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Finding Your Feet fashion SCAM


Finding Your Feet


Finding your feet fashion ( is a scam and we warn anyone that is planning on using FYF fashion to seriously reconsider. Finding your feet fashion have on numerous occasion not paid for services relating to their business and we can only assume that because of this that they are out there to take other people money or use other people services and not pay them for it.

If you are planning an event or if you are a venue then we through our own experience we suggest that you avoid at ALL COSTS

Anybody looking to get into the industry we believe that this is a fake charity set out to request services and not pay for them.

We are aware that FYF fashion are planning events throughout 2013 and we suggest that you stay clear of these events or risk losing your money.

We are currently taking finding your feet fashion to court to recover money for servcies that they have not paid.




In our opinion they are using the charity for a front to take peoples money and avoid paying for services. /we will not stop until people hear about how Finding your feet fashion have scammed people out of money.