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Spotted: Rihanna at London's high end Club Drama

    The reason for Rihanna's stay in London was the concert she gave at Wembley last Friday. Surprisingly the hall was half empty and the fans were shocked. Anyway she went out to the club Drama on Sunday and didn't leave the club before the early morning of Monday.   Her look was very special, no one would dare to wear this double denim look, but Rihanna did and she looked awesome.   The look consists of the Manolo Blahnik denim chaps boots, denim Daisy Duke shorts and a flowing white top combined with a great Louis Vuitton handbag. On top of this she was wearing a lot of golden jewelry. The boots are actually so high that there is a belt included and they can be bought for £2769.   Her hair and makeup was not very dramatic, but still smart and the highlights were the red lipstick and the middle-part flowing hair.   Rihanna was not celebrating alone, the 39 year old model Melyssa Forde joined her and they had lots of fun together. In the club she was seen drinking beer and cooling down with a fan.