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Kitsch London

The new Kitsch London has a big challenge on its hand since its relocation from its old embassy site to the now somewhat cursed site of 9 Swallow Street. Never has a venue been rebranded and re opened under new management that Kitsch London's new premises.

If anyone can turn this site around then the team behind Kitsch London stand a good chance with a collection of some of the best in-house staff and promoters all joining forces to make this venue rock.

Cirque Le Soire has pretty much cornered the market in London alongside the box for circus themed, dark entertainment but where cirque is now notoriously hard to get in this is a happy alternative for those looking for an exciting and entertainment packed evening.

For those that are familiar with Anaya the first thing that you must understand if you are to give Kitsch London a go is that  the only similarities with Anaya is the foundations of the venue. The crowd is completely different, the music different, the team different so for those of you that may have been a little put off by the clientele that Anaya attracted then there is no need to worry.

The venue has not been extended in any way and is still very boutique with a maximum capacity of only 175 so this means that if you are just going in on the guestlist then early arrival is advised but booking a table is really a must to ensure the best night


What is the Address of Kitsch?: 9 SWALLOW STREET, LONDON, W1B 4DE

What is the dress code?: Very smart

Times: 10pm- 3am

What is the entry: Ladies free before 11pm Gents £20

Can i book a table?: Available to book

Membership Guest list only

What is the age restriction?: Over 21S

What is the capacity: 175

What is the dress code?: Smart dress only

What is the music type: Commercial House, Pop, R n B, Party anthems