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How The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Affect London Nightlife

How The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Affect London Nightlife

The year 2020 was an extremely tough year for everyone in the London nightclub business as well as for those who enjoy visiting nightclubs on a regular basis. From March 2020, all nightclubs were forced to close to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. They still haven’t reopened.

Financial support has been very limited and while the government’s furlough payments have helped to keep employees on the payroll, in many cases it could be for nothing as the venues they work for perhaps won’t reopen following the pandemic. Many nightclubs are trying to hold on but with no definitive end date known it is undoubtedly a difficult decision to make as to whether to remain in business or shut up shop for good.

So what is the likely scenario following the reopening of the nightlife industry in the future? Inevitably there will be less nightclubs in London once things return to normal. We saw in December the closure of Cafe De Paris - London's oldest nightclub having been open since 1924. However it is expected that the demand for nightlife will be greater than at any time in recent history. The result of this will be that nightlife entrepreneurs will be eager to capitalise on this and begin work as soon as possible on launching new clubs.

The emergence of a new breed of London nightclubs will mean innovative new themes concepts will appear in these new locations. Fresh refurbishments and new policies will occur meaning that the whole London nightclub scene will feel completely revitalised. It potentially could be that there is such high demand for nightlife that there are more night clubs established in a short period of time than ever before. This can only be good for the clubgoer.

Whatever happens once things return to pre-2020, everyone involved in the London nightclub scene from club owners to staff and to guests will be in for a very interesting time. The rejuvenation of the London nightclub scene is something we should all look forward to. There’s no better way to shake off the woes of recent times than by going to a club and dancing to great music with friends.

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