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The Voodoo Vault Guestlist and Table Bookings



Where do you go for Maris Gras once the celebration in New Orleans is over? You go to Mayfair and then straight to the Voodoo Vault, that's where. Located beneath The Embassy, Voodoo Vault brings a bit of edge and originality to the posh and polished clubs of this exclusive section of London. Yet it still proves fashionable; nothing here is overly cheesy, so you don't need to come down in over-exaggerated fancy dress or pick up a guide to speakeasy slang in order to really enjoy yourself. A club with a theme that still has a good sense of taste? Sign us up!

The Club

This place has the ambience of a Prohibition speakeasy with the décor of the most wild Mardis Gras days in New Orleans. Minus the floats, anyway; those usually look tacky anyway, and Voodoo Vault is all about maintaining their theme while still being tasteful. There is some great colourful artwork decorating the walls that sits over a full bar, and a dance floor in front of the stage where live bands and the DJ perform nightly. It is a bit on the small side; only about 200 or so people can fit at a time, so make sure you queue early so you don't miss out.

The Vibe

It's nice to see a posh place like The Embassy having something like the Voodoo Vault available to the public. That's because no matter what crowd you identify with, you are bound to fit in. From the rich snobs to the saving student and everyone in-between, Voodoo Vault's crowd is so varied and gets along so well you'd think it was a world peace conference. In a perfect world, right? And you may have to subtract the fancy floats for the Mardis Gras theme, but it still has its beautiful women. Don't forget your beads as you run out the door!

The Music

Get ready for a night of cool tunes; the music at Voodoo Vault is a combination of live underground hits and a DJ spinning the best in 20s jams. They start early with the live stuff, so if you're more into live music then come around 7. However, around 11 is when the DJ starts spinning the best in soul, funk, blues, and jazz. Nice to see that this theme club actually sticks to its roaring 20's theme music-wise. When comparing it to the regular Mayfair alcohol prices Voodoo Vault is pretty cheap, but it'd still be considered a bit spendy to anyone who keeps an eye on how much is in their wallet. You'll want at least a tenner if you're planning on getting even one drink. But they've got some pretty creative cocktails here, so to the thrifty ones we'd suggest pregaming at home and then splurging on one of their signature drinks. Trust us; a little spending won't kill you.