most glamorous denizens.

Venture below and prepare for a jaw-dropping experience. This lower realm embodies the essence of temptation and allure. The detailed design, erotic undertones, and mesmerizing performances promise to ensnare your senses. As the ambience draws you into its rapturous embrace, you soon realize that Dear Darling isn’t just a club but a sensory voyage.

Designed with precision and class, the club boasts an elite sound system that accentuates every note and an interior that whispers luxury in every corner. But remember, the elegance demands respect. Adhere to the dress code to blend seamlessly into the upscale crowd.

Dear Darling's Saturday guestlist is more than a reservation; it’s an invitation to be a part of history to witness the inception of a new era in London's nightlife. Open till the wee hours, Saturdays offer ample time to explore, immerse, and get intoxicated by the club’s unique vibes and performances.

Dear Darling Saturday Guestlist Entry Cost

Standard entry is £20 in cash at the door for both ladies and gentlemen. However, ladies might have free entry from 11 p.m. till 11:30 p.m. at door discretion.

Further Saturday Details

Address: 91 Jermyn St, St. James's, London SW1Y 6JB

Dear Darling Opening Time: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 pm to late

Tables: The minimum spend starts at £1000. This is set for a maximum of 10 people, with a guys/girls ratio not exceeding 50%.