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As the attendants clean your hands in rosewater, dancing between tables and offer plates steaming and redolent of cinnamon, ginger and turmeric extract, it's simple to allow your thoughts stray like a Dervish among the intricately in-depth Northern African features and overlook that you're only an alley away from one of the capital's most frenzied streets. Restaurateur Mourad Mazouz has produced one of the most prodding eating ideas of his generation and it's simple to think of why it has actually long ruled as one of London's most sought-after areas.

Entering Momo is like getting in a genuine Aladdin's cavern of bric-a-brac. Maghrebi lanterns spook the room with a sultry, dusky environment. Rock walls, filigreed window displays, low-slung seating and bedizened cushions all recall One Thousand and One Nights opulence. However whereas treasure-hunting is generally a solo initiative, the reward you will certainly locate today is the brilliant and brassy environment they have actually produced, the wealthy meals and the enjoyable to be shared with those sitting around you; and with a dining establishment, café, outdoor balcony and basement bar and disco, there makes certain to be something to fit everyone's preference.

Start with one of their outstanding drinks like the Momo Special (vodka, fresh mint, gum glucose, soda water) or the Rum Burro (rum, ginger beer and lime) for a pre-prandial kick. The wine checklist has numerous Moroccan alternatives together with costlier heavy-hitters, all of which suit the food from which you could decide on in between traditional and much more Western-influenced plates. For keys decide on from tasty tagines or the Couscous Momo which features lamb shank, Josper-grilled lamb skewers and merguez.

IVelvet PR members and guests will certainly now get free champagne when eating at Momo. Kindly call us at reservations and see 'Club of the Week' for Momo's weekend offerings.

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25 Heddon Street

Late Night Guestlist Available Until 10.30pm