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Thanks for everyone for visiting this page. For those of you that know me you will be aware that i am a degenerative alcholic for those of you that don't.... don't listen to

What we can all agree on is that i do like a drink and especially as i am working in the nightclub business being surrounded by alcohol it is very difficult to avoid  being tempted by the "Evil, but ohhhh... so very tasty" Vodka Lemonade


Every Sunday i tell people dribbling down my chin on my sofa surrounded by opened cans of cider after one of my afterparties that i will "never drink again" and this i cannot promise...




After a short spell of being ill after what was a rather dirty kebab during the time that i was shaking ill in bed feeling very sorry for myself i did make a decision that led me to creating this page..

What i can promise however is that I will be undertaking over 2 months of not drinking a drop of alchohol!

I know that many of you who do not drink may consider this a pathetic achievement however for me this will be the longest i have ever been dry so this is a challenge that i will not be taking lightly and for those that do know me will hopefully be able to agree.

I shall not waffle but i felt like by creating this page this would help me on a personal level stick to it and proof everyone wrong whilst making a bit of money for a charity.


The charity in question is the Encephalitis Charity (guarantee i spelt that wrong) but recently a good friend of mine had to go through and great that she pulled through but i wouldn't wish anyone else to be effected by so please pennies or pounds any money would be grateful.