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The London Cocktail Club

Goodge Street stalwarts London Drink Club showed a lot discernment in crafting a pleasurable setting and moreish drinks that they have actually brought to life another, this one just off of Shaftesbury avenue. Where the original provided gin pride of place, the New Oxford Road LCC will prefer rum and a Royal Navy motif full with jolly-roger print wallpapers and cocktails that take inspiration from the days of cruising the ocean blue such as the 18thC African-american Strap (Muscovado, vanilla, lime and liquorice) or the House Grog (3 rums, port, sherry, gin and arrack), nonetheless, proceed with caution. If you get too groggy you might find yourself strolling the slab!

Hangups are unpleasant, as are any intentions of seclusion or complicated chat. It's loud, extroverted and unashamedly cheesy - the soundtrack on our browse through consisted of sing-yourself-hoarse anthems like 'Do not Quit Believin', 'Livin' on a Petition' and 'Greased Lightnin' (no area for boring full gerunds down below).

Yet although the personnel are additionally straight out of the Brian Flanagan institution of good-time bartending, they've got some substantial abilities, and the cocktail list is irreverent and appealing, if satisfactorily misspelled. It opens with the adage 'Great cocktails ani't economical and inexpensive cocktails ani't excellent [sic], and proceeds with a South Seas rum motif via areas such as 'Stowaways' (classics at � 7.50) and 'The kitchen' (food-inspired beverage which include full-on flaming rum combination guaranteed to begin a party/stop it in its tracks prior to it ares started.

We started with a Bramley Apple Smash - gin, elderflower and apple, served imaginatively in a cloth-topped jam jar with a cookie chaser; a Hello Treacle had Scotch, ginger wine, syrup and angostura, over ice in a Tate & Lyle container. A straight-up Vesper was presented much more soberly, but was aggressive and well made.

Meals is of the party-snacks selection: sharing plates, stuff on sticks, deep-fried alcoholic beverages sponges, however is a whole lot additional taken into consideration compared to the Coldland advertisement this makes it sound like. Dishes like rump steak and horseradish skewers, or smoked mackerel and caper on toast, complement the remarkable beverages well.

This is not, you will certainly now have actually recognised, the area for a contemplative pint. After a few few hours of raucous socialising, strong alcohol and casual karaoke, you'll probably see your drinking companions in a brand-new light, if you could see them whatsoever in the gloom. But for high fun, it's challenging to defeat.

Address Details

St Giles
224 Shaftesbury Avenue
Covent Garden
Opening Times: Mon-Fri 16:30 - 24:00, Sat 17:00 - 24:00, Sun Private Bookings Only

General Info

Best for: Cocktails, Date, Friends
Closest Tube: Tottenham Court Road, Holborn
Cusine: Bar Snacks
Dress Code: Smart/Casual
Music: Eclectic