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DSTRKT Guestlist Entry and DSTRKT Table Bookings


Located just a stone's throw away from the ever illuminated Piccadilly Circus and designed by the creative heads behind Whisky Mist and Mahiki lies Dstrkt Club London, a luxuriously combined bar, restaurant and lounge of the ultimate decadence. As you enter through the sleek doors of this awe-inspiring venue, rest assured that you are in for one of the most memorable nights of your life. Upon arrival at DSTRKT Guestlist you are immediately confronted by two large mysterious 9ft concrete doors being protected by your usual team of burly bouncers and glamorous door staff ready to take you down the maze of staircases lit by large crystal chandeliers, mood lighting and the faint bass beat of the venue that you are soon to enter at DSTRKT Guestlist.

If you have been to DSTRKT Guestlist then should you have been lucky enough to make it past the velvet rope then you know you are part of London’s elite as the first thing that hits you that you will notice is the sea of beautiful bodies. DSTRKT is famous for its crowd and from entering to exiting you will be in the company of some of London’s most exclusive and attractive crowds! at Dstrkt

DSTRKT is the glamorous VIP nightclub located on Rupert Street next to Picadilly Circus in London. It's signature night is Tuesday which is an R&B and Hip Hop night. Celebrities seen on the DSTRKT guestlist include Pamela Anderson, Drake and Justin Bieber.

DSTRKT Many of the top figures in the London nightclub scene has come together as a team and created the new London exclusive venue that is DSTRKT. DSTRKT Guestlist consists of a massive 700 capacity DSTRKT lounge as well as a restaurant that has in all cost more than £25 million

DSTRKT Guestlist is located where the Rex bar and cinema used to be. They have managed to convert this massive space right in the centre of Piccadilly. Upon arrival you are greeted by the friendly face of the door staff at the very impressive entrance that marks your arrival to this venue. Inside the lounge is divided up into various different section. Tables surround a central stage area where dancers perform and the DJ spins a mixture of funky house and electro house. The sound system at DSTRKT is possibly one of the best sound system to be installed in London. The sound  is so crisp and you can feel every kick of the bass drum!

The restaurant just of the main lounge is moodily lit and there is also a bar where you can have some pre drinks before taking your seat. DSTRKT  is very reminiscent of CRYSTAL which is now Project Nightclub and takes inspiration from Jalouse nightclub as well with the ceiling covered in moving light fittings that change colour to the music. This all adds up to a very impressive look and feel of the club. An example few dishes of the restaurant include:

DSTRKT is guestlist only and this means guestlist Velvet Pr provide guestlist for large groups and table bookings so unless you know someone then use the booking form below to book your guestlist in today. If you want to try something new and are really into your house music then DSTRKT is definitely worth a look and once inside the magnitude and the money spend has to be seen to be believed

The regeneration of Piccadilly is apace with the renaissance of one of Europe’s premier and exciting locations for dining and night life. This continues with the opening of the £25 Million Dstrkt venue, voted Best New Restaurant and Lounge 2012 taking it's place amongst London’s night life crown jewels.

As you make your way through the large mysterious doors at the entrance it open up onto the floor which is a maze of large diamante and crystal chandeliers and a mass of gorgeous guests. Tables in DSTRKT are usually full the brim with some of the worlds leading brands all facing the centre piece within the lounge that is the home of the DJ and the dancers that perform throughout the night.

An enchanting maze of glittering lights, chiming bells, beautiful bodies and mountains of mouth watering concoctions lining every table awaits you as you step through the industrialized concrete doors of Dstrkt. This all leads towards the epicentre of the madness; a beautifully raised stage beneath a dazzling red crystal chandelier and thousands of gleaming perspex lights which continually change colour and add an impulsive vibe to this carefully crafted venue. A long angular bar takes up one side, and stylish chairs and tables surround a large, exposed DJ booth and dancefloor. Aside from this is a large VIP area comprising of sumptuous leather seating and tables complete with the omnipresent ice buckets. A black, precious stone bar sits beautifully in the middle of all of this leading to discreet black doors that end up at the VIP toilets where another DJ keeps the vibe at a constant high.

A state of the art sound system and monumental DJ booth with global DJ superstars such as David Guetta and Will.I.Am. showcasing their talents establishes Dstrkt as a venue that cares just as much about the music as they do about the guests. Other than the appearance of celebrity DJs, the music is pretty standard for a place of this type, with a lot of classics, house and dance music keeping the beautifully hedonistic crowd pumping right through the night.

A mouth watering selection of Champagne cocktails come in at the £13 mark, martinis set you back £10 while classic cocktails, champagne and premium bottles of spirits are all on offer at a standard rate. A bottle of Chiroc vodka is £180, with Moet and Chandon Vintage priced at £150, and those of you who are looking for the ultimate splurge, look no further, as a rare Methuselah of Louis Roederer Cristal rings in at 24,000 big ones.

Undeniably luxurious, Dstrkt is a beautifully crafted haven where you can unwind with a delectable selection of cocktails, hit the dance floor hard and take in the immensity of this exciting, celebrity-friendly West End late night venue.


DSTRKT Entry Fee

DSTRKT entry fees start at £10 for girls before midnight (occasionally complimentary) then £20 entry price after midnight.


DSTRKT Table Prices

DSTRKT table prices vary between the days of the week the club is open, the size of the group booking, the type of table required and the guy:girl ratio of the group. The starting price is £1000 minimum spend for mixed groups of up to 5. VIP DSTRKT table prices start from £1500 minimum spend for mixed groups of up to 10. If the guy:girl ratio is uneven please contact us to find out what the table price is for your DSTRKT booking. On certain nights where special artists are performing, table prices may also increase. DSTRKT table prices are usually higher on Fridays and Saturdays. DSTRKT standard tables can typically seat up to 6 guests comfortable while VIP tables can seat up to 10.

If it is only a small group i.e. 2 or 3 guests, it is sometimes possible to book a get a DSTRKT table booking for £500 minimum spend, depending upon the night. Again, this will need to be a mixed group.

We offer a table booking service for DSTRKT and you can book below. If you require more information on DSTRKT table prices or about the venue itself please get in contact with us. We recommend booking your table at DSTRKT as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


DSTRKT Address : DSTRKT, 9 Rupert Street, London W1D 6DG

What are DSTRKTs Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

DSTRKT Dress Code: Very smart

Tables: Available to book / start from a £750 spend

DSTRKT Entry policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist below

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s