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The Area Guestlist and Table Bookings



The usual night of clubbing for a Londoner: start at 10pm, dance and drink the night away, get home around 4 or 5am before passing out in bed, or, if you're less fortunate, the toilet. But what if you want to keep going, or even just start out later (much, MUCH later) than 10? You go to Area, of course. This club is perfect if you don't want the party to end at 3am or if you want to start your evening a lot later than the London club standard. And if you're the type that falls asleep easily than no worries; the light show and sound system here are sure to keep you awake.

The Club

While the club's name is definitely lacking in creativity, we would say it's still quite fitting. As short as it is, it's descriptive; this club takes up quite a bit of space. Six rooms and five bars make up this maze-like club, so it covers a rather large area. There are flashing lights, lasers, and LEDs, making it an epileptic's worse nightmare but hey, if you're really into light shows pulsing with the beat while you shake your arse then you must come down here. Sometimes it can be a bit spendy to get in, but often if you have a flyer they'll make an exception for you and lower the price.

The Vibe

Remember when your mum told you not to judge a book by its cover? We do it anyway, but you will want to listen to your mum when you're going out to Area. From the outside this place looks like it could be a warehouse, but inside you have a variety of sweaty people; gay, straight, trans, it doesn't matter as long as a good time is had by all. With this new information you're thinking that there would be a divide in the crowd and are about to head out the door because conflict in a club is never good. Wrong again. Everyone here is rather friendly, making it a break from the usual high-end snobs you're used to at clubs. Make sure you call your mother and tell her thank you for that advice.

The Music

Many of London's famous DJs have been to Area to lay down some amazing sets, which often consist of a mix of electro and techno with sometimes a hint of Brazilian beats. We know you think that could make an odd combination, but trust us on this one; it works, and it works well. Their DJs change, so check out their website when planning, but we can ensure that any night out with Area's spectacular sound system is going to be a hit. Unfortunately, the booze here can get a bit on the spendy side. Hey, they have to make a profit somewhere, and if they're letting all of these people with flyers in at a discount it has to be made up. You can still get a single bottle of beer or Bacardi Breezer for a fiver. But if you are intent on burning a hole in your pockets, we suggest the champagne. Those holes are useful to the rest of us trying to scrape up some change.