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The Vibe Guestlist and Table Bookings



With a logo like 'Culture, Content, Love, Life', hopes were high for this trendy alternative hotspot and let us tell you, Vibe does exactly what it says on the tin. Opening in 1999 as one of the first bars in the Shoreditch and Brick Lane area, this 300 year old previous brewery continually draws in hoards of East London's hip young things. It's also open a convenient 7 days a week, so we suggest bringing your tent because you're not gonna want to leave.

The Club

Vibe oozes shabby-chic, with an décor not dissimilar to a upmarket student union. (no but in a good way - promise!) It's probably just that which gives Vibe its youthful, fun feel. Graffitied murals and cozy sofas make up it's interesting interior, and the loos are even plastered with naughty pictures. Ooh Matron. Vibe's main selling point however, is it's huge cobblestoned courtyard allowing clubbers to wet their whistle al fresco. Jam packed with benches and picnic tables, Vibe is essentially a bohemian beer garden run by house-heads. Trust us, it's just as epic as it sounds.

The Vibe

Acoustic sessions, Open Mic Nights and even evenings of discussions on things like art, politics and fashion from guest speakers and well-known journalists. It's just oh so arty right now. Vibe does however shut at a disappointing 1am, although in spite of that its always busy and buzzing because people just love it here to experience the unique atmosphere (and the outdoor stalls jerk chicken!) There's a total mixed bag crowd and of course your token old codger in the garden desperately explaining how cool he 'used to be'. It's all part of the charm though, Vibe feels authentic and all encompassing. Free Love man.

The Music

A whole plethora of credible artists amount to a pretty awesome playlist at Vibe especially as every night offers something entirely different. It's custom made clubbing and music made to order- just choose the night which is most to your taste. Simples. Vibe is awesome for those that like their music LOUD as it's a little difficult to have a deep heart to heart, but that's okay because with a playlist that stellar you won't be complaining. Drinks wise, nothing fancy just all the usual suspects. A pint will come with change from a fiver, and a bottle of wine will set you back around £15 so no surprises there - we're pretty happy with that!