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Justin Bieber has the worst birthday ever...

Justin Bieber's "Worst Birthday" Ever as he gets turned away from London Nightclub, Cirque Du Soir.

British law ruined Justin Bieber's birthday. A night out in the town of London became the singer's "worst birthday" ever when some of his underage friends were reportedly turned away from London nightclub, Cirque Du Soir.


​Justin Bieber who is currently touring in the UK started the night (Friday 1st March) with such optimism tweeting ‘big night ahead”. The pop star, who had just turned 19 had allegedly planned an estimated £8,000 birthday bash was seen turned away from Cirque Du Soir nightclub as friends Jaden Smith (14) and Ella Paige Roberts (17) were not old enough to enter the nightclub under the British law.





Bieber’s entourage didn’t agree with the door policy and allegedly started an argument with the clubs security but Justin had to leave anyway, after just 5 minutes! He ended his birthday celebrations in his hotel by tweeting “worst birthday”


Cheer up Justin, there’s always next year.