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Supperclub London

Supper club is a global brand Which continues to go from strength to strength With venues sat across the globe up in London, Los Angeles, Amsterdam , Istanbul and most recently in Dubai. Supper club brings everything together under one roof. Supper club London is not only a restaurant and cocktail bar but has recently been granted a late license turning this into a nightclub as well!

There really is no reason to leave supper club London once you have entered this exclusive establishment. Supper club was created to stimulate your senses in a creative and stylish environments

One of the main features in the restaurant is you don't sit at a table but enjoy the delicious food on white beds with your shoes off Or in supper club branded slippers! This is just one of the examples of the creativity on offer at supper club to London. Cosy, informal and a perfect way to forget about etiquette and simply have a great time in a Classy yet informal atmosphere

Supper club London manages to find a balance between the two and pulls it off in style! Anything is possible at supper club just enjoy the atmosphere and you will be in for a great time guaranteed

Supper club London isn't just a nightclub they select performance artists singers and musicians from the best academies in the UK

Outside the entertainment is interactive and performances are spontaneous so we encourage guests of supper club London to join in going wilds and enjoy the experience




Supperclub London Address: 12 acklam road, london, w10 5qz

Opening Times of Supperclub London: 10pm- 3am

Dress Code for Supperclub London: Very smart

Book Tables for Supperclub London: Available to book