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The Garage Guestlist and Table Bookings



In central London you'll find Islington, with its wide range of clubs and bars that can turn any dull night, including a week night, into an evening of fun. But say you're bored of the same-old when it comes to going out: you want loud, you want a roaring crowd, you want live music. Well look no further than The Garage. Also known as Relentless Garage, many bands have gotten their start here, so why not get a good start to your evening and make this a new hangout when you get that itch to have a good time and listen to something that isn't auto-tuned. Which is probably 80% of music today, but we won't judge if that's all you ever do listen to.

The Club

Two floors make up The Garage; a downstairs with comfy plush seats and a smaller upstairs, both with a rocking sound system and a full bar. It's a great space if you want to really get a good show in for a small price but still require the crowd and volume in order to really let loose. The polished hardwood floors and bright spotlight make this an ideal place for indoor concerts in London; if you've seen 'The Wedding Singer' the similarities atmosphere-wise are there. You just need to replace the cheesy 80's music with modern indie and rock and roll, and then sub the annoying relatives for party-goers looking for a good time.

The Vibe

A mix of people gather at the Garage, and because of its smaller size it can be described as intimate; the dance floor can get crowded and sweaty. So if you don't mind getting up close and personal then this club will work for you. But even if you are the type that likes it when everyone remains a good five feet from your personal bubble (which is all well and good, but those people are few and far between in the clubbing scene) you can still get a good listen towards the back while sipping at your drink. But no one wants to be the Debbie Downer that sits in the back and watches everyone else have fun. What a bore!

The Music

The Garage is well known for mainly two types of music: indie and rock. And it have a pretty impressive musical history. Kings of Leon, The Killers, and The Darkness have all graced the stage here, making it a rite of passage for many bands transitioning from obscurity to fame. Like the quinceañera of the musical world: ridiculously big pink dress not recommended, as it would be difficult to join a mosh pit wearing one. If you're watching your wallet The Garage is a great place to get your drinking on. With vodka tonics for £3.20 and only a bit more for a pint, this is an ideal place to really rock out and have a couple of cold ones after a busy day on the cheap. And since it's often called Relentless Garage you can bet that any sort of booze with energy drinks is going to be using Relentless for a mixer. So if you're not too keen on your jägerbombs using a brand other than Red Bull we suggest using your wings to take you elsewhere.