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Where would you like us?

Well that he had been in business for well over five years now and at some point have worked with every single one of London's top a list exclusive nightclubs

With the demise of the London club scene in many of our favourite clubs shutting through no fault of their own the options available for an exclusive club is much more limited than it used to be

That said new clubs are popping up over the West End and the East End which is now also becoming the place to be seen we have a question for you....

Which club would you like to see us host in 2014!

We love to listen to feedback from our guests as to where they currently go or if you know any venue that not many people know about and had a great time I would like Velvet PR to take over and bring our hosting skills to the table we would be grateful to hear from you!

Our business relies on you and where you want to go is where we want to be so email with any of your favourite venues in London and we will work hard to arrange a deal that will improve your experience at that venue!