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Aloha! Welcome to the tropical island bar that is Holborn’s Kanaloa. Like an exotic Tiki Lounge, their Hawaiian themes unconsciously lull you into that free-spirited holiday mindset, and we all get a bit naughty on holiday. With Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding as an investor, it’s also not uncommon to see her making an appearance. Just don’t get over excited and try and walk out with a palm tree because we may or may not have already tried that…

Kanaloa is one of the few exclusive nightclub options  available to city boys and girls and bring much of the style and atmosphere of a busy Mayfair Club. immediately walking into Kanaloa Guestlist you will spot many similarities to it's sister club Mahiki with its polynesian influences and "tiki" feel.

It’s impossible to feel down in this place - even if you are at work at 9. Kanaloa is quirky, and filled with bright, sunny colours and bamboo. If you could party in Temple Run, this is how I’d envision it. You walk over a wooden footbridge past a girl spinning fire, so it’s halfway there already. It’s just great fun at the end of the day. Plus you’re almost invited to swap the high heels for Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops, where does that happen in London!?

There seems to be a new trend with high profile pop stars investing in clubs and most recently where we have Professor green being the "face" of INK club , Sarah Harding of the massively successful Girls Aloud is one of the directors on the books and with her celebrity contacts a night at Kanaloa Guestlist you can expect to see some well know faces.

With the quick service and the chilled holiday vibe it’s easy to forget you're in Holborn. They also serve big ol’ rum chests with lots of straws which adds an unavoidably social aspect to Kanaloa. Everybody seems to at ease here, and just willing to genuinely have fun. That can be a rarity in London’s West end, so if you’d rather a club where you can get stuck right in to the activities instead of standing around looking pretty- Kanaloa Ahoy.

As soon as you step foot over a wooden footbridge leading you straight to the bar covered in tropical foliage int he centre of what can only be described as an exclusive hawaiian resort. The club is split over two levels with raised tables looking over the main bar. It is downstairs that you can find a large dance floor surrounded by one of the tables that can be booked for a £500 minimum spend.

Big sister Mahiki has certainly shown Kanaloa Guestlist a recipe for success with its friendly and fun atmosphere and a steady stream of celebrities. The bar staff at Kanaloa are always keen to get involved in the partying behind the bar as well and give off a relaxed and friendly vibe that continues throughout the night and helps encourage a care free attitude

The bar area of Kanaloa consists of a long black bamboo bar front, surrounded by carved wooden pillars and attractively lit with lampshades made from exotic shells. Moving through Kanaloa Guestlist, the lounge is the most traditionally tiki styled area, with crazy paving stone floor and rattan screens providing discreet alcoves placed at intervals throughout.

Kanaloa is famed for its imaginative cocktails, and with an impressive Happy-hour from 5 til 8, it’s rude not to (Well that’s at least what we tell ourselves). Serving the most unbelievable Pina Colada’s this side of the Pacific, Kanaloa presents them to you in frozen hollowed out pineapple which slowly turns your drink into sorbet. Nom. The folk here won’t let you stay sat down for long, oh no, the up-tempo 'party music' turfs everyone up and screaming Duran Duran as you join a conga line. After all, her name is Rio and she dances on the sand, so it’s only fair you do too. Don’t fret though, you’re not stuck in the 80’s all night, you’ll get your chance to Gangnam Style it later..

Those who want to hit the dance floor to the eclectic music played by Kanaloa resident DJs Tommy Crane and Chris Anderson can head to the club area, featuring large elevated booths looking out over revellers and a colour changing ceiling to reflect every mood.

Towards the rear of Kanaloa Guestlist is the Treetops, a rainforest styled retreat with giant palm trees, tropical leaf patterned walls, and rustic wooden planking. Guests can hide away in the branches at the top or sit in the shade of the palms on the beach underneath.

Let’s be honest, we all abide by the ‘What happens on holiday stays on holiday’ rule, so Kanaloa’s infectious ‘holiday resort’ ambience has you abandoning all inhibitions, doing body shots off of Abercrombie-esque cabana boys and wreaking havoc that you’ll only remember once the incessant Facebook notifications start rolling in. So let you hair down, pick up that pineapple and prepare yourself for a lot of untagging.


Kanaloa Address : Kanaloa, 18 Shoe Ln, EC4A 3BQ

What are Kanaloas Opening and Closing Times: 10pm- 3am

Kanaloa Dress Code: Smart

Guestlist details /Standard Entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £15

Tables: Available to book / start from a £500 spend

Kanaloa policy: Guestlist only, get on the guestlist above

Membership: Everybody

Age restriction: Over 18s