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Jalouse is a guestlist only nightclub if you wish to attend Jalouse Nightclub then please use the guestlist form below or contact us directly using the details provided below.

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Located right in the heart of Mayfair in Central London Jalouse Nightclub is one of most popular, elegant and glamourous exclusive nightclubs to grace the A-list nightclub scene in Mayfair. Jalouse since opening has been guestlist only and entry into Jalouse is strictly by discretion of the door only.

Jalouse has a huge dancefloor and has recently undergone a refurb to extend the club to open up a private VIP section at the back of the club reserved only for the most VIp clients or big spenders  The music is very much centered around house music however it does run a hip hop and RnB Thursday night.

If you are lucky enough to have been able to book one of the tables Jalouse offers a wide menu serving the most expensive champagnes money can buy. Tables at Jalouse can be booked for around £100 per head. you can find some of the biggest celebrities attending Jalouse and recent attendees have included Leonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton.

Jalouse has has multi millions of pounds invested into making this the place to be seen within the booming private members club scene. The crowd at Jalouse is very much the big money and beautiful so unless you look the part i would avoid to avoid any disappointment!

Tucked away in hanover square right in the heart of Mayfair is Jalouse which stands for Jealous in french! you will be jealous of the people inside if you are left hanging at the door which is a common sight for those who are not deemed to have made enough of an effort.

As you should expect from a high end club that has attarcted all of the biggest names in music and business. on any given night there are around 50 members of staff ready to cater to your every whim which is a good ration considering the official capacity of the club is only 400.

Once you arrive at Jalouse at the small and fairly discreet doorway, the only thing that gives the club away is the burly bouncers outside and the crowds of girls looking glamorous is expensive dresses once you have mad it past the velvet ropes then you walk down a spiral staircase into the main club and the first thing that you notice is the ceiling which was the biggest investment in terms of cost to the club!

The ceiling is covered in moveable light bulbs that move in time with the music and actually lower and raise during the course of the evening! Each crystal as they like to call is is handmade which show the time and effort and cost that has gone into the cosmetic appearance of the club.

 Jalouse breathes quality and class. Membership is strictly limited to those in the know; anyone wishing to apply can only do so if they’re honoured by two existing members and have a spare grand or so lying about.

After an hour or so in the club you could feel as though you are in hollywood it has a glamour that oozes sophistication without being tacky like similar other establishments. The drink of choice here naturally is champagne (only the finest)





What is Jalouse Address: 17 Hanover Square,Mayfair,London,W1S 1HU

What is the Jalouse Dress Code: Very smart

What are the Jalouse Times: 10pm- 3am

Jalouse Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Can i book a table?: Available to book

Age restriction: Over 21s

What is the capcity?: 300 - 500 people

What can i wear?: Smart dress only

Drinks: Cocktails, Shots, Bottle service, Wines, Champagne

Music type: Commercial House, Pop, R n B, Party anthems

Jalouse Guestlist closes11:00pm



If you would like to be added to the Jalouse Guestlist then please call us on 07834363888 or use the booking form below: