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Experimental Cocktail Club

Experimental Cocktail Club London is an unusual destination address for discerning cocktail aficionados, ECC is nestled innocuously amongst the dim sum fray of Gerrard Street. The door may be rather difficult to spot but their mixology talents are not. The succinct menu features only fourteen choices and succeeds in creating cutting-edge cocktails with new masterpieces like the Havana - a Cuban cigar-infused Buffalo Trace Bourbon mixed with Marsala, angostura bitters and an Octomore whisky wash; or the highly-recommended Madras Flip – which is concocted from Grosperrin cognac, XM 5-year-old rum, cream, homemade organic chai syrup, egg, and nutmeg and is a rich, creamy drink with a clean taste. The swanky two floor space also features a piano bar and mirrored ceiling! You can expect Parisian flair and attitude as it’s from the brains behind quirky French bars Curio Parlor, Le Prescription and of course the ECC in Paris.