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The Waiting Room Guestlist and Table Bookings



In clubbing there seems to be a lot of waiting. Waiting to get in, waiting for drinks, waiting to use the toilet, and everything in-between. Seriously, life is too short to do all of this waiting. This is when you head on down to The Waiting Room which, despite its name, tries hard to limit your waiting time so you can spend more of it on the dance floor with a drink in your hand. What a relief too; we're sick and tired of waiting around to start partying, and we're sure that you are as well!

The Club

All you need to get in is a mere £ to get in; right below The Three Crowns, you can grab a bite to eat before hitting the dance floor. Entering this place you'll notice it's walls are covered in posters, and even though this club is pretty small it gets very sweaty very quickly, so you know that there are rocking times to be had. A small bar and a stage help complete this venue, and did we mention this place really has a thing for the colour red? Red streamers, red ribbons, red lights. We suppose it's pretty fitting with what red represents, so hey, it's all good with us!

The Vibe

With red representing energy and passion, you can bet that there are going to be some pretty wild people here. This couldn't be any truer. Mixed in with this bunch is the quiet folks you see during the week, but once Friday rolls around you can bet that people will be dancing their hearts out. And their rowdiness is very contagious; one minute you're standing with a drink in your hand and the next you're lining up to swing from the rafters. Careful though; if you're not too dexterous you could spill your drink!

The Music

The Waiting Room plays practically everything. You want hip-hop? They have that. You want some 80s or 90s cheese? They'll have a night for that too. It's like stepping into a record store coming here. The music here is also a mix of live and tunes spun by a DJ, so it's best to look online for what they have for the evening so you avoid disappointment, but hey, if you're one of those people that likes everything you can show up whenever and you'll always be satisfied. Drinks here are nothing really to write home about since it's all about the beats, but hey, since when do you write home to your mum about the alcohol you consume anyway? The Waiting Room's beer of choice is Amstel; beer, cocktails, and wines are generally not too expensive but they're certainly not college-club cheap either. It is nice though that despite their name you don't have to wait too terribly long for drinks.