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Jalouse Hip Hop Thursdays

Hip hop thursdays at Jalouse are going from strengh to strengh. Since launching toward the end of 2012 the nighthas become evermore popular and now is regularly sold out not just on the guestlist but on the tables also.

It is with great pleasure we invite you to join us for our infamous Jalouse Hip Hop Thursdays. One of London's hottest Thursday nights, with top DJ's on rotation providing the R'n'B Hip Hop Soundtrack at Jalouse Nightclub.

Jalouse is considered as one of London’s most treasured gems. The private club has been running for years, maintaining high quality clientele and remaining the most talked about night club in London. Neatly placed in Mayfair’s Hanover Square, Jalouse is stylish, spacious and definitely one of our favourite venues by choice.

We've often been joined by superstars at our Jalouse parties, including recently Rihanna, Rizzle Kicks, Lewis Hamilton,  J.Cole and Jill Scott.

Like most of Mayfair’s subterranean clubs, Jalouse has a discreet entrance that can be hard to find – but unlike some of the area’s more raucous venues, the scene inside Jalouse is both stunning and intimate.

The space’s décor and look was designed to channel and embody art, and the thoughtful artistry of the interior is indeed apparent. Everything about Jalouse has a sense of flow, from the sleek black surfaces that curve into one another and the fluorescent purple arches that light the bar, to the magnificent expanse of crystals that hover over the dance floor, and finally to an ever-changing LED chandelier.

The effect is luxurious and chic, and though the venue isn’t large, the space is well thought out with tiers of tables surrounding the dance floor and providing a wonderful perch from which the glitzy denizens of the city’s social set can watch the action as they sip champagne.

The spectacular DJs are known for getting the crowd on its feet, so visitors should expect to join the regulars on the dance floor.

As a membership club, Jalouse is sumptuous yet refined and attracts a young and well-to-do crowd that knows how to party – and perhaps it is that combination of atmosphere and clientele that led the London Club and Bar Awards to grant it the title of Best New Club in 2009.






Doors open for the clubnight at 10pm. The first 50 ladies arriving early will have complimentary entry, then rising to £20 after. Please note guestlist names must be submitted (contact details below). Arrival sufficiently early is advised as queues may be hectic and queueing until after 11pm may mean an entry fee being charged. Gents are £20 all night.

Table Bookings...

We have several vip tables to buy inside the club. All tables include a table bottle service with a VIP waitress, a table and seating.

If you prefer to enjoy your night out in more comfort and with more style. Or maybe it's a special occasion, or time to impress somebody. Contact us today to book a VIP Table. Table Bookings give many advantages over guestlist . No queueing, Priority Entry, Dedicated Waiter/Waitress, and more...

We tailor the minumum spend depending on group size, please enquire for more details.