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Level 5 Club London - 28th June 2014



5th Floor, 1 Leicester Square

Level 5 club London has been going strength to strength and continues to uphold and non-pretentious attitude at the door which is a welcome change from many other venues that claim to be something that they're not!

Level5 is open to wall and this down-to-earth attitude extend to the inside where guests are expected is just to have fun that is the name of the game in Level5 club London. Tables and sparklers are highly recommended however just being on the guestlist is enough to ensure you have a VIP night out at level 5 club London with Velvet PR!

Book your Guestlist by using the contact form below and don't forget that for any groups of over 10 guests we can always arrange additional VIP benefits and complimentary bottles 🙂


Book your guestlist for this weekends event!