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FYF Fashion AVOID! Scam Fake


Finding Your Feet


Finding your feet fashion or  is a scam and we would like to let everyone know to avoid using this so-called charity. After working on a project with finding your feet fashion for over a year and many hours of work spent building in the developing the FYI fashion website we would have been strung along for well over a year and have not received payment for the hard work and time that was invested in building sites

This is not the first or last time that finding your feet has used a charity as a front in our opinion to use services for nonexistence payment.


Finding your feet fashion is a scam and unless you want to be ripped off as we have we would strongly advise against using this website for any charitable purposes or for any services that they claim to provide

Anybody looking to get into the industry we believe that this is a fake charity set out to request services and not pay for them.

It appears that finding your feet fashion is planning events throughout £2014 we feel it is our duty to warn others against being scam ripped off as we have in the future