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A Friendly Request...

It has come to our attention over the past couple of weeks that we are receiving numerous guestlist requests for venues and reservations being made to join our guestlist or hosting table at various clubs throughout the week and weekend and guests not attending on the night.

We fully expect that guests may not be able to attend on the night however we kindly ask that **if for any reason** you cannot make it then **please please please** just let us know!

**We will not be offended!**, it is similar to booking a table at a restaurant and just not showing causes a problem for us and the venue and means that your space could be taken up by other guests as we limit our guestlist to ensure that we offer a personal service to all our guests.

If this continues to happen then it will affect the number of venues that we may be able to offer in the future and this affects all our members.

We hope you can understand why and look forward to seeing you out with us again soon.