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Door Policy!

Velvet PR works with some of the more exclusive establishments in London. The definition of this in the oxford dictionary is;


Catering for or available to only a few, select customers; high class and expensive:


Just to avoid any confusion should you have any entry related problems we have listed a general club entry door policy at the door and this applies for all our guestlists 🙂


Door Policy:


Club opening times are 10pm-3am

The dress code is smart shirt, shoes and trendy. The club has a strict policy on the following no trainers/ Timberland boots, caps and bandanas discretion is with the door host

Velvet PR acknowledges the religious headwear of some guests; therefore our Door Hosts will not discriminate.

The Management and Door Hosts have the right to refuse entry for those guests who are displaying anti social / aggressive behavior or for being abusive.

The club will under no circumstance allow entry for those guests who have been drinking excessively prior to arrival.

Guests should be at least 21 years, 18 years and over for private parties only. Please bring with you sufficient evidence of age, as our

Door Hosts are encouraged to ask for identification.

Cover charge is not refundable

**Please note: cover charge pricing is only a general guideline. The final discretion is always with the door staff.
No smoking outside after a certain time. (please ask on arrival)

Table reservations will held up to 12am, guests that are running late should notify the club 45mins before (estimated) arrival. All table bookings don’t have to queue.

All tables are booked on a minimum spend basis, normally £500+service 15% this will be deducted from the designated host (payer) on arrival.

If any of our Door Hosts feel a guest has not met our establishment’s entrance policy, then they are entitled to refuse admission.

Groups must be mixed, 50/50 male- female ratio.

Entrance to the club is controlled by a queuing system outside the main entrance door. The queuing is maintained by roped off areas, and is monitored by the door security, throughout the night at all times of operation.

There is no guarantee of entry for guest list or table bookings. (only Members are guaranteed)

Please note: The club reserves the right to refuse entry.