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The 151 Chelsea Guestlist and Table Bookings



If you're looking for a club to pull at and you're in the Chelsea area then 151 may be just right up your alley. Sleazy and full of posh totty this is the place to go if you truly want to experience the Eton version of London clubbing with Tarquin, Tamara, and Terence. Though along with what maybe the Brixton crew could consider a downer to their evening there is a SERIOUSLY good time to be had on the dance floor with some pumping music and beautiful girls/boys no matter which way you turn your head. So pretty that if you don't pull you'll definitely be getting hot under the collar. Best to put some ice on that.

The Club

Two small rooms underground make up this nightclub; one a sitting area with tables and chairs and another with a dance floor for your chance to dance the night away. And the dance floor, while small, has this ridiculously large mirror, so you can check your make-up without even having to visit the toilets. Just don't get too carried away looking at yourself; no one wants to see you snogging your own reflection. Not to mention you'll miss all of the beauties. And that's the good part of this mirror; you can stare at more of them all at once.

The Vibe

No matter the age, people seem to love 151. From people who have been going there for years to the young and restless this place suits nearly everyone. Dress here is pretty laid back, just don't show up in your pyjamas and expect to be let in; maybe if it's a themed party that'll fly. Or if they're sexy. And while it claims being unpretentious, it's Chelsea; of course it is going to be filled with people richer than you. Amusing rich peeps though, and attractive to boot. Just make sure you know what age you're coming to pull so you don't end up taking home some jailbait, unless you want your picture in The Standard. Mug shots are never that flattering. - PS. Yes they require ID at the door.

The Music

UK's Top 20 while sitting in the car on a road trip? Eh, it gets your there, but it is so damn repetitive. UK's Top 20 in the club surrounded by sweaty bodies that move to the beat? Better. There's just something about dancing the night away with a group of like-minded people that are enjoying themselves that make your night. Popular tunes of today are the feature, and let's face it; Lady Gaga's 'Applause' is always better than your off-key relatives singing a chorus to the made-up hit 'Are We There Yet?' And drinks can get expensive. Luckily 151 has deal nights to help soften the blow. Tequila Tuesdays bring everything tequila-based down, and if you come to Ladies Night on Thursdays girls get a free drink. And they say feminism is dead... But don't worry guys, try flirting for drinks, the girls have been at it for years and it works!